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  1. For the users who were promised free dlcs if we bought it before the certain date, how will we redeem our copy? I transferred my KSP to steam a while ago; will I just get a key from the KSP store?
  2. I think passinglurker is simply trying to hold squad to a their own standards of quality. It doesn't quite make sense for the devs to release parts/textures that are in any way half baked or not consistent with the level of quality and detail found in the rest of the game. It may seem like he's nitpicking small details, but being lazy about the small stuff can snowball until three dlcs down what we get is really bad compared to the stock game. And I think the barn was bad in many ways, not just texture. Any kind of industrial warehouse could have sufficed in it's place.
  3. Any chance of a runway that comes out of the side of a mountain? Like the one in Captain America?
  4. Rockets always need more wings that space planes Reanimating dead kerbals is encouraged Kerbal is spelled Curbal
  5. When you reanimate your dead kerbals so you can force them into more rockets.
  6. Reanimate the dead. You are turned into a sick baby space kraken and put into the almighty Kraken's Apothecary, what do you do?
  7. I grab a wand and summon an army of the dead.
  8. False I watched the magic pineapple launch the user below my is a magician of some kind
  9. 6.5/10 Nice use of signature room
  10. An invisible man touches bumps into me on floor 67. I use my magic and turn myself invisible as well.
  11. Yes, get there by going through Mauna Loa. On the topic of w̹i̪t̘̲̖ÉÌÂcÕh̺̮ÃŽc̲̫Õ̯rÖ̻aÌ–Ã…fÌŸtÉ̫, how do I slam a revolving door?