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  1. Hi, I seem to be running into an issue starting the Launch Vehicle Designer for some reason. Shortly after clicking on it, the window pops up, then closes, and the program presents an error window "An error occured while opening Launch Vehicle Designer. Please see the ksptot.log for more details." Looking at the log it gives this "Invalid default value for property 'genericSelectableModels' in class 'SteeringModelsSet': Invalid default value for property 'gammaAngleFitNet' in class 'GenericSelectableSteeringModel': Unrecognized function or variable 'simplefit_dataset'." I've tried running the program as administrator, and reinstalling it. Everything else seems to work fine, so I'm not entirely sure what the issue is.
  2. Alrighty thanks for the tips guys. It says its a 63 degree orbit. how do i tell i'm launching at the right angle? is it the numbers under the nav ball?
  3. I received a contract to put a satellite into a specific orbit but I have no clue where on the nav ball to point the rocket during launch to get there efficiently. would love some help on how to get to this orbit (and other strange orbits) from launch efficiently.
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