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  1. I use my account on KerbalX to do something similar. In addition to thus making them available to everyone, by using the KerbalX mod in-game, I can directly import craft from previous attempts into my new Caveman games, without having to build them again from scratch. Comes in very handy.
  2. Yes, that would be fine.. but be aware you've maxed out your badges for this particular run. The most I could do would be to update your entry on the List of Legendary Cavemen & Cavewomen to include the additional achievement. Have you considered doing it on a difficulty level that you haven't tried yet? Speaking of which, I somehow thought your old 1.45 award was also Apatite, but I see it was actually Topaz. I'll make up a combo Topaz/Apatite badge for you.
  3. Not on Eve itself. Cavemen have landed on Gilly, but that's all. A successful return from the surface of Eve would be VERY difficult to accomplish. Congratulations, @Sirad! I'm pretty sure you are the very first Normal difficulty level Caveman to even attempt an interplanetary mission, let alone land a Kerbal on and return from Duna. The fact that you succeeded certainly qualifies you for an Order of the Trilobite award. So it is my very great pleasure to confirm your (second) Apatite Badge, and also induct you into the Order of the Trilobite. Your badges will be in yo
  4. Excellent job, @Sirad! And quite well documented, too. Speaking personally, I'd love to have seen a few shots of your various craft in the VAB (I'm always interested in construction details), but the lack of them does not affect things, from a qualification perspective. (Out of curiosity, if I'm understanding the fuel levels correctly, it seems you had to do a revert at one point, when leaving the surface of Duna? What went wrong? Again, no problem.. reverting is permitted for Normal difficulty attempts.) And before I forget, again just curiosity, did you max out the tech-t
  5. Umm.. I think you're looking at a different "proof of concept" thread that was posted about a week ago. This is the Caveman Challenge attempt thread: No sign of MJ in this one!
  6. That's great news! I really hate having to disqualify an attempt. Looking forward to seeing your entry.
  7. EDIT: @SiradI see from the thread you created on your "Planning for Caveman Duna trip", that you apparently used MechJeb in your attempt. I'm very sorry to inform you that MJ and/or KER, or any other mods that can provide extra information, or alter gameplay in any way, are NOT permitted (see the OP). So unfortunately, your entry would be disqualified, and no badge(s) can be awarded. Please do feel free to re-attempt the challenge with all rule requirements met. See the OP for all rules and other requirements. Yes. That would earn you an Order of the Trilobite badge (in add
  8. Hmm.. I'm not surprised, but nice to have my suspicions confirmed. Very cool tool!
  9. Congratulations, @paul_c! A magnificent effort indeed! My apologies for the long delay in responding. Exams and starting a new job this past week have eaten into my online time more than I'd like. However... It is my great pleasure and honour to bestow upon you not only the Nano-Crystalline Diamond Badge, but also declare you as a new inductee into the Order of the Trilobite, reserved for the truly legendary Cavemen who succeed in pushing the limits of Caveman tech to the extreme! Your badges will be in your inbox shortly, and your name is being carved in new entries on th
  10. That's a lot of work for just 17.3 science points.
  11. Given that both pilots are at Duna, it would have to be a drone craft. And given that the best antenna tech available to cavemen is the HG-5, mid-course corrections are, for all intents and purposes, impossible. Bravo! Go for it! You're looking good from where we stand...
  12. I suspect the worst that might happen would be some docking ports that get themselves confused and end up locked in the wrong state. Fortunately, that's not hard to fix, thanks to the KML - Persistence file editor.
  13. Ok! excrement just got serious... awesome! Fantastic work on your ship so far. Well done! Not having done it myself, there's a lot here I can't comment on, but I can make one suggestion. When getting out of Kerbin SOI, don't go for a single long burn.. make use of the Oberth Effect and put in a few periapsis kicks to get there. You'll need to be a little careful of the Mun's location of course, but it will save you some fuel.
  14. For a Caveman, putting together enough antennae to reach Duna or Eve just isn't really feasible. The only relay antenna available to Cavemen is the HG-5. In testing, I found that with L3 tracking stations, a cluster of 88 HG-5s orbiting Eve gave an 11% signal at Eve, when Eve was at closest approach to Kerbin (so for 90% of its orbit, Eve was still out of range, and Duna was just never gonna happen). I estimate that to do the same thing with L1 tracking would need something on the order of 500-1000 HG-5s, so unless someone comes along who has a serious masochistic streak, I don't expect t
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