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  1. Ok, so I fixed the fairing config file in 1.4.2. Got into a 120x120 orbit (barely, no fuel remaining). Did a hohmann transfer (no plane changes) to the Mun. Got to a 30km x 550km Mun orbit before running out of fuel. I can't figure out if there is something in the latest version of KSP that is making this mission more difficult than it should be or if the mission was designed to penalise any non-perfect use of dV.
  2. Looks like 1.4.2 has broken the 5m fairing size. Guess I'll wait for 1.4.3.
  3. Same issue here. I tried everything to get to orbit, but always fall short by about 50dV. I had a near perfect launch profile (tip over 5 deg at 100m/s, almost horizontal at 60km, prograde all the way) ; even reduced the weight by getting rid of the massive fairings before launch. The N1 that launches into my stock game does not look the same as OP's either, it seems like the shrouds around the outside were tweakscaled, this might be adding a ton of drag.
  4. Great, thanks guys. Figured I was just missing something like that.
  5. Anyone else having a problem with DeltaV readouts in VAB vs launch? I've got a satellite sitting on a Kickback in the VAB and if I set the thrust to 50% I get a TWR of 1.2, but load to the launchpad, and the TWR drops to 0.99. The TWR on the launchpad seems to be correct, as the craft won't lift off for a bit. :edit - Version is 1.3.1
  6. Shouldn't points be awarded based on the least amount of electric charge used, rather than 'most electric charge'? Otherwise people will just use silly amounts of batteries.
  7. Wow, breaking the 40 second barrier is going to be a tough one. Here is my attempt. I used a bunch of Vector engines due to their massive power in a small package. I did it it in 40 seconds...
  8. Broke out my Caveman 1.0.5 save last night and did this challenge. Didn't take any screenies or anything though (might do it again tonight for proof). Took Jeb to Minmus under 18T, less than 30 parts, without patched conics, and no solar panels; then bought him home again. My first attempt at landing on Min blew up my engine (no landing struts to save weight); who knew mint ice cream was so hard; so I had to use F9 there; also set my Pe too low on last aero brake returning to Kerbin so smashed into the ground, so had to use F9 again. Not too shabby I reckon. Will see about recording it and uploading l8er...
  9. The demo engine is quite heavy, and it's isp is not so good. Doing a Mun return under 18 tons is hard enough for us cavemen, not being able to use a small efficient engine would make what you are proposing impossible I think - prove me wrong please... .
  10. Would anyone have an issue with me posting Squads mediafire and torrent links to the demo in this thread? Seems easier than everyone filling out the email request on the website.
  11. Good time. Looked like your probe core was still attached to the engine at the end though?
  12. OK, so I had a shot at it. I didn't want to start building some massive extra fast craft to get on top of the leaderboard, I recon it would be too time consuming. Instead I have focused on what Jeb would have needed for the job: 1. Something cheap (maybe made of parts already lying about) 2. Fast (needs to impact Mun in under 30 mins) 3. Reasonable accurate science return (hypothetical) So I built an impactor with 4 data return antenna (apparently hitting the Mun at +6000m/s makes it difficult to send much data back); added some boosters, and ended up with this: Total cost was 9970 kerbucks. Time was a little longer than intended at 32 minutes 29 seconds. Was good fun. Thanks for the challenge.