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  1. Virgin feel even more gradatim than BO. Pretty sure I was first hearing about Virgin's spaceflight ambitions twenty years ago. Still not flying passengers suborbital.
  2. I don't think it works as a universe. It's not stable. One perfect perfectly long infinite wire, axial forces cancel out. But if it curves even a little bit, gravity will bend it. The system collapses. Two perfectly parallel perfectly straight infinite wires can orbit each other as in 2d. But the moment they become not-straight or not-parallel they collide. The system collapses. But until it does, axial momentum of a smaller object orbiting a wire would be conserved. You'd get orbital spirals. Circular or elliptical orbit would be a special case of zero axial momentum.
  3. Haha, well. I guess closing all the airlocks does rather identify the culprits!
  4. Interesting! So basically it's not that the main burn is exceptionally accurate, but they spare nothing on vernier RCS burns!
  5. And the secondary customer will be similarly worried about the primary customer's requirements (e.g. CRS-1/Orbcomm).
  6. It's clearly a launch pad. The supposed downcomer isn't lined for water and there's no piping beneath the concrete footing for it to connect to. Plus we know the pad will have to be elevated because you can't excavate a flame trench in Boca chica due to the water table. The centre pipe is either structure for a flame diverter or temporary support for the concrete forms.
  7. Well B1051.5 isn't the flight leader, so that agrees with what you're saying if they're being a little more cautious with B1049.6.
  8. Looking back I don't think B1051 was cleaned before its fifth flight.
  9. Are these cleaned up weld lines new, or do they do this before every flight,
  10. I can't believe people still think it's going to be some sort of water tower. It's gigantic. The footings and concrete supports are way beyond what is needed for a water tower. Either that or people are trolling in a way that's too subtle for me. The central pipe is either a temporary support for the concrete forms, or a support for a blast deflector. It's not lined for water and there's no plumbing below the pad footings.
  11. Whenever I manage to beat @tater to a news item I feel ridiculously pleased with myself!
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