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  1. PSA: Seems to work fine in 1.6.1 You don't need this very often, if ever. But if you do, BOY does it save time!
  2. @kurgut, have you got an "EVAvisor" DDS or PNG file in your ..\Gamedata\TextureReplacer\Default folder? If you do, you'll also need to patch it in. Here's what's in my ZZ_CustomSettings.cfg file in ..\Gamedata\TextureReplacer\ (ZZ_Custom... makes sure it's loaded last, therefore isn't overridden by any other settings) The settings set the color of the visor. If you don't have a EVAvisor file, just search for "" in this topic, there's a number to choose from. The basic differences are just how transparent they are. Try a few to see what looks best to you. Here's what this setup looks like.
  3. I'm not seeing anything major that would stop usage of this in 1.6.1. My only complaint so far is the documented 'BaseYear' function doesn't seem to work.
  4. @The Spac NOTE! If you want to edit a configuration file to remove the glows around the moons, you'll find the instructions below. BACK UP the file someplace safe BEFORE you start to edit it. That way you can repair any accidentally induced issues. Skills necessary for this are the ability to navigate the folders inside the game directory and the skill to use a text editor to edit the contents of a text file. (Do not use a word processor, unless you laughed at that statement because you know how to use a word processor to get around the problem.) In ..\GameData\AstronomersVisualPack\EVE\ there is a file named "glow.cfg" If you open that file up with a text editor you will see it contains a number of blocks of text, each starting with "OBJECT". Each of the OBJECTS represents a celestial body. That body is on the first line, where it says "name = <bodyname>-glow" Find each <bodyname> you don't want to have this glow/atmosphere on, and comment out the block of text. To do that, put two two slashes in the front of the OBJECT line, and every line after that until the line just above the next OBJECT. (That last line should just be a "}" character. Save said file and restart KSP. You should find a nice set of airless moons now inhabiting your solar system. The spoiler below shows Dres losing its glow.
  5. Sorry, I'm late to the renaming party. PMS - Pointless Motions Squashed. Hmm, something seems wrong with this name. NMQ - Needless Motions Quiesced. Nah, no need to make some folks grab a dictionary. UMB! - Unneeded Motions Begone! Sounds too much like something you'd spray on the rocket before liftoff. Seriously, tho... I think "Intelligent Controllers" is kinda generic. How's "AECS Motion Suppressor" (Aerobrake, Engine and Control Surface Motion Suppressor) Not nearly as snazzy, but it is a bit more descriptive.
  6. @Tidal Stream Thanks for keeping this one alive! FYI: I'm using it in my (Not yet launched) 1.6.1 career, and so far I've noticed nothing odd. I do have a question, tho. Is there some way to have any added in textures be listed alphabetically with the ones from PP itself? I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do it with the large number of texture-sets I've pulled together. But no matter what I do all the default ones get listed as a group together first. Then my added in ones show up as an alphabetic group. I went so far as to copy SSTextures.cfg to my mod's directory, and then rename the original one to .NOTCFG so it wouldn't work. The default textures still show up in a group in the VAB before I get to the one's I've added in. When I also install the new "Basic Procedural Textures" mod, (Thanks, @Tyko) these show up mixed in with the one's I've included, all alphabetically. But they're all still after the default textures group. It's like the original textures have some sort of gold ticket to move to the front of the line!
  7. I am trying to cut down on the number of mods I've amassed as I crank up for a 1.6.1. game. @linuxgurugamer, you are NOT HELPING! Seriously, tho... thanks for picking this up with an eye towards those hotel contracts. I tried building a hotel prototype, but wasn't happy with the looks of it.
  8. Ok, I thought I'd share some half-arsed results from my preliminary 1.6.1 testbed. This was done in a lightly (~50 mods or so) environment. Tomorrow I'll test in a clean environment. It appears the mod works fine if neither USI or WB is installed. I was able to print a single item, move focus away during the print, and return to a printed item in my KIS container. There was previously reported bug where single items being printed would get stuck and not complete if the workshop lost focus. The work around was to print two items, then come back when the first one was finished (according to the alarm). You'd then cancel the queued item and the one being printed would then complete in a hurry. This bug appears to be still present if the USI Constellation is installed. I need to test further, I didn't look to see if the bug was present if only WB was installed. Or if both are present. Auto-generated 'printing is finished' KAC alarms appear to be always for a Vessel ID that no longer exists. Yes, Virginia, the vessel still exists. I'll do some serious testing Tue night in a clean environment and post my results, if no one beats me to the punch.
