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  1. It's been awhile since I've played KSP (last time was in version 1.0.5). I recently updated to stock 1.4.2 I get a rather odd visual artifact in the VAB/SPH. The top portion of the part selection preview area disappears. If I scroll down the entire part reappears. If I scroll up, they completely disappear. Almost like they're being masked out during rendering. I tried a previous install of 1.0.5 I had and this issue doesn't occur. It's as if it's caused by either 1.4.2 or the newer version of Unity. Tried forcing openGL with no change. https://imgur.com/a/kn4na Running an old Radeon HD 6800 series gfx card in windows 7. Drivers have been updated. Any ideas?
  2. Hi! I think I've spotted a potential bug. I've been using Antenna Range which has EVAManager packaged with it (Obviously for transmissions over EVA). The only problem I've noticed is due to the Kerbals leaving a command module with electric charge initially they will 'recharge' the command module upon re-boarding it. For instance, if I fly in the MKI pod and roll it around on the launch pad a bit to discharge its electric charge then leave it and reenter it, the power of the pod returns to maximum (50). Like the Kerbal is acting like a battery upon re-boarding. I'm not sure if this was intended or a small bug of a sort, but I'm wondering if anyone else has been having that happen to them too . Thanks!
  3. Discovered what it was! It actually was that particular version of Blender. I decided to download and try the slightly older 2.70a version you used and it worked flawlessly. Guess that means that if this ever happens in the future to look at the version of Blender before anything else. Suppose it also means if anyone else has this issue best let them know to check their Blender version. For future reference, 2.71 doesn't auto import into Unity, but 2.74 (the current latest version) does.
  4. Very strange. I guess I'll just have to stick with using .FBX since I'm stumped at what it's missing. Thanks for your time and effort anyhow . Trying to drag the .blend file into the 3D view for me comes up with a restriction symbol (circle with a line through it).
  5. Am I maybe mistaking what you mean by 'prefab'? Is it a separate plugin for Unity? I just downloaded version 4.6.0f3 like you and it still won't import with the same message. So you know, I placed the .blend file in my unity project (Under assets\models in my case (See image)), right-clicked on it and hit 'reimport'.
  6. I've been making an asymmetrical surface mountable part. It works fine so long as I don't use the symmetry feature in the VAB or SAB. It looks like it's rotating along one of the axes rather than mirroring the model. Any idea how or if it's possible to achieve it? (Look at diagram below) Thanks in advance .
  7. Doesn't work for me. When trying to save/move a .blend file to unity assets it gives me this: I'm using Blender 2.71. Maybe I'm missing something?
  8. I'm exporting to .FBX and importing to unity that way. That was how it was recommended from what I read. Regular parts that are a part of a stack seem to easily work with no real need for adjustment. I'm just a little unsure why anything that's surface attached needs to be oriented differently (Towards '-Y' to jut out away from the part it's attached to, else it goes inside it). The other thing I've noticed is that it seems using part symmetry will mirror along one of the axes in the VAB or SAB. Not sure if it's something that can be avoided, but that's a different thread entirely .
  9. Basically I wanted to make sure that it's correct to have that orientation. Every other tutorial or example I've seen has had it completely different unless that changed recently. The other reason is because things like landing gears or engines wouldn't be facing a specific direction (down -Y for instance). Interesting, although in text one would find it odd because that rotation seems a bit counter productive since it ends up in the same rotation in the end (Not in blender atm). Guess it has to do with how Unity or KSP sees it though. I'll give it a try later in any case . Thanks.
  10. Edit: Sorry if I started the thread in the wrong part of the forum. Wasn't quite sure where exactly was appropriate. Greetings, I've been making some models for parts to KSP recently, but have noticed a rather odd thing. The type of part I'm working on is a surface attachable part. The main question I have is the proper orientation/facing inside unity. Basically, I've noticed that to have the part face 'away' from the part attached to it needs to be facing the '-Y' axis? (See images) If facing +Y it faces 'inside' the object instead. [blender 2.71] [unity 4.3.4] [KSP 0.9] Is this correct? And if so, will this orientation create issues with other parts like lander legs? Just want to make sure I'm not doing something incorrectly or that could create a future bug. Thanks for your time .
  11. Strange. I've just now started to notice the problem. Maybe when I upgrade to the MKII the same issue won't be as bad. Will do, although I've noticed the 'letting go of the ship in EVA' happen in space without anything on the pod itself. Maybe it's simply because I was using the MKI at the time. Funny enough I've used it that way plenty of times in the past . It does look like it's an issue with craft weight though. Although I find it strange still because it's as if the legs 'enter' the planet before it starts to calculate the physics/weight on the landing structs rather than simply having the feet stick to the ground because it's too heavy to lift it. Or appears to at least (goes under the grating on the landing pad on my end). Then it tosses the ship violently about. And by toss I 'do' mean toss hehe. It flies off to one side briefly before coming crashing to the ground. The test weight was a 5,990kg lander with 6 LT-1s. I recall having built much heavier landers in the past without the same problem (I think they were around 20k or 30k heavy landers, but had maybe three times the landing struts).
  12. Is it just me, or did the new patch change some of the physics dramatically? I've been noticing that whenever I EVA that my Kerbals seem to always let go of the craft rather than hold on. I've also noticed that one of the crafts I sent to and landed on Minmus would 'catapult' my Kerbals if I tried to go into EVA. Just recently I even tried to just extend the landing gear I put on a space ship that had them retracted at the launch pad on Kerbin. Once the feet touched the ground the ship tilted to the right (It was balanced, fyi) and fell over/destroyed itself. I do have it pretty heftily modded, though. Gonna try a fresh install to see if it still happens.
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