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  1. Has anyone tried to attached this parts in an asteroid? Does it work? I'm planning a kerbaled mission to an asteroid tonight, and i was thinking about installing some SEP modules to it. I'm at work now, so i cant test now
  2. What is your favorite planet in KSP?

    This picture reminds-me that i never landed a Kerbal on Vall for extended mission (rover + science base).. i landed one time for a touch-and-go mission ( land, plant flag, go back to orbit)..... I think this will be my next thing to do in Kerbal!
  3. How long your first stages last?

    I have a series of launchers in my subassembly library that i use for common launches. Most are 2 stages, with the same design rules: The first stage stops burning at 35/45km, with enough speed to raise the apoapsis to 80/90Km. Then the second stage kicks in, putting the cargo into orbit( most of the time ). The 1st stage returns to kerbin with parachutes (i use stage recovery mod), the second stage, sometimes stays in orbit, sometimes burns into atmosphere... depends on the weight of the cargo. The 1st stage are a mix of LF/OX + SRB + wing attached to the the bottom part of SRB for extra stability. The SRB Thrust are adjusted to stop burning a few seconds (5 - 10 )before the rocket fuel ends - i prefer this kind of design because it dont need to stage SRB radial decoupling, and the extra node helps in the placements of the return parachutes. The 2nd stage are simple: Just an engine, a fuel tank, a procedural fairing and a decoupler. If the stage is based on 3,5M (or bigger) parts, it has 4 vernor attached ao allow vessel orientation.
  4. What does your space career look like?

    I use probes to one way trips, satellites for communication network and scansat, and for very difficult missions (like Tylo or Eve returns). Almost all other things are manned missions. (Jebediah loves to plant flags on moons and planets!) What i do most of the time is to put a research space station in orbit, collect science on planets/moons and, then, transmit the pure science back to kerbin. In order to complete the research display in the research center, i do science missions twice - one sample for the Lab, another sample to kerbin (Experiment Storage Unit is nice for that kind of thing!).
  5. Who has abort proceedures?

    If something fail during the launch, i just hit esc->revert. But, if i have an Kerbaled vessel designed to do atmospherical missions, i usually have the cockpit attached to a decoupler (or separator) with at least 3 radial parachutes - 2 normal and 1 drag (in Duna, due to the thin atmosphere i double the number - 2 drags and 4 normals). No sepratron needed. If something bad happens, i just kill the engines and activate the emergency group. The entire front session is separated from the ship, and, (usually) lands safe.
  6. Where is YOUR Jebediah Kerman?

    In a mothership docked in a space station on Eve Orbit, waiting for the arrival of the brand new Eve01 space plane, which was designed especially to land and return from Eve.
  7. It worked perfectly!! Tested with a ship with 2 chutes setted to "drogue mode", for high altitude deceleration, and 4 in "main chute mode", for low altitude deceleration!
  8. FAR -> Last dev version. KJR -> Last version available on CKAN ( 3.3.1 ).
  9. I made some tests: We already know that Realchute + FAR + KJR == Problem. Real chute, without FAR and without KJR --> Works OK. Real chute, without FAR and with KJR --> Works OK. Real Chute With FAR, without KJR --> Problem happens. But now the interesting test: Real chute With FAR, with KJR -> Works OK. Maybe the problem is with the "FAR compatibility update. Addresses changes to FARAeroUtil.GetCurrentDensity()" part of the changelog..... or maybe it is with FAR GetCurrentDensity function... . The tests was made with the same quicksave, with my prototype spaceplane flying over EVE.
  10. The same happened with my EVE space plane. It is designed to land with parachutes (so no need to complicated landing procedures), but, when i open the parachutes.... the same issue happens . Just tested without KJR: The bug still happens. Tomorrow i'll try without FAR.
  11. KSP Making History

    What? An DLC for the best game in the world? I will buy it as soon as it is released on Steam!
  12. I have both installed - Space Y is another must-have mod - greatly reduces de complexity (and number of parts, memory, cpu...) needed to launch that monster.....
  13. This mod is in my "Must Have" Mods!!! It allowed me to create really useful spaceplanes, and, a new playstile. This spaceplane is one of my favorite spaceplanes: It is a Cargo Transporter - Its mission is to go to Kerbin's Orbit and dock at the KSS1 Space Station, parked at a 2500Km orbit. Below a ugly, heavy, unaesthetic thing: the Mothership NAUM (Naum is my cat's name - she helped me in the design by walking over the Keyboard sometimes...). Lots of mods are used: Nertea's mods are used for functionality parts (2 small reactors, capacitors, MK4, Heatsinks...), Uzbio Welding for the big body, Atomic Age engines, KIS/KAS Container, Mechjeb is essencial for piloting that monster (10 minutes burn are common...), and lots more....
  14. It depends.... if my objective is to send something that will never return (a small satellite, for example), i always use rockets. If the objective is to send something that i need to bring back sometime, and it fits into a cargobay, to i usualy use a Space Plane. I have almost no SSTO in my fleet, because i think its best to put 2 inexpensive droptanks with extrafuel to increase the range and maximum payload weight of a ship. I have done the Jool5 challenge (An fly by to all jools moons with one ship), so, to do the mission, i used 2 ships: An spaceplane with a smaller Xeon powered spaceship in its cargobay. The mission happened this way: Spaceplane took off from KSC Runway, drop its tanks at, aproximally 50Km altitude, parked in a 250Km parking orbit, released the Xeon ship. Xeon ship goes to Jool's moons and get back to Kerbin's orbit, re-docked in the Spaceplane, and lands on KSC Runway.... Mission cost: +/- 20000 credits (2 droptanks, +/- 10000 each) + Fuel costs. Mission rewards: lots of science, credits for the mission and lots of fun (which is the more valuable reward of all! <3 )!
  15. do you use stayputnik?

    Sometimes i use a Stayputnik in my engineless local communication satellites. The sattelite is just a Stayputnik, a relay antenna, a small battery, 2 OX4-L solar panels and, of course, a decoupler. There is no need for engines because the sattelite doesnt have a planned orbit: When any interplanetary mission happens, i put 1 or 2 of these onboard. I release them any moment when the eccentricity is <1 (so, it will stay in orbit)..... But i think to abandon that method in favor to this one! Much more effective way to create a comm network!