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  1. Fir some reason, when I try activating the warp drives, a blue bubble appears around the craft, then suddenly, Boom. Everything goes flying out into space. What am I doing Wrong?! EDIT:Yup, that's fixed. But now the warp drive complains that it has "No Power" when trying to go above warp setting 1.5, I even made my own part so it has 240000000000 ElectricCharge, and that's NOT exaggerated. WHY THE HECK IS THIS HAPPENING?!?!?!?
  2. Hi! I created my own fun part to mess around with that is based off of the hellfire missile. Do I have permission to be able to put it up for download?
  3. The 1.0.4 version of the mod isn't working for me. I try starting up the game with my new welded part and the loading screen freezes when It gets to it. What's happening? Mods are as shown below BDArmory KAS KIS Hyperedit TextureReplacer ModuleManager and of course, UbioZurWelding. Here's my .craft file Keep in mind, the weapons and the launch stability enhancers are removed before adding. Also the ammo inside it too. Please help me!
  4. Affter many long days... It has returned. *amazing epic theme*
  5. Thank you so much! I like how it looks! I'll test it out later. But thanks wuphons!
  6. Hi. I want to try SWdennis's method out about making huge crafts, and I downloaded the mod. I loaded up the game, but the welding button was not there! Is there any way that there's a welding mod like this that is 0.90.0 compatable?
  7. Hyperedit can help that. I think It's compatable with this.
  8. So... I decided to take the challenge, and I eventually came out with this: If you look closely, that IS 2 intakes per engine. I pwomise. But at he time the game was lagging really hard, I pressed space, and the space Kraken Let all Hail upon me, and before I knew it: What, This is what happens, and I'm somewhat proud. this speed WAS GAINED IN THE ATMOSPHERE but it quickly excellerated out. It was also spinning insanely fast. Also notice Kirrim Kerman from Danny2462, yay! BUT I DID IT. I DONT CARE! but I'm not sure this counts, if it does, please put it on the leaderboard.
  9. Thanks! that actually worked! But there was a mod for multiple kerbal movement, but Thanks! I wanted the mod though...
  10. This is the KSP International Space Staton. Took nine flights, the mass relay addon was unsuccessful, but it's still pretty B:cool:D:cool:SS
  11. I'm really lost on this. I need to move a great amount of kerbals(16) from a crashed MK3 passenger module to a new, not-crashed plane. Is there any mods to control multiple kerbals at once? I lose patience easily when it comes to extravehicular activities...
  12. where do I extract the Extras folder in the .ZIP file? I downloaded 2.1.96, I'm just wondering...
  13. so, you either killed bill, bob and Jebediah Kerman, and he showed up, or you saw him in your cue and wanted him. Either way, you're a strange person...