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  1. Yep I have this mod installed so it might be part from it. Thank you
  2. Sorry I always thought that's KIS/KAS item... My bad.. As I said, I'll just wait until I get screwdriver from your mod and I will be fine Thanks for the support and quick replies. And good luck with your real looking hoses
  3. I'm not on my PC and I don't know the name of that part but I always thought that it's KIS/KAS item. It's classic non-electrical screwdriver that looks like this:
  4. @IgorZ Hi, I was trying yesterday to equip screwdriver in sandbox. I can't equip it but I can equip electrical screwdriver and wrench. So I can wait in my career to unlock electrical screwdriver and I will be fine. I was able to attach parts without any problem so I will just wait until I will unlock it in tech tree. But it's really strange that I can't equip classic screwdriver. I'm using also some other mods so maybe it's because of some conflicts or something like that if no one has the same problem in 1.5+. And btw I like your new project with real looking hoses Looking forward to s
  5. Yes of course but I will be on my PC tomorrow. I'll send a log ASAP thank you.
  6. Hi and thank you for your reply. I have both wrench and screwdriver in my kerbal inventory but I can equip only wrench. If I try to equip screwdriver the hand is empty..
  7. Hi guys, I want to ask if my engineer have to be rank 2 or higher to equip screwdriver because I can equip only wrench in my career so far :-/ Thanks
  8. Hi, it was done by laser. I think it's a CO2 technique or something like that... I don't know.. maybe yes. We took arduino mega because we didn't know exactly what we will have on the panel from beginning and we wanted to be sure that we will be able to extend the panel if we want to
  9. Ohh, thank you for the info I will be starting new KSP career soon so maybe I'll post some video directly from action
  10. Daily kerbal? I have to check all parameters but we have just basic stuff like Ap and Pe, surface speed and orbital speed, time to node, lon. and lat ... Hi, we don't have wiring diagram and I will not make one. You can find list of parts in hugopeeters project. Switches are up to your preference.
  11. Hi, I made a vector drawing in draftsight, separate files for cutting and also for labels. After that I've sent it to external company and they made it from stainless steel using laser cut machine. It was quite expensive, outcome was bad because labels were barely visible so it had to be fixed by another company. In the end we paid double money for these panels but it was finally as we wanted to be.
  12. Hello all, Today I want to share with you our development process of making two control panels and I’ll try to answer your most frequent questions. Me and my friend (Ferrdo_Kerman on this forum) always wanted to build control panel for Kerbal Space Program, so we can have even greater experience while playing this fantastic game. This year we finally had this opportunity and time to make this happen. Ferrdo is very skilled in HW and SW so he is the one who decided which HW do we need, how to put it together and also rewrote the base code that we have used from another project. My jo
  13. Hi guys, I had break from KSP for almost 2 years but we have decided with my friend (Ferrdo_Kerman here ) that we will make something that we wanted to have all the time while playing this fantastic game. So we made 2 same control panels, it was ton of fun and we are looking forward to start new hardcore career If someone is interested in more pictures and details during this developing process I will post it here for everyone. For now I'm posting just final result (display is switched to development mode). Enjoy!
  14. Having the same problem with the same 2 joysticks. :-/
  15. This is a must have mod! @sarbian & @nightingale (and of course all other modders) thank you for your hard work.
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