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  1. Meithan OP - we need your site back man EDIT: also, how TF am I supposed to build spacex boosters without it? manual work sux:)
  2. DAAAAAMN HX FORK guys! But for real - thx for updating and thx for forking. It is a great idea at least for meh!!
  3. Thank you kind sir. Not only you have helped me, You also tought me how to use that damn/lovely github for all future releases! THX AGAIN!
  4. Hello! I'm having problem installing forked wings. Maybe someone can help? minilog below with problem: [...] [LOG 09:21:39.084] AssemblyLoader: Loading assembly at C:\BARTEK\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\B9 PWings Fork\dll\UnityEditor.dll [ERR 09:21:39.137] Failed to load assembly C:\BARTEK\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\B9 PWings Fork\dll\UnityEditor.dll: System.Security.SecurityException: Assembly C:\BARTEK\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\B9 PWings Fork\dll\UnityEditor.dll tried to use forbidden type System.Diagnostics.Process! Allows launching of external processes. at AssemblyLoader.ScanForBadTypeRefs (System.String file) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at AssemblyLoader.LoadExternalAssembly (System.String file) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 [LOG 09:21:39.141] Load(Assembly): B9 PWings Fork/dll/UnityEditor.Graphs [...]
  5. what I mean is this -> // or /| not rotated || not rotated /\ is it what you mean LucidPixels? is it possible in procedural parts?
  6. Hi guys! I need some help. Is it possible to shape cone tank to be bent? (I mean the shape of Soyuz booster for example - just like TAIL CONNECTOR
  7. Hello I got a problem. After runing pruner.exe I've got a message it is a wrong type of file for my system. I should check if the program is x86 or x64. I'm working on widnows 7 32bit with 4gb mod to kernel. Any ideas? Pls dont tell me its linux application
  8. Maxmaps â€Â@Maxmaps We got like... 64 reasons to be excited about 1.1 LOLZ!!! now let the new bugs and modders rage beggin:) edit: And as I've just noticed you are mechjeb dev, I bow before you sir! GREAT WORK
  9. I am sorry to bring it back but aren't u kinda still sad now? ))
  10. That's what I did and its perfect. I think CKAN was lacking InterstellarFuelSwitch mod.
  11. Please fix CKAN version. I have exactly the same problem as posted above. Textures + no fuel in tanks
  12. PLEASE someone add link to developer version of b9 aerospace to the first page. It's kinda hard to find in @flashblade 's signature:)
  13. OK guys I got enuffffff:) pls make it clear so we, simple ppl, can use HX to HaX galaxies? Fixed means = download latest developer version nooow? the one 500+ mb with source catalogue?