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  1. Wow... Only thing to say is to wish you the best of luck un tour next proyect and I'll see you there.
  2. Was launching a rocket. Got a phone call... When I came back I found a pile of fire and rubble... Luckily Jeb survived, because my early hard career could not have continued.
  3. I am trying, but with so many mods it takes a loooooong time to start KSP, lol. On top of an amazing mod, great support, @Shadowmage. I can already see this mod becoming a must for me. Edit: Yes! Everithing works fine now. Thanks a lot, @Shadowmage!
  4. Yup, I am having the same problem as @MrMeeb. No TextureReplacer installed. I thought it might be interfering with ProceduralParts, but I just noticed it was not installed either. I am sorry to say I am unsure as to how I can produce a log... Noobme. Also, I should point out that I am running on a Mac. Thought that could be the problem, but since MrMeeb is clearly not...
  5. Yeah, I did put them both in the GameData folder, but no textures show up. Any sugestions as to what I could try?
  6. I am having a problem where quite a few parts appear invisible. They will not show on the parts-menu, the R&D tech node selection or on the VAB. I suspect I installed something wrong. Do textures go on the SSTU main folder? Thanks.
  7. It was planed for 1.1, now it's delayed. But, you know, "soon".
  8. I am really not sure if I should continue using RT. I love the mod, but with telemetry coming to stock soon (ejem...) I might want to drop it for the sake of not having so many mods in my install. But if I take that path after I have started a new career, I might loose all ships using RT antennae. I don't really expect a solution to this, I just wanted to vent my indecision. RT really has made KSP a better game for me so far...
  9. I used this simple craft to show my girlfriend how orbital mechanics work, after she asked how NASA had sent Voyager to "all the planets". She still thinks the main objective of KSP is bringing tourist's to space, since I am always taking space planes filled with tourists to LKO. EDIT: I also think she would have been more impressed if 1.1 orbit's weren't ALMOST INVISIBLE!
  10. What mod are you using for engines? KW? Cool mission report, too bad about the kraken atack.
  11. Sad to say EVE is not running for me. KSP, on OSx el capitan. Not sure if you need additional info. Thanks for your great work, anyways. I am looking forward to play a 64bit ksp with some nice clouds.
  12. I think that was one of the best chapters yet, from an art style and storyteling point of view.
  13. I do worry about my kerbals spending too much time in space, I try to get them there and back before they get a high radiation dose in interplanetary space. And I did once ger a 280 days transfer to Eeloo...