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  1. Does anyone know which magicore is the correct one for the RO included KCT?
  2. Is this latest 10.8 compatible to KSP 1.10.1 and that correct Kopericus?
  3. Is this Kronometer v1.11.0-1 compatible to KSP V1.10.1, too?
  4. Is there a download link for V1.1.21 or an even newer github repository?
  5. Thank you Stone Blue. I am not sure how this mod works. I tried on vanialla KSP 1.10.1. There is no additional engine there. Are there any dependencies not listed here?
  6. I am still wondering how 12.8.5 can be downloaded. There is no zip for KSPs Gamedata folder. even source code.zip does not contain DLLs.
  7. How can this mod be downloaded? I only see source files.
  8. The problem is, Real Fuels v12.8.5 for KSP 1.8.* is a pre-release still and has no other data than source code. https://github.com/NathanKell/ModularFuelSystem/releases
  9. Is this mod not detecting itself? I see nothing using it on KSP 1.10.1. It is not detecting anything and no window appears on start up. Is this mod abandoned? That version 2 seems not to work for me.
  10. Which version of Real Fuels should be used on KSP 1.10.1? RF only has source code in it.
  11. Where is MJ saving its properties? Very often I lose positions of windows and e.g. I always have to reset the turn shape in accent guidance.
  12. Is there an explaination for different departure times and delta vees when calculating it in "Transfer Window Planer" and in "advenced transfer to another planet" in MJ?
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