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  1. I'm not sure if I should ask in this thread or the USI-LS thread but I'll start out here and see what happens... I'm attempting my my small steps into LS mods and building "realer" bases. MKS seemed way to advanced while this mod seemed to be everything I wanted and I slapped USI-LS on for good measure. I'm now trying to construct a base that is mostly self-sufficient but being, maybe?, blind I can't see which part creates fertilizer. Do I have to ship fertilizer to generate NOMS at my base or can I somehow generate it in-situ? Further on I noticed there are parts that hold water but adding th
  2. I posted in very much the wrong thread, sorry for the bump!
  3. I think you might find this answer on Stackoverflow interesting, used some of it myself long ago when I needed to find certain strings in the CKAN metadata archives.
  4. My first thought when I saw this post was "I just lost it, damn"
  5. A tad bit weird question here. Does this mod depend on any of the stuff in the Squad folder? I'd like to have a save with only this mod visible in the VAB so I'm wondering if I can just flat out remove the Squadfolder? The reason I'm asking is that I'd like to put KSP up on a smartboard at a school and let students try and build small sounding rockets as part of their bottle rocket science project. However having all the large things available very quickly leds to them leaving the SR idea and going for ZOMGEXPLOSIONSTROLOLOL rather than an educational experience.
  6. Today was a day of adventure and success for the Dazian Space Program! Our secondary crew made a succesful landing on the Muns midlands and this crew was smart enough to bring a sciencepackage to do some actual work rather than just landing. After their first landing the craft had enough dV to continue their mission by doing a quick jump over to the Eastern Farside Crater to do even more science and put down more flags. After these successtories lots of research was done and many a technode was unlocked. Paving the way for spacestations! Kerbinstations core was quickly
  7. The initial 4 did their first landing on the Mun today. Shortly after the did a flyby and orbit of Minmus but have yet to recieve a contract to acctually land there.
  8. I feel compelled to use these not only because they're fun to use but also due to the amazing plumes (hoping that's the right word for what comes out of the engine)
  9. I'm thinking I already know the answer to my question but I'll ask for safetys sake. I'd love to try out OPM but I am on 1.2.1, and I know it seems to be working and all is fine but I prefer releases made for a distinct version. However I'm guessing that my new save won't really be anywhere near OPM territory in a while so can I start my new save without it and then add it later or will that lead to all sorts of weird problems? I guess I'll have to refrain from sending stuff to Eeloo since it's moved but I can live with that
  10. You want Dmagics orbital science mod, it is amazing and exactly what you are asking for
  11. @DMagic @dr_evil I just merged ScienceRelay into CKAN and it shows up now on my client. ^Not what I came here to say but rather I wanted to say WOW I didn't know I needed ScienceRelay before I saw i mentioned in a stream just now. Dmagic you are freaking amazing, love your mods!
  12. Why not both? I love the KER hud so I keep it open with the data I want at all times but use MJ to plan and execute nodes for me. Tbh I was unaware how Smart A.S.S even works before I saw it in a stream the other day and some reading up now also taught me that MJ can land for me! The parts of this game I find most enjoyable are building and launching stuff aswell as landing minimalist things. Armed with the knowledge that there is a mod which can land bigger things might finally make me start building bases and open up a whole new world of construction challenges for me.
  13. Yes this is what I mean. Thinking about it I think the 2.3f addition could already cover this since questions about CKAN are mostly "Messages that repeat inquiries about updates or content from modders." although I guess the first ever post wouldn't really be a repeat so there might be a need for a specific rule... For complete coverage I guess the rule should probably be about modmanagers in general since user might start inquireing about KMA2, TinkerTime or some future modmanager instead in the future.
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