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  1. Many thanks chaps, that's tomorrow already planned then !
  2. I don't suppose anyone knows how well SXT plays with 1.10 ? Happy to do some testing if it helps. Appreciate the listed version is 1.9 but happy to help if i can in some way. This mod adds sweet niche parts I'm missing before starting a 1.10 play
  3. Thanks Nertea, thats fair enough. I'm just being greedy to be honest
  4. Hi All, Just thought I'd post this in here in case it helps anyone in future: The old Deprecated version of Probe Control Room is incorrectly labelled as working on any version of KSP. Installing this version on 1.9.1 removes all of your Probe Cores (Including modded) and also breaks saves containing them, Installing LinuxGuruGamers continuation (Probe Control Room Recontrolled) works as intended and should be used on versions later than 1.0.4 Judging by the old thread Old Thread: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/61250-104wipivaplugin-probecontro
  5. Hope this helps someone in future, or possibly worth popping on the front page of this thread or if this is something more for CKAN thread If installing this mod via CKAN and all of your probe cores are missing you've installed wrong one. The old deprecated version of this mod is labelled as working on any version of KSP when it actually removes all of your Probe Cores from the VAB and also breaks saves. Installing this version (Probe Control Room Recontrolled ) works with no problems Thanks LinuxGuruGamer for maintaining !! (Not tagged as i know it annoys
  6. Thanks everyone involved in this, I can't play KSP without ReStock and ReStock+ I'm not sure if I'm just really dense and not reading the below correctly. I was wondering if it means that the Soviet style command pods wont get a healthy coat of the ReStock paint ? Or if it means that separate parts will be added into ReStock+ that cover the MH parts. I think I'm over complicating something that is probably really obvious Sorry if its a stupid question I had a look through a fair few pages on this thread to see if it had been asked previously but I'll admit i
  7. Thanks @Avera9eJoe & @Yoloking Mapping You're both quite right. I think i was operating under the guise of "It doesnt look like SVE so must be broken" mind set After playing till 2am though and comparing with my old SVE screenshots, your both quite right and does look more realistic. Thanks Joe, keep up the great work ! (And every other KSP modder off course !)
  8. Hi all, I'm migrating from SVE after using it for years and heard good things about Spectra I've got a clean install from 1.9.1 and have only Spectra installed from CKAN - Spectra - Scatterer - PlanetShine - Eve - Distant Object Enhancement I'm noticing a bit of red / pink around the outside of Kerbin though and wasn't sure if this was intended or if i've goofed somewhere. Or if anyone knows of a way i could turn it down a notch. (I removed EVE so you could see it a bit more clearly) I had a look at a few o
  9. @linuxgurugamer Probably a stupid question, but if i get Steam to download 1.7.3 from the beta's tab and copy the .dds from that one will that work ? Didnt know if it needed to be a specific version or not sorry ? ...also Thank you for this mod and the ridiculous number of other mods you keep alive ! Soon as I have some form of disposable income i'll donate [Opens fresh can of dog food for dinner]
  10. Thanks for keeping this going @linuxgurugamer and the kerzillion other mods !! (I counted .... There's exactly a kerzillion)
  11. I hope a mod dev with time on their hands see's this ..... Gentle nudge.... Gentle nudge with moar boosters.....
  12. I had a read through the past few pages to see if someone else has asked and couldnt spot anything (sorry if i missed it) Is there any issues with this on 1.6.x ? I've backed up my save and tried it on 1.6.0 (at least till steam trolled me with 1.6.1) and not having any dramas so far just wondered if I'm facing impending doom at any point (well more so than usual ) Regardless thanks for this mod !
  13. Just incase anyone is still having this, i tried both of the above which fixed it for me: - Deleted the PartDatabase.cfg - Validated Steam install Thanks all !
  14. Completely understand that these are 2 different things. But I just find it strange that we got the ability to choose what outfits our kerbals wear before getting clouds in stock (and the ability to disable them, same as ground scatter)
  15. Appreciate this is quite an old thread. Just wondering if there's any news ? I reckon it's fairly safe to say that the vast majority of players end up adding some sort of graphics enhancements whether playing modded or stock. It'd be nice to see a slider implemented similar to the ground scatter but for clouds, atmosphere, storms, city lights etc
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