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  1. A reminder that Superheavy only needs to fire 17 raptor 2 engines to beat SLS or 19.7 R2s to beat N1 as the most powerful rocket stage ever fired, and the current Superheavy config has 20.
  2. Interesting that there aren't any aerocovers on those. I strongly suspect B8 has been promoted to orbital launch attempt.
  3. Symbols don't follow the same rules as units.
  4. It's a capital letter if the unit is named after a person. James Watt. Baron Kelvin. Anders Celcius. Rolf Sievert. James Joule. Andre-Marie Ampere. Joseph Henry. All capitalised units. gram, second, metre, mole, candela, not so much.
  5. A further point - if your CV isn't working for you, change it. Don't persist in handing out a CV that isn't getting responses, that means there something about it that is turning employers off. Change the formatting, rewrite sections to give different emphasis. As a new university graduate you aren't expected to have much job experience, though by all means mention any relevant employments. Emphasise your education and the skills you do have, and how those would be of benefit to an employer.
  6. In the UK I graduated from an excellent university in 2009 with a master's degree in Engineering Science. I had *ZERO* success applying directly to graduate schemes. Not one interview, and hardly any bothered even responding to my application. It was almost a year before I found employment. (Nearly 15 years later I'm a senior chartered engineer at prestigious nuclear firm, but it took some working up by a slightly unconventional route). I recommend putting your CV on as many jobsites as possible, being clear about what you're looking for. In my experience it's much more fruitful to get recruitment consultants to do the work of matching you with positions. If you have any contacts who can find an opening for you, that's probably the best way to find a position. Nepotism works.
  7. Wow, had to go to the third page to find ULA. Blue origin have just completed the first flight engine. There are five months left in the year.
  8. I think the trunk is *supposed* to burn up completely, which would explain why they haven't been concerned about uncontrolled deorbiting. The fact it survived ought to be concerning. It's probably not so much not having the margin, to why use margin on the bit that won't survive and save the margin for the bit containing crew?
  9. Never believe any Russian spacecraft announcement until there's hardware, and even then it's probably best to wait until it's on a launchpad.
  10. Which is why they have to cheat and use RP1/Hydrogen Peroxide for the upper stage.
  11. I suppose an overgrown bottle rocket counts as pressure fed. There's no ignition at all and the ISP is absolute junk.
  12. But an expendable starship is an extremely easy step. Just strip off the fins, heat shield and header tanks and put in a jettisonable payload fairing.
  13. And apparently a Scott Manley video mocking their idea put off a lot of investors. Yeah, this thing isn't ever launching. I mean look at it, is ridiculous. I can't believe they looked at starship dev and thought "You know what we need less of? Tall cranes."
  14. What FH has that Starship doesn't is a Falcon Family flight heritage that supports flagship class NASA missions. If Starship works as planned, refilling will be no big deal and it'll be cheaper and more capable than F9 and FH in every way. But F9 and FH will continue to fly for as long as their reputation supplies them with profitable missions that would reject a transfer to Starship.
  15. Nuclear engineer here. There isn't now nor will there be a nuclear fuel shortage and France's unusually high number of shutdowns at present has nothing to do with Uranium supply.
  16. Geoengineering is probably necessary in addition to stopping pollution. But it's less efficient to power carbon capture than it is to not burn carbon in the first place. The first step is we absolutely have to stop burning carbon. Then any excess clean generation we have (and wind turbines are very "peaky", so there should be a lot) should be used for carbon capture. And we're going to need so much more nuclear power. We're in an emergency situation and my country is literally on fire right now during its hottest day ever.
  17. It's there really nothing going on in the High Bay at the moment?
  18. Hey, if you're going to go big, go for radio observatories at Jupiter L2/L3/L4/L5.
  19. It's worth remembering (I forgot), that the engines are most likely shrouded at this point. That will have done a lot to protect them from the blast.
  20. My understanding was that it was a spin-prime test (OX preburner/turbopump) so there shouldn't have been any CH4 in the exhaust from that so I've not sure where the CH4 came from for the detonation. I'm not really clear on how they get the CH4 inlet pressure up for a spin-prime without running the CH4 side though. I've also heard 800bar for pressure in the turbopumps.
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