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  1. ahhhh thanks. well played! now if you can get mechjeb into the console version, we will all put you in for sainthood
  2. I enjoy it so far, no major issues. Only one bug i found was the estimated burn timer would indicate burns to be 50-100 days when they would only require a 30-60 second burn. Nothing game breaking yet though. Hoping to get an answer on the controller path for Xbox one debug menu as microsoft hasnt gone live with their full keyboard support yet.
  3. This may be a stupid question, but I just installed this into v1.0.4 that I just downloaded, and now I cannot get any rockets to launch due to insufficient fuel...I have never had this issue in the past, am I missing something with the install that may have effected this or am I not realizing a new step in the VAB process prior to launch? Any and all guidance is much appreciated!
  4. I am trying build a warp capable ship using Interstellar .13 in beta....however, I am not producing any exotic matter. Any guidance on this? I am using a reactor, electric generator and two of the drives, however I do shut one down while attempting to charge. Any and all guidance is GREATLY appreciated.
  5. I think you can click on the red '+" sign at the bottom of your catagories and it will prompt you to create your own sub category in which you can place which ever parts you want. Let me know if that works. I don't have it open right in front of me so I could be off on the color of the icon but I believe I am correct.
  6. Can some please help me, I am looking for a way to either obtain or unlock (via the tech tree) a warp drive within 0.90 (beta)?!