  9. I just installed the new version (1.2.7) and took a quick look. Yeah, the chemical workshop appears to function the same as the 3D Printing Lab, except for the addition of a Resource Converter that creates Equipment from Ore & Electricity. That, and it can hold 50 Material Kits and 50 Ore. I'm not that familiar with the Pathfinder production chain, but I don't think they'd miss an outside piece that can make Equipment. OTOH, who doesn't love more moar fuel? You can always leave an optional [NEEDS] patch in to keep the Equipment production around. Tho, fuel fits the look of the workshop better since it has those liquid tubes on the side. Fun fact: If you watch those liquid tubes, you can see that Bill left a wrench inside. Another fun fact: The bubbles in the middle tube go from top to bottom, AND bottom to top at the same time.
  10. @linuxgurugamer Downloaded just now (Sun afternoon). I should be able to give you some feedback in 2-3 days. RE the differences: off the top of my head, one of the workbenches is the 'normal' one, one is automated (No crew necessary), but is slower and I think more expensive. I forget the third. If no one else chimes in before I return here, I'll let you know about the difference for the third. BTW, insert here the deep appreciation of a mod addict. The amount of time you dedicate to the KSP ecology puts you in the pantheon of the top folks who make this game more attractive to our newbies!
  11. @nathan88fox Sorry, I don't know how to install anything from Twitch. But I can give you some starting pointers for installing mods yourself. Generally, you download a zip or other sort of archive file. Usually from Curse, Spacedock or Github. Once you have the mod downloaded: Open the downloaded file with the appropriate software. Drill down until you find a "GameData" directory inside the archive file. Merge that directory with your KSP Game directory file. If that's too much like a word salad for you, I second the idea you look up CKAN and how to use it, until you're more familiar with KSP's directory structure. Pro tips if you decide to give manual installation a try: (Please read through ALL of the below before attempting any work. Below, when it says ".\GameData", that refers to wherever your KSP game is installed. For this discussion, I'm going to use the Real Chute mod as my example. Also, "Directory" is also known as "Folder" in the Windows world.) Look inside the "GameData" directory inside the downloaded archive file. You'll find at least a directory. That's the mod directory. If you are updating a mod, you'll avoid many problems by removing the existing mod before installing the update: Remove any existing mod SUBDIRECTORIES that are already in the .\Gamedata. (DO NOT remove the GameData directory!). in this example, it's in a directory named "RealChute" that's inside of "GameData". I.E. .\GameData\Realchute. So you'd delete the existing "RealChute" directory before merging the two GameData directories. If you ended up with a directory called "GameData" inside your .\GameData, you've messed up. Start over from the backup you made. (You did make a backup of the game directory first, right?) Some mods keep your settings in a file contained in a "PluginData" directory inside of "Plugins", inside the directory that's inside the Mod directory. For example: .\GameData\MechJeb2\Plugins\PluginData\ If you delete the mod directory, in which case you'll lose your settings. Copy that file(s) containing your settings some place, safe. After updating your mod, put the file(s) back in the same place. If there are other things beside the main mod directory in your zip file's .\GameData, you probably need to copy them over also. Here's some tips on those cases: Updated Module Manager versions often are found bundled in with a mod. If the MM in the mod is newer (has a larger number) than your existing MM, copy the new one over and either delete the older one, or rename it from "ModuleManager.8.8.0.dll" to "ModuleManager.8.8.0.NOTdll". Either stops it from being used, and the second way lets you revert the MM update by just renaming the two files involved. ReadMe files and licenses have to be distributed with Mods, but there's no real reason to keep them on your drive. If there's other directories, they're probably required for your new mod to work. Keep in mind you may already have them on your disk. Check and update them if necessary. How do you know? Most all mods now have a "<modname>.version" file in their directory. Open that up with an editor such as Notepad, and look for the section named VERSION. Larger numbers mean newer versions. This is by no means a complete primer, but it should enough to get you started.
  12. I also noticed the UniversalStorage2.version file from the currrent Spacedock download says: "VERSION":{"MAJOR":1,"MINOR":5,"PATCH":1,"BUILD":9},
  13. Not sure how I missed this up until now, but Kudos to you yet again!
  14. @Kroslev Kerman Did you ever get an answer on using MechJeb to get these shuttles into orbit?