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  1. This was a great idea for a mod and turned out to be a great mod. I really appreciate the work you put into it. It's nearly my bedtime, so I'm not feeling especially wordy, but I wanted to at least say something. Great job, might have been the most interesting mod I have had that didn't add parts. Thanks for all your hard work. And if you do, please come back and let us know. I'd have interest. Thanks again!
  2. Is this known to work with Near Future Electrical RTGs? I noted that in the changelog that compatibility was added for NFE and USI reactors so just wondering if they are supported and if I have an issue on my end, or if the RTGs are not yet supported. Figured it may be prudent to ask before I start toying around with my directory to root out any conflicts. I'm using the decaying RTGs add-on from that pack so that may be affecting it if it's otherwise known to work.
  3. Did you disable SAS before you turned on the master switch? I couldn't figure out why cruise director wasn't working for me, and after a little toying around with it realized it doesn't work correctly unless you ensure SAS is off before you activate it. Only speed control worked with SAS on. I was always in the habit of having SAS on for takeoff stability so it took me a while to realize what was going on. With this mod, enabling fly by wire provides plenty of control authority to forego turning on SAS for takeoff. Boris, thank you for your hard work. Mod works beautifully. Update: Having now gotten a chance to play around with this even further I wanted to add a little more in case anyone is skimming deciding if this is worth the trouble or not. Absolutely. I've always loved flight simulators. And I love KSP. The only disappointing thing about KSP was messing with planes was such a hassle that aside from trying to build SSTOs for the satisfaction of doing it and the short time in the atmosphere, I never messed with planes because they just weren't fun in KSP. I could fly around the KSC fine, but if I wanted to send a kerbal to the poles or the other side of the planet it meant I was either going to set aside at least a real time hour to babysit a plane, which isn't fun, or (more often) I was just going to send them up on a sub-orbital trajectory and recover them from their destination. Mechjeb could ensure I could walk away without worrying about a slow descent into the ground, but if I tried to warp time it would loose its mind with over corrections. Using this mod, I was just able to throw a cargo plane up with a rover. Set the timewarp to max, and make some dinner while I waited for it to zoom 1.2+Mm to the other side of the planet where I had a blast making some attempts landing on fumes in the badlands to carry out my gravimetric measurements contract. Once I was done, I loaded the rover back up got to altitude, and time warped the cruise back to KSC for another dramatic landing where I ran off the runway into the water because I forgot to assign reverse thrust to an action group. Jeb decided since all that was lost were the underwing engines that it was good enough landing for him. I can promise my Kerbals are going to be doing a lot more science on kerbin saving the space program money using planes, because it's finally fun to do so. I get to do all the fun parts of the flight, and I can time warp away the tedious hour-plus long cruise there or back. This is the first time I've ever worried about fuel on a plane that wasn't wizzing around the KSC with the afterburners going. And for all my hours in KSP, I finally have new stuff to figure out like what altitude and speed gains me the most efficiency for a flight on the other side of the planet with various planes. I may finally put a sea plane together and go check out that huge impact crater like I've always meant to do. Since I'm finally confident in coming down on the water without a sudden control surface jolt splitting the plane to pieces. The mod looks complicated on the surface, but the documentation is fairly through and the only thing that tripped me up was leaving SAS on when I was first trying it out as I mentioned above. Great mod. If you like flying or want a break from orbital mechanics, I can't recommend this enough.
  4. Thank you for your response. I am on my phone, so I can't respond at length but that clears up much of what I wasn't grasping. Initially I didn't realize from first looking at the MFD configs that those were unaffected and needed to remain unchanged and labels for switches and readouts were the problem children. I too use Apex' mk3 replacement. I briefly tested it earlier and all my displays and labels were correct, I don't recall seeing any texture errors but I would have to double check more throughly to be sure. Additionally I use replacements for the mk1 can, alexustas's mk 1-2 pod replacement, MoarDv's gemini pod replacement, and a mk 1 pod replacement. Applying the knowledge above pretty much all are displaying properly now, although I am having an issue with the gemini pod (for FASA) where the position of the IVA camera seems odd and part of the panel is obscured by the window edge as though the eye point is to high. I can provide my files for apex's mk 3 cockpit if you like so long as that doesn't break his license, shoot me a pm if you want them. Thanks again!
  5. Can anyone tell me more about this? I don't feel like I'm understanding it correctly, or I'm somehow misinterpreting the instructions. Based on the release notes from the latest version of RPM my immediate take away was that this would require the tedious yet fairly simple fix of changing all the color flags from say [#00ff00] to <color=#00ff00> and was thus stoked to see these instructions to have notepad++ do this a directory at a time. However when I read step 17 and 18 it made me doubt that I'm really understanding this. Most of the color tags I can find are within the MFDs folder so I had assumed those especially would be the files that would need to be changed. Why instead are those the only ones these instructions seem to require being left unchanged? If ALCOR was the only IVA I used I could happily go on not knowing, but I was hoping to apply this same process to update some other IVAs that are affected in the same way by the same change in RPM. Can anyone tell me why steps 17 and 18 are important and what the difference is leading to their exclusion? Thanks!
  6. Just dropped in to say thank you for this mod and all your hard work. Lots of mods have popped in and out of my ksp installs, but this one has always been there since I've discovered it. The parts are great and stock alike, and look really really sharp. It's also much easier to make a vtol landed base with these parts without installing thrust balancing mods or doing as much fiddling as is required with some other parts. You've done a great job and should feel great. Also the new garage is sweet. I have 3 on the way to Duna now to take advantage of the UKS logistics system. One question as well for those of us that use UKS. Do any of your parts have a UKS workspace productivity modifier? I think I've checked most of them and either didn't see anything or wasn't smart enough to be looking in the right place. I haven't checked the new hub though. It'd be nice to have a part with one if this hasn't been implemented already. Maybe a reconfig of the 2 person command module with a slight texture tweak to differentiate the two (though I would be happy of it was a direct clone the parts look so good.)? Thanks again for the great mod!
  7. I've been a mechjeb2 user since KSP v.22 and it has consistently been a part of my KSP experience since then. It occured to me I've never taken the time to say thank you for all your hard work on this; it's overdue. You've done a stellar job at providing an indispensable part of my playing experience loaded with versatility whether just using the wealth of information provided by mechjeb, or being able to relax and let mechjeb handle those rendevouz when I've needed to relaunch and reconstruct entire stations due to accidently mounting a docking port the wrong way around. I couldn't be more appreciative, really. Thank you and please keep up the good work. I know a lot of people have enjoyed it as I have.