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  1. Clipper formally no longer making SLS compatibility efforts. It's likely to be FH:
  2. Wow, a whole tonne. As a separate mission to crew. How ambitious.
  3. As well as picking an alternative satellite in an alternative direction, once the constellation is mature, which should give some protection from passing storms.
  4. That's exactly the sort of situation Starlink is optimal for.
  5. With 1 engine out allowed on ascent and landing, at 2% chance of failure per burn the Starship upper stage would have a 99.4% chance of successful ascent (6 failures in 1000) on 6 engines and a 99.9% chance of a successful landing on 3 engines. That's 7 failures in 1000 due to engines. With 4 engines out allowed on ascent, the Superheavy booster, the Superheavy booster has a 99.98% chance of successful ascent. That's 2 failures in 10,000. Loss of crew due to engines would therefore be 72 in 10,000 missions. The booster landing on 4 engines would land successfully (up to 1 engine
  6. I didn't forget it, it just wasn't relevant to whether a planet can have SSOs or not.
  7. Wikipedia suggests that angular precession per orbit is related to the oblateness and the radius of the planet squared, divided by the size of the orbit. Assuming any low orbit around a planet would need to scale with planet size, this suggests precession is related to first power of planet radius and oblateness. Saturn would therefore cause a lot of precession! Mercury is also in the "functionally impossible" column with Venus.
  8. Interesting factoid: You can also get SSOs around other planets, such as Mars, or Jupiter. But not Venus. SSOs require oblateness to torque the orbit. Venus barely rotates, so it's a near-perfect sphere. It has barely any oblateness. So SSOs are functionally impossible around Venus.
  9. The right thing to do in a developing incident 99.9% of the time is to throw on the brakes to the limit of grip, and do so as quickly as possible. If you still hit the vehicle in front then that's your problem for being too close. Self-driving cars don't do that. If someone rear-ends you that's their problem for being too close. Self-driving cars don't do that. Any case that isn't covered by the above that might involve dodging would require superhuman reflexes and perfect situational awareness. Dodging out of lane doesn't help if there are oncoming vehicles or obstacles you're
  10. As always an impressive diagram, but I'm pretty sure this ends up with a large number of different custom tiles.
  11. The problem is you can't tile a curved surface with regular hexagons.
  12. Wow, I guess my sarcasm detector needs a retune.
  13. Ultimately, the engines have to relight. They can't depend on 3/2 redundancy because whatever it is giving problems is probably a common mode failure. If one won't light, chances are more than one won't light. Or possibly none will light. That's not something you can really band-aid with extra engine ignitions and sooner starts. They just have to get it right. Whatever the problem is, they'll find it and fix it. Just needs more flight tests.
  14. RIP SN5. I had hoped you'd be used for the mock up.
  15. Starship navigates to its destination using lift. Drag is parallel to the airstream. Without lift Starship would be unable to steer. Most of the lift comes from the body. A little comes from the flaps. Yes, these surfaces are stalled. That doesn't mean they produce no lift, only that the lift to drag ratio is poor.
  16. Flight comparison: Looks like SN9 went a little over 10km, and SN8 was a little under 12.5km. SN9 had a slower ascent. SN8 started descending before pitch and flip, whereas SN9 flipped straight from apogee. Interesting that descent was much faster than Ascent, which it doesn't really look like. SN9 also had a higher peak velocity, which may have been a result of it going a bit nose-down after flip.
  17. Good slo-mo: Oof. Much fire where fire should not be.
  18. Sure those are legs? Maybe looks like engine bell debris to me.
  19. Ouch. Less controlled than last time on landing.
  20. Yikes. The way that sounds they're lucky the site is still operating.
  21. Trick of the light. I count the same number of highbay corrugations either side all the way up.
  22. Reuters have now picked up on it, and a few others, but they're both still quoting TheVerge.
  23. I genuinely don't know. We could certainly do with a lot more transparency over launch licenses.
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