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  1. Some mods are for recent versions but on the GitHub they say they work. I downloaded the same versions of the dude and they work to him. Is there any way to find out what mods are causing this problem? I don't have much experience with RO but from what I know they should have worked. I'll try to unistall a mod at the time and I'll let you know
  2. This is the tutorial. How do I post the log files? http://www.mediafire.com/file/keayxpshudbrre1/Player.log/file here is the log
  3. Hi, I'm trying to play Realism Overhaul but whenever i try to play i always have the same problem: the loading stops at expansions/serenity, right at the end of the yellow bar. I verified the files and i only installed mods from the Carnasa tutorial on how to install it, all the mods are in the GitHub of Realism Overhaul. With only the basics mods for RO the game starts just fine, when i added the reccomandations it stopped loading. Anyone can help me or had the same problem?
  4. I installed it but after the start loading the game crashes. Can anybody help me?
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