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  1. Not gonna meme at you in kind, but the engines under that tank are nowhere near vectors in gimbal or in price. Thanks for your unconstructive reply though.
  2. Hey, thanks for the heads-up on this information. I actually knew about this and the mod, and I maintain a spreadsheet of KSP engine stats, so I'm well-aware of how the individual nozzles of the Twin-Boar stack up in relation to the other engines in the game. Restock also does a lot of things in which I'm not interested, but in addition to that, it doesn't do what I ruminated upon in the OP, which I think would add an interesting angle to the game, which is why I posted it here. Thanks again for your input though!
  3. I always thought it was disappointing that the Twin-Boar was listed as a KR-1x2, while the associated KR-1 engine is mysteriously missing. Especially given how powerful and efficient it is (taken alone, it would essentially be a Vector engine with lower efficiency, vector range and cost). The fact that the engines are also permanently mounted to an orange tank also is disappointing. I'd like to see options for the LFB Twin-Boar to come off its giant liquid fuel booster as a dedicated engine cluster, going down to single and going up to three, four or maybe even five engines. Call it "KR-1xN "Singular" " as a new part, (because "Singular" is the collective noun for boars) with options to integrate a fuel tank to it, too.
  4. Cool. A modeled VASI-PAPI progression with ALS indicators should be stock. If you have a runway, aircraft and space planes stock, you should have a stock way to land them safely.
  5. Once you use it, you'd hate to lose it. Hence, my flag system (which I hacked my .sfs' and copy-pasted into a new career first thing. Got world firsts for traveling supersonic when the flags moved to mesh level from L3 to L1 runway)
  6. Yeah, I use it. Others have come and gone, and it doesn't cover the issue with the lack of ALS. This needs to be default, and to grow with KSC.
  7. The airstrips in KSP really need some proper lighting, and have for a long time. The KSC airstrip is of particular interest due its progression in Career mode: it starts out with a dirt runway, graduating to some pavement and then tarmac so well-graded and so perfectly flat that the far ends are further away from the planet's center of gravity than the middle is, causing it to act like giant shallow valley into which planes gently roll. (you guys might wanna look into that) So, since you have that history in Career, why not use this progression to show off the different landing lights through the ages? Let's start at the present with PAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator: the most modern of indicator lights, they're a cluster of four sets of lights off to one side of the runway (usually left, sometimes right if necessary, like to avoid being placed on a taxiway as above), right off of the TDZ (touchdown zone) of the runway. All red, you're dead, red on white, you're all right, etc. These are the most modern landing lights and currently are being phased in everywhere that old VASI lights exist, so they should be only on the L3 landing strip. VASI, Visual Approach Slope Indicator, has only 3 outputs: high, low, and on course. It therefore lacks 40% of the precision of the newer PAPI system and is thus being phased-out in favor of it. It would fit neatly into use both on the Dessert and L2 landing strips. The Optical Landing System, OLS or, "meatball" as any one who's interacted with an LSO in a carrier-based flight sim will recognize, is smaller and much simpler, with a light appearing to move up and down between two green bars that is largely ignored (or used only as a backup) due to the watermark and flightpath indicator being what a pilot is looking for when trapping on a 3-wire. It belongs on an aircraft carrier, really. Since there are none in-game, it might fit well and add an air of mystery next to the Island Airfield. Lastly, the KSC landing strip REALLY needs these (and don't forget the American custom of the Decision Bar toward the end. Those are cool!). It's because we don't have them that I have to do this every career I plan on using the airstrip: Those are flags that I put out in a meticulously straight line, every 150m from the runway on both sides, just so I could get a decent IFR glidescape at night. It's visible at maximum zoom out in craft mode, and maximum zoom in in Map mode. This next save I'm just gonna edit my .sfs to paste the flags in. The L1 airstrip naturally would have none of these, it being simply a dirt path. So, what do you Devs say? You've already got the TDZs marked. Plenty of real estate around to drop some lights, huge quality of life improvement and not just for night flights but planes in general.
  8. This type of hubris is dangerous because it is an affront to the Kraken. Tread lightly with this type of majik.
  9. Hi again, got your message on kerbalX. So, how'd you radially attach the ports to the SR?
  10. Scatterer 0.0630 seems to work great! No more night voids at KSC, craft in orbit look bright as they ought to. I have not installed the new EVE however. (I'm using the current EVE and configs from WazWaz's github (1.8.0-2), as well as Planetshine Also EngineLightingRelit ( with Smokescreen)) But, it looks great on my end.
  11. For you, I'll give it a shot (but this will not stand!) Update: no change. Current Scatterer still results in black buildings and dim craft. (interestingly: it doesn't start with black buildings, but they persist when quitting to main menu and reopening a save, but not relaunching. And between saves, but only at night. It's as if contrast is +70%)
  12. So, 0.0621 causes this (relaunched twice, fresh install and upgrade from 0.0620, swapping to ship back to Space Center recreates the issue): 0.0620 looked like this (Kerbolar orbit chasing Duna): The latest version looks like this: As far as visual mods go, I'm using the current EVE and configs from WazWaz's github (1.8.0-2), as well as Planetshine Also EngineLightingRelit ( with Smokescreen) but I doubt that's the issue. When I tear out the old Scatterer and replace it with the new one, the menu screen looks better at the twilight areas of Kerbin (as opposed to dark blotches with 0.0620) but everything else, including the acquired+purchased tech in R&D, seems to have another layer of shadow cast over it. Here's the 2.8MB log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qyp6th3mcnzwv66/output_log.txt?dl=0 (My rig is an old i5-4690 at 3.5ghz, Windows 7 Pro, 32GB RAM, and a GTX 1070.)
  13. Just FYI (I was the one what pointed out the issue with the .DLL extraction error) the 0.0621b extracted without issue and looks pretty good to me (I am also using EVE from Oct19 with the stock configs, and Planetshine). I don't have the white atmo issue but others are still reporting it: https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/iapc5i/is_this_supposed_to_happen_when_using_scatterer/ When I see it, I direct them here. I think I figured it out, as I was able to replicate it: They're extracting the "scatterer.0.0621b.zip" archive directly into the "GameData" directory. Doing this causes the white atmosphere.
  14. With regards to the reddit thread, that's one of many with the same exact issue. I think the issues are related, and that very few users are going to come here to find that particular solution.
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