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  1. Well goddamn it, almost a month without playing and still got a ton of work to do, bloody hate my rookie coworkers [triggered]. Also, the new stock antenna pack is pretty much the same as Kerbalism but it does have a better and clearer way to show antenna range and efficiency. I think you should still keep the kerbalism relay system while taking advantage of the new 1.2 features, mostly because keeping it will allow you (I think) to set a tight control over radiation storms and blackouts.
  2. This is why I've never completed a jigsaw puzzle, always the most obvious choice.
  3. No sry, everything works fine here. Page 1, but it doesn't really clarify much, there's 3 sizes of food containers 0,5 (I think it's 0,5), 1.25 and 2.5. 1 water container same size of a small rounded monopropellant tank (0,5?). 3 sizes of oxygen tanks, radial attached, the middle one is a bit smaller than a goo container, gravity and greenhouse are quite big, around the size of a mobile lab, geiger is now like a barometer and the active rad shield is a 2.5 thing, same size as the smaller 2.5 stock fuel tank. The rest of the stuff is incorporated into other parts, like scrubbers an
  4. This mod doesn't exactly do what you want, but allow you to customize time warp, also seems to be some issues there, so use it on a copy of your saved game just in case something happen.
  5. Yeah, swimming through 99 pages to find that out won't be pretty, so the answer is... you don't need background support, kerbalism support deepfreeze on is own. Now a question about the computer, is it possible to add "list device" as part of the "list" command? I keep forgetting the names of the devices, or it could just show the devices on the ship you execute the command, dunno. I'm out, ciao.
  6. I don't know if this is relevant or related to that particular bug, but if you're using KIS and KAS you can carry around a backpack called EVA-X, and there's a bug when you put that backpack inside a cargo container and with the kerbal inside the ship you put it in your inventory and then EVA, the backpack won't show like it should (backpack on inventory should appear as "equipped" and visually carried by the kerbal), then you hop inside the ship again and you end up with a clone outside the ship, the original kerbal will be inside the ship without picture on the right corner, if you go to KSC
  7. Ohhh I remember dat feeling, also walked the same catwalk, my solution was planting a flag (of course being me, didn't consider planting the flag outside the launchpad), so my final solution were 2 beacons at the end of the runaway, it's useful also for landing planes, through I only deploy them when I need them... because accidents. Try posting in your language. This is awesome, but I keep seeing that oxygen waste in default is called CO2 and in realism is CarbonDioxide, when I first installed kerbalism and was trying out the different profiles this spammed a lot of red ERRs o
  8. Well that would be another goal I think, but it would also consume some water right?, adding a module into the config scrubber + waterperday should suffice? I think you're missing the profile, on CKAN you gotta download the default profile as well, cheers.
  9. @ErevanGaming I have no idea about config things, my coding skills are pretty much like a baby playing the piano, so you're on your own on that one. But while practicing some stuffs on modeling came across the weird behavior on landing gears, which has been reported several times under several different issues (like this one), and I'm fairly sure it's Unity's fault but still trying to pinpoint a workaround. I'm gonna try to not make this a text wall: Version 1.1 landing gears and wheels are blood relatives: I can't really understand what is going on here because so far I can onl
  10. Ohhh sry didn't understood the red battery thing the first time, if you installed kerbalism using CKAN you also need to install the default profile pack that comes with it, if it's not that a good old screenshot could help clear this out.
  11. That's not a Kerbalism issue, it goes to a KSP bug which has to do with low FPS and the game not registering L, here's the solution until Squad actually fix it. Bug Fix Module
  12. @ErevanGaming your log must be a carnival, you got a ton of mods, 3 different versions of MiniAVC active, abandoned mods like Champagne Bottle or Vessel Mover (this last one redundant since you have Hyper Edit) and some deprecated mods like Advanced Animator. I'm surprised your only NaN values are those expected from MJ. I've asked you the pics because some gears can cause the bounce on low gravity places due collision meshes being too low, but I'm totally unfamiliar with those landing gears in the screen shoots.
  13. @ErevanGaming I'm curious about your jumping bases, could be possible you post an image of one of them targeting whatever you use to support your base on the ground? Oh... and your persistent.sfs if is not too much hassle...
  14. Was the malfunctioning part from Infernal Robotics? That mod is awesome but also triggers a lot of weird behaviors on other mods, FAR loves IR.
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