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  1. Engine chill has started. Don't know why this one worked!
  2. https://twitter.com/JimBridenstine/status/1266810503831183363?s=20
  3. https://twitter.com/SpaceX/status/1266809824685088768?s=20 Sorry, these links just aren't embedding on my laptop. I'm watching a stream on my phone.
  4. Dragon still has no issues. Weather is still go. T-18m30s.
  5. Yes. Eyeballs out is the only way to place thrusters on Dragon that don't have cosine losses, otherwise they'd have to fire around the cone angle.
  6. GO for propellant load! CAA Retracted!
  7. This is the best thing: https://twitter.com/StarTrek/status/1266781188301127681?s=20 Grr, desktop site isn't embedding.
  8. I'm a SpaceX fan too, but Blue Origin could surprise us. They have a habit keeping an absolute lid on progress and then materialising hardware out of thin air.
  9. Meanwhile in Boca Chica, SN4 is looking pretty! COPVs look very tidy. What's that square thing up top?
  10. 10:33:33 HST (UTC-10) Hawaii 12:33:33 AKDT (UTC-8) Alaska 13:33:33 PDT (UTC-7) US Pacific 14:33:33 MDT (UTC-6) US Mountain 15:33:33 CDT (UTC-5) US Central 16:33:33 EDT (UTC-4) Launch Site, US East Coast 20:33:33 UTC 21:33:33 BST (UTC+1) UK 22:33:33 CEST (UTC+2) Central Europe, South Africa 23:33:33 MSK (UTC+3) Moscow 28th May 02:03:33 IST (UTC+5.5) India 28th May 04:33:33 CST/AWST (UTC+8) China, Australia Western 28th May 05:33:33 JST/ACST (UTC +9) Japan, Australia Central 28th May 06:33:33 AEST (UTC+10) Australia Eastern
  11. Estimated 64t expendable, 57.5t centre core expended side cores ASDS.
  12. That doesn't sound likely. Effectively multiple auto-detatch operations and shifting cargo at the moment of abort. I'd be surprised. Readiness review wrapping up. Suggestion is no showstoppers.
  13. Dragon2 pulls the entire trunk off. The fins on the trunk are for abort stability.
  14. Both those points - radiation study and deep space temperature regulation can be done unmanned. Sure, you'd do them if you had a good reason to be there anyway, but they are not by themselves a good reason to go. Endurance is best tested in LEO where if anything goes seriously wrong help is under an hour away. You simply don't schedule resupply, and if you don't make it to the planned endurance it's no big deal.
  15. Sensible. No potential for awkward headlines before DM2.
  16. The readiness review has adjourned until tomorrow. Not sure if bad sign:
  17. Awesome video of the photos up thread.
  18. Damage to electricals probably isn't that serious. Hoping Raptor 20 is still in good condition!
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