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  1. Thanks for keeping this going @linuxgurugamer and the kerzillion other mods !! (I counted .... There's exactly a kerzillion)
  2. I hope a mod dev with time on their hands see's this ..... Gentle nudge.... Gentle nudge with moar boosters.....
  3. I had a read through the past few pages to see if someone else has asked and couldnt spot anything (sorry if i missed it) Is there any issues with this on 1.6.x ? I've backed up my save and tried it on 1.6.0 (at least till steam trolled me with 1.6.1) and not having any dramas so far just wondered if I'm facing impending doom at any point (well more so than usual ) Regardless thanks for this mod !
  4. Just incase anyone is still having this, i tried both of the above which fixed it for me: - Deleted the PartDatabase.cfg - Validated Steam install Thanks all !
  5. Completely understand that these are 2 different things. But I just find it strange that we got the ability to choose what outfits our kerbals wear before getting clouds in stock (and the ability to disable them, same as ground scatter)
  6. Appreciate this is quite an old thread. Just wondering if there's any news ? I reckon it's fairly safe to say that the vast majority of players end up adding some sort of graphics enhancements whether playing modded or stock. It'd be nice to see a slider implemented similar to the ground scatter but for clouds, atmosphere, storms, city lights etc
  7. Hi folks, Wasn't sure whether to post here or on GitHub. Having the same issue on Windows 10, "Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" Had a quick read through the above and on GitHub and could see Issue #2483 and also #2481 but 2483 is closed and 2481 is on Mac I downloaded v1.25.2 and tried to run from the downloads folder, received the below for a second or 2 before it closed. Moved the exe to KSP's route directory directly under C:\ and retried with the same issue. Have also tried running as admin, no change. Redownloaded .exe an still no joy. Let me know if theirs anything else you need or if you want me to post it on GitHub. **********UPDATE************* Downloaded the 1.25.1 and let the auto updater update to 1.25.2 and its now working
  8. There's a program on steam called myDream Swift (I think). From what I understand it's very similar to virtual desktop (as in you play non VR games on a virtual screen that's has a customisable size) With the vives camera it also provides the ability to see your keyboard and mouse. This mode would be great for VAB/SPH and normal flight. However it also has a First person mode in which it pretty much converts head movement to mouse movement. (Go iva and right click) I'm not sure but if the FPS mode has a hotkey then I think we may have a fairly decent temporary solution. I'll give it a go tomorrow and let you know if anyone's interested
  9. Love this mod! Was worried it was going to be a bit fiddly compared to the old vanguard ones but it's actually loads better frantically trying to grab jebs parachute before he hits the deck. Keep up the good work
  10. Was the tweakables in the right click menus axed because of the ui changes in 1.1? Just wondering as I kind of miss making sure my balloon wasn't going to shoot crazily into the sky and also not just bobbing around on the launchpad.
  11. Couldn't tell you whether it's intentional or not. But i think it would be easy enough to tweak to your liking in the part.cfg
  12. So glad this mods been revived. Thanks dude
  13. Turns out I was being even stupidlier and editing the wrong size as a tester. I've not changed the TWR but changed the maxSpeed to a number it wont reach effectively removing max speed and its spot on for me now. Starts quite slow and gradually builds up speed. Thanks for the mod and thanks for your help matey
  14. Thanks I was being stupid and didnt change targetTWR.
  15. Hi thanks again for updating to 1.1 awesome work. Quick question, the 5 m/s speed limit is a bit to slow for me and took a look at the part.cfg to tweak and im kind of struggling to find what to change. I tried maxSpeed to no effect, do i need to change values in that whole section? Thanks again