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  1. If you're going to do that, at least please consider adding your patch to the Community Database of Module Manager Patches for Stock KSP.
  2. Yes, there's one procedure I've implemented that helps considerably, which might be regarded as 'best practice'. Firstly, you need to understand a little about how GTc works. GTc is incapable of knowing if you've made significant changes to a design, and doesn't actually "calculate new parameters" after you make a change. All it does is start from an initial 'best guess' (which is often surprisingly accurate) and then use a series of iterative launches to try and narrow down the best settings. The initial parameters are never changed after the first launch. Therefore, if you've made changes based on those launch tests, GTc will continue to use the old parameters on subsequent launches, which may no longer be optimal. While it's not always easy to determine what constitutes a "significant" design change, my rule of thumb is that adding or removing large parts, changes to fuel load or thrust settings, etc, (which your SRB throttle changes count as) are likely to significantly alter launch parameters, and therefore require a GTc 'launch parameter reset'. So, my normal procedure used to be as follows. Any time I made a significant design change, I made a change to the name of the craft. (GTc uses craft names to identify and save settings for each craft.) For example, Test_craft became Test_craftA, Test_craftB, etc. What this does is force GTc to ignore the results of previous launches, and treat it as a completely new craft, starting over with a new initial 'best guess', and needing to undergo a new set of test launches. (Or, instead, you could go to GameData\GravityTurn\Plugins\PluginData\GravityTurn\ and delete the gt_launchdb_SHIPNAME_Kerbin.cfg file with the name of the ship in question, but this is a pretty long-winded and awkward way to go about things.) Alternatively, (and this is the best and simplest way to do so, and is now my preferred method) the same thing can be accomplished by simply telling GTc to drop its old parameters and start over. This is done by keeping the alt-key pressed while clicking "previous best guess". This resets every parameter which is not locked back to defaults. After this, you will need to click on 'First Guess' again. I learned about this method from @AndyMt after I made a feature request for a 'reset launch data' button.
  3. Is this happening to just one craft, or any craft? If for all craft, then deleting the GT folder and reinstalling may be the solution. If just this one craft, then you have a couple of options, the first one being as described by @AndyMt in an earlier post: Alternatively, you could just delete the setting for that one craft, and start the 'training' process over again. You can find the individual craft settings in: GameData\GravityTurn\Plugins\PluginData\GravityTurn\ and just delete the gt_launchdb_SHIPNAME_Kerbin.cfg file with the name of the ship in question. You could also back up your other craft settings files before deleting the installation, if you go that route. That would save you having to 're-train' any other craft you've already dialed-in with GT.
  4. Thanks for the detailed explanation, and congrats on the achievement! Hopefully, there's something there that @AndyMt can make use of as well. If the 'like' system was working, I'd give you one.
  5. A pair of 300-dish comms sats? Yeah, that ought to do pretty well. It would probably set new heights in masochistic grind, too... How come I don't see any 'like' button anymore? I think this is an excellent idea.
  6. Seriously? It's still useful even with the stock dV displays.. it improves on them considerably.
  7. Ok.. I guess this shows it's been a while since I actually ran KSP. Last I knew, stock showed dV in the VAB and in the staging info in flight, but I don't recall ever seeing a button for it in the toolbar. That's why I kind of assumed it was for DMagic's Basic DeltaV mod. My bad.
  8. Coming from someone who has recently made comments to others to the effect of not getting stressed out over minor irrelevancies, that's kind of... amusing. And it's not like it (presumably) can't very easily be modded to whatever you prefer.
  9. Welcome to the world of KSP, Caveman style! Now you know why we generally cut our teeth on easier missions than a Jool5. That said, it's good to have you along for the ride! (Hint: For the real thing, after the current design/testing phase is complete, I can see several mods you're going to have to uninstall.. the dV tool, HyperEdit, and Vessel Mover at minimum. There's a couple of others there I don't recognise, but per the rules in the OP "no mods (except visual & audio)")
  10. No.. you need several more bucketfuls of dV than you've got...
  11. I'm pretty sure it was the same for damn near all of us!
  12. Well, technically, March is also in springtime..
  13. Been a long time since you bought a AAA game, hasn't it? Try doubling that price.. that's a AAA price. $60 is just the price for a good game. No.. they've said "spring 2020" meaning Northern Hemisphere spring, of course.. https://www.pcgamer.com/kerbal-space-program-2-interview/
  14. The only reason they're in movies ("cinematic shots") is because they're impossible to prevent. If it was possible to avoid them, Hollywood would have done so decades ago. It's yet another way that Hollywood has distorted reality.. to the point that now people actually expect/want them. Kinda sad, really.
  15. Why exactly is it that everyone gets so excited about lens flare? It's not more realistic.. it's LESS realistic. Human eyeballs don't do lens flare.. only cameras do. I don't want a game that makes it look like I'm seeing things through a camera lens.. as if it were just a movie or something. I want a game that lets me feel like I'm seeing everything with my own eyeballs! In other words, for me, lens flare is immersion breaking. (And yes, I know that [hopefully] I'll be able to disable it. I just don't get this obsession with it in the first place. Life is not supposed to look like a movie.) Hopefully they'll reveal themselves soon enough.