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  1. That's excellent news! Indeed, we all have. The upside to you being new to KSP is, by the time you have a few Caveman Challenges under your belt, you'll be a far more capable player than those newbies who immediately go the "lots of mods to make things easier" route!
  2. If there's one thing the Caveman Challenge teaches in spades... it's minimalism.
  3. Congratulations, @DennisB! It gives me great pleasure to bestow upon you the Talc award for completing the Caveman Challenge in Easy Career Mode! Your name has been carved on the cave wall on page one of this thread, and your badge will be your inbox shortly. Ooga Booga!
  4. Your name and a link to your Apatite challenge attempt have now been added to the cave wall on the first page of this thread. A very belated congratulations! I realise that you've already added your badge to your sig, but if you'd like a more high-res copy, just let me know.
  5. Welcome, and congratulations on taking on the Caveman Challenge! That's all good.. if they're going to succeed, cavemen need to push the parts and size limits as hard as possible. As for "high tech", well, you're still limited by what parts are available without any facility upgrades, so that's fine too.
  6. A hugely belated CONGRATULATIONS to @king of nowhere for his completion of the Nano-Crystalline-Diamond challenge! Additionally, for your outstanding voyage to the Jool system and back, you have been awarded with the Order of the Trilobite The cave wall at the beginning of this thread has now been updated with your name and a link to your challenge thread. Your name has also been added to the list of recipients of the Order of the Trilobite. Badges for your awards will appear in your inbox shortly. Wear them with pride!
  7. Oh shoot.. sorry, mate! Thanks for the heads-up! Will deal with it as fast as I can. I've just spent the last few days setting up a new laptop, as my old one was crapping out. For the record, I've finished reviewing king of nowhere's attempt and will be making his award shortly. (I'll be travelling on business for the next couple of weeks, but yes, it's really coming.)
  8. My apologies. You have my attention. I'll review your attempt and get back to you soon. (And no, that's not an "Elon soon".)
  9. My apologies to everyone for my long absence. Details later. Suffice to say my free time is short these days, and has been for months. This is a topic that, as you pointed out, different people have different opinions on. I'd like to hash it out with everyone a bit, before making a final ruling. However. Since you've been rolling along in this challenge for a while without any clear guidance (and Jool is a bloody long way to go and then end up disqualified!), I'm going to say, carry on as you were. We'll sort things out properly once the dust settles. But no, I won't disqualify this particular run, regardless of what's decided on.
  10. To date, the only Caveman Rovers on Mun have been probe-core only, so a crewed one will be another first.
  11. That looks amazing! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Also, congrats on what I'm fairly sure is the first ever Caveman Rover on Minmus!
  12. Congratulations on obtaining your Apatite badge, @Rakaydos! I've added your name to the Cave Wall, not sure if you'd like the badge to go with it or not, since you don't currently have your earlier ones in your sig. Let me know what you'd prefer.
  13. According to @Deddly, it's (sort of) kind of a bug. But one that can be fixed by telling Steam to verify the game files. So it would appear there's a file that sometimes fails to be updated when Steam upgrades the game.
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