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  1. So glad to see your still hard at it Gaarst! The spreadsheet idea was amazing, I would love to come back and update Add-on Dev Mod in a similar fashion after I finish my current round of WoT/WoWS modding projects.
  2. Sorry about the delay sir, I've been out of town for a bit. I most certianly will, I plan to go back through the Dev Library and add new links and update everything this week if I have the time.
  3. Hi Antipodes, I don't know if you mistakenly put this in the wrong thread? This library is for mods listed in the development pages that haven't been released to the Release pages. In addition, your mod is listed in the Community Library under Crew Utility mods, which is actually a better fit for your mod than the IVA section since your mod has nothing to do with IVA's. If you would like it relocated in the Community Library, its best to ask @Gaarst about what he thinks.
  4. Oh, I didn't realize that you took over that mod. This all these mods its hard to connect the dots sometime. Okay, I will remove it from the library since its already in the Community Library. Thank you for that clarification (If I had been paying attention to your banners below your posting I would of picked up on it earlier...derp ;)).
  5. Because its link is dead its invalid for inclusion into the library listing.
  6. @Fengist, the Maritime Pack and Submarine thread you are referring to is old but it is listed as a 'dev' thread in its title and is also listed under 'dev libraries' which is exactly for what it says, mods in development. Even though there is no activity on it, I didn't want to loose track of the thread since I spent months cataloging every mod post made. Thanks @cakepie for the clarification
  7. Okay, for now I'll start on the rough listing of TR mods. Real life demands my attention for a few days so the rough draft will not be done till around Wed.-Thur. From there I can adjust to the format you think is best, just let me know how you want it done and when you need it and I'll PM you and @Gaarst the info.
  8. @Stevie_D, when you get files out for testers I'll place this mod in Dev Library either under Dev Diaries or in the Spacecraft category. Looks great so far!
  9. Thanks for the update. I should let it be known that around July 1st I'll comb through the listing and update everyone's mod status to reflect the new update. I've been holding off on doing it to give time to all the modders out there to make the necessary adjustments to their mods if needed.
  10. Hi kerbalheads, I'm very happy to hear this mod is being taken over by @HaArLiNsH. My plan to assist the TextureReplacer mod users is to ask @Gaarst to post a new category for TextureReplacer in the Community Library when I get it all set up and sent to him. I'll have all the active old add-ons mods found in these threads, in addition to numerous other mods I've found during my mod listing project. I'll probably have the entire project done by late Monday the 12th.
  11. @Deltathiago98, I'm asking permission to post this in the Dev Library under the new language section created last week.
  12. I'm pushing this mod and the Community Localization to @Gaarst for posting in the community library also.
  13. Going to make a separate language category for this mod and any follow on's in the Dev Library, I'll push the idea to @Gaarst also to see if he'll add it to the community library also.
  14. Im going to add this to the library! I'll keep it in there unless Squad updates the game to support Polish
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