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  1. Thank you for your fast reply. I cannot find a button to upload files here :-( That loading error appeared several days ago, sometimes loading just takes several minutes instead of seconds. But now it does not work anymore. I think, that the mixture of KCT (experimental for KSP 1.2.2), Krash Time and Barn Kit breaks, when one upgrades buildings. Deleting KCT did not help.
  2. My career game is not starting anymore. Program freezes wile loading my save. My code ends this way: I have KCT and Custom Barn Kit installed. Do you have any idea? [LOG 17:59:51.772] [KCT] ClickOff [LOG 17:59:51.772] [KCT] Start finished [LOG 17:59:51.772] [KCT] DelayedStart start [LOG 17:59:51.772] [KCT] Checking vessels for missing parts. [LOG 17:59:51.773] [KCT] SP Start [LOG 17:59:51.773] [KCT] SP UI done [LOG 17:59:51.773] [KCT] SP switch starting [LOG 17:59:51.774] [KCT] Switching to LaunchPad: LaunchPad lvl: 1 destroyed? False [LOG 17:59:51.774] [KCT] SP switch done [LOG 17:59:51.774] [KCT] SP done [LOG 17:59:51.775] [KCT] DelayedStart finished [LOG 17:59:51.775] QuickSearch[3.12]: Start [LOG 17:59:51.776] QuickSearch(QRnD)[3.12]: Start [LOG 17:59:51.796] [SR] Start start [LOG 17:59:51.827] 5/19/2017 5:59:51 PM,KerbalAlarmClock,Searching for RSS [LOG 17:59:51.832] 5/19/2017 5:59:51 PM,KerbalAlarmClock,Searching for KER [LOG 17:59:51.833] 5/19/2017 5:59:51 PM,KerbalAlarmClock-KERWrapper,Attempting to Grab KER Types... [LOG 17:59:51.837] 5/19/2017 5:59:51 PM,KerbalAlarmClock,Searching for VOID [LOG 17:59:51.838] 5/19/2017 5:59:51 PM,KerbalAlarmClock-VOIDWrapper,Attempting to Grab VOID Types... [LOG 17:59:51.848] [KCT] Updating launchpad destruction state. [LOG 17:59:51.849] [KCT] Couldn't get actual max level or cached one for ResearchAndDevelopment. Assuming 2.
  3. In there exist these two folders "orbitalEngine" and "orbital-engine" within "Parts/Engine". Is the one, which contains files marked with version 0.6.1, the correct one? Those two folders lead to non-placed