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  1. Thank you Stone Blue. I am not sure how this mod works. I tried on vanialla KSP 1.10.1. There is no additional engine there. Are there any dependencies not listed here?
  2. I am still wondering how 12.8.5 can be downloaded. There is no zip for KSPs Gamedata folder. even source does not contain DLLs.
  3. How can this mod be downloaded? I only see source files.
  4. The problem is, Real Fuels v12.8.5 for KSP 1.8.* is a pre-release still and has no other data than source code.
  5. Is this mod not detecting itself? I see nothing using it on KSP 1.10.1. It is not detecting anything and no window appears on start up. Is this mod abandoned? That version 2 seems not to work for me.
  6. Which version of Real Fuels should be used on KSP 1.10.1? RF only has source code in it.
  7. Where is MJ saving its properties? Very often I lose positions of windows and e.g. I always have to reset the turn shape in accent guidance.
  8. Is there an explaination for different departure times and delta vees when calculating it in "Transfer Window Planer" and in "advenced transfer to another planet" in MJ?
  9. How can I calculate correct chute size for my probe? I found the "calculations mode" and selected my target body Duna but found no button for calculation or resizing chutes.
  10. What is the ideal volume of living space for a kerbal?
  11. What can cause different dV stats in VAB and in flight? In VAB MJ thinks that decoupling does not happen, but in flight everything looks fine.
  12. What do you thnik could be done about such warings here: [LOG 23:54:19.831] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'ProceduralParts/Parts/ZOtherMods/RFTank/proceduralTankRealFuels' [WRN 23:54:19.835] PartLoader Warning: Variable techRequired not found in Part
  13. Thank you for explaning. LAN is the right position on orbit, isn't it, e.g. on shadow side four outer planets and on the other one for inner celestial bodies? I now tried the advanced transfer to a planet. This works much better, no more huge corrections between planets.
  14. I already have a descent setting for JNSQ resized with 2.4 to get an 6.4 scale. But I always dreamed of a freely scaleable RSS. This 6.4 size is a perfect niche for Real Fuels Stockalike, all stock mods, with realism from RO and RP-1 - manned pods scaled back to stock again and so you have greatly looking and nicely sized rockets and play times less than RSS but more challanging delta v requirements. Only the flavour of a real solar system is missing.
  15. Did you consider making this mod suitable for different scales? Playing in a 6.4 * stock scale makes most fun between stock and RSS. Even RO and RP1 play nice with this - some modifications needed of course.