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  1. Just chiming in about how much I miss this mod. It's actually breaking the game for me because I don't want to do anything that might look good enough to screenshot, and without PS, screenshots look like crap to me now.
  2. So, is the Launcher dead now? I've been using it for years to get fullscreen windowed mode to run KSP in the background.
  3. I think you found your solution. I don't think this warrants resources to change it that could be used for anything else, like a PAPI indicator on the runway, for example. Also, the tugs are in pairs. Look under the fuel tank. Around the COM, you CAN NOT get better control.
  4. Do you realize that you can change the offset slider from snap to pixel-by-pixel? I've built several space stations and craft with multiple simultaneous docking ports and I've never had a problem aligning ports, even prior to the ability to even offset parts. Furthermore, I don't understand what the issue you're having with re-rooting is. Your design looks perfectly centerline symmetrical, so why on earth are you building it part-wise on both sides and not just cloning the far side, which seems to have perfectly aligned anyway? I don't use your mods, but I could quite easily mock up a tutorial in vanilla to show you how to do this if you want. (Also, in terms of station building, you'd be much better off putting docking port JRs on the CoM of each component and using a monoprop tug system to build them into place as you want.)
  5. Cool. You might wanna refer to the whole thing in the description as a suite of retextures, because both I and the guy a few replies back thought that if you were to install this, you'd have to hack it to get only one thing out of it. Back in the 90s, "suite" was how a package of different apps or extensions would be called, especially when you could just pick and choose. The idea's long since passed, but applies here (lol, and the zip could include a README.txt as well XD )
  6. Update: was informed that you can just pick and choose the modules you want and modulemanager handles everything else. The fuel cell lights are good to go.
  7. Thanks but I think I'll just take my chances with action groups :\
  8. Someone suggested this mod when I requested Fuel Cell status lights. Here's my response: TL;DR: I need the fuel cell lights because they're the only thing with no inherent indication of proper operation. Can I get just that?
  9. It will show up as "Kerbal Space Program" otherwise. Bought a copy for my brother in Nov '14, and mine on day 1 of Steam launch in March '13. Two different titles. Yeah, you'll have to buy it. Upside, you'll play it before I do c:
  10. Username > Account History > Purchase History .... Will show up as "Kerbal Space Program - Early Adopters" URL: https://store.steampowered.com/account/history/
  11. The waiting game sucks. Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos.
  12. Could someone try this on a fresh install or an unmodded save?: Try to get any amount of Open-Source commitment after 50% Patents licensing. On my game, it looks like Patents Licensing is adding Field Work and Contract percentages together, instead of applying them to their relevant sources separately. BACKGROUND: It looks like the Patents Licensing strategy actually adds together the percentage gains from contracts and field work, while Open-Source Tech Program does not. I want to commit 54% to Open-Source and 46% to Patents Licensing, but it appears that 49% commitment to Patents is all one can do with any other science gains strat, though you can commit to 100% Patents. I generally never encountered this before due to starting a new career every time I fill out the tech tree, or maybe commit 100% to Patents. This is the first time I've tried to reach 100% (or 99% at least) reputation, and has never come up before.
  13. Closing your eyes with your hands over your ears isn't going to change the facts; Steam "recent" reviews are going to plummet and people will want to know why.


  14. Recent Steam reviews from the past few days (since 1.3.1's release) have featured very negative (and apparently misogynistic) reviews by Chinese-speakers. It's something to do with a phrase regarding "hero of the Mun" or something changing gender from male to female. Does anyone know the specifics?