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  1. In response to "how do humans train a better AI" the answer is - there's far more time available for review than there is in the moment. Also most accidents are caused by distracted idiots. AI will always be focused on the road and will always have the same capacity of decision making.
  2. Launch! Very long hold down, about 8s. Lept off the pad, but small rockets always look fast. Camera tracking is rubbish.
  3. In addition to the things other about helium people have mentioned, (low density, resistance to being a liquid, inert), probably the most important thing is that helium provides exceptional pressure per kg. The ideal gas law is PV=nRT. R is the ideal gas constant, so at similar T and V, P depends solely on "n", the number of atoms/molecules in the volume. Because helium gas has very low atomic weight, it has a very high "n" per kg, better than any other substance except hydrogen (which due to having diatomic molecules is not as ideal a gas). This means you need less mass of helium to
  4. https://www.nasa.gov/feature/ames/planetary-sleuthing-finds-triple-star-world It seems like NASA have detected a planet in a Trinary Star System!
  5. Apparently they're going to overlay the existing arrays, angled out at 10 Deg. Sized to go uphill rolled up in a dragon trunk, which sounds incredible to me. This offends my sense of symmetry tbh.
  6. Wow, ok. Wonder how they're launching and getting installed. Russian self-piloting extra modules you can kind of understand. Solar panels are something else entirely!
  7. You guys may be a little ahead of me here, but I haven't seen it spelt out explicitly - it's not SN12 in the mid-bay. It's SN15. So looks like they're skipping 12,13,14.
  8. It's not immediately clear where the fault lies. Yes, it was during payload integration at a SpaceX facility. But it could be a faulty customer adaptor, like Zuma. Or maybe SpaceX did do something wrong this time. Impacts can easily have dozens of hundreds of Gs of acceleration. Hope some of the peripherals acted as crumple zones!
  9. The Transporter 1 ride-share mission is in trouble. In addition to the sats that don't yet have a license leading to Starlinks potentially being added to make up the payload at a very late stage, 2 DARPA sats have been inadvertently ejected from their dispensers.
  10. They're going for a second attempt, so it must have been an abort.
  11. Don't know. Could be they wanted a short one, or could be an early abort. We won't really know until they press on to flight. In other news: SN6 has had its mass simulator removed, paving the way for it to be mated to the lunar mockup.
  12. The UK trendline is scary. Nearly 60k a day are testing positive, even allowing that we're bad at testing enough and have 1/5th the US population. The spike from being allowed to mingle at Christmas is still 3-4 days away. New year is more than a week. The spike from schools going back despite all the evidence they shouldn't is two weeks away. Our hospitals are *full* of Covid cases to the point where oxygen is starting to be rationed because the hospitals weren't designed to supply so many oxygen patients at once. We're in serious danger of a mortality
  13. The UK is in full national lockdown as of tonight. A day after schools went back. These measures are very, very, very, very late.
  14. PR's outgoing governor has committed to rebuilding Arecibo better than before with a larger aperture and more powerful radar. They've released $8m for cleanup. It's the beginning of something I guess, and I hope it continues.
  15. SN10 is getting stacked! Nearly ready to go even before SN9's flight!
  16. Earth observation satellites are common and getting moreso, yes.
  17. Neither SpaceX nor Blue Origin were first to land a rocket propulsively. Blue Origin was founded in 2000. SpaceX was founded in 2002. Blue Origin started hop tests in 2006. SpaceX started launching Falcon 1 in 2006. SpaceX first put a payload in orbit in 2008. SpaceX started launching Falcon 9 in 2010. SpaceX berthed a spacecraft to the ISS in 2012. SpaceX started hop tests with Grasshopper in 2012. SpaceX upgraded Falcon 9 to v1.1 in 2013. SpaceX started hop tests with F9R Dev-1 in 2014. Blue Origin started high altitude testing with New
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