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  1. Hi Raptor9, I'm trying to launch some of your ships, like the AKOS-Javelin 1 and I notice I cannot maneuver it withouth the engine gimbal. Am I supposed to achieve orbit in a single continuous burn? Because my usual burn to 80km, coast to Ap and the circularize is kind of difficult with it. Thanks!
  2. I can't wait to see what you have created with new tanks, engines and parts, I love your designs so foull of details and imagination placing extra parts to make them incredibly beautiful. Great work!
  3. I don't get any lag, and my system is pretty old. What I don't like about them is that they look so half-done. Sharp edges, texture repetition not matching the tank style, and the pointy top instead of a nice rounded end in the style of the aerodynamic cones. I like the solution, but the implementation needs some serious polishing IMO
  4. Well, choosing the fuel in the tank does not seem like a crazy idea to me.
  5. Hello, I see your Fly on budget series is down because of the domain name. Is this lost forever or will you be able to recover them?

    Thank you

    Best regards!

  6. This project is amazing, the possibilities are endless! Congrats Djungelorm, I'm having lots of fun with it
  7. Same bug here, I don't have logs or screens. But I recognize the scenario. Menu buttons does not work, they are pushed, but seems like they don't execute the associated action.
  8. Hello! I was wondering if it's possible for the mod to use the standard toolbar