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  1. 34 minutes ago, DDE said:

    Herd Immunity is absolute rubbish when it comes to Covid19.

    In the absolute most charitable interpretation, it's basically "vulnerable people need to hide until Coronavirus has run it's course through the healthier and more resilient segment of population".

    UK govt policy is to stand back and watch people die. "Oh dear, so sad, never mind."

  2. Yup, a barely useful mission has been designed for SLS because it can't do anything more useful with the throw weight and capsule it has.

    It will require multiple launches of other rockets to complete that mission, so why not just go the whole way and just use other rockets?

    SLS can't do anything that a falcon 9 and a falcon heavy can't do much cheaper and much more often just by working together.

    Falcon 9 is man rated. Astronauts will literally be on the next dragon flight.

  3. Once again, the threat here isn't that the virus is particularly deadly. In the grand scheme of things it's not. But it is very infectious, nobody has immunity, and enough people are going to get it at once to overwhelm healthcare systems.

    When that happens it's going to get very bad indeed, so any effort put into flattening the curve or expanding healthcare capacity is not wasted.

  4. That's such an obvious thing to have it's a wonder the idea wasn't developed.

    I guess at the moment it's only relevant to the ISS which has its own lifeboats. And if Starship has an issue on orbit they'll probably just send another starship. Maybe the utility of that idea had a window that's gone.



  5. Read an article about the potential for a rescue mission to Columbia on Ars, assuming the critical damage had been noticed soon enough. Only Atlantis or Arianne V-159 had any hope of reaching Columbia before its consumables expired. But the Arianne had already mounted Intelsat 907 a ressupply probe couldn't have been thrown together and mounted inside a month. 

    If similar happened today I bet SpaceX could do it though. They have enough hardware and the right "get it done" attitude.

  6. Alien bacteria are going to be exceptionally lethal to any foreign organism. Interstellar civilisations like The Federation would be pretty much impossible. Attempting to colonize a planet that already has life on it sounds like a very bad idea. It'd be easier to take a nearly life-bearing planet and terraform it the rest of the way.

    If I absolutely had to live on a planet that had something else on it first? Complete nuclear sterilisation of the surface.

  7. https://www.teslarati.com/spacex-starlink-ambitions-save-space-station-delays/?fbclid=IwAR1vjmLLtEghs-JfFq5ySf3sy4giprmKCovOHXeSiHezhrsidYVfif3fYjY

    I know we already know about the second stage swap, but it pretty much couldn't have happened without SpaceX's ambitious internal market for Starlink launches that can take a back seat if necessary.

    Starlink is directly improving SpaceX's service to customers. That's pretty impressive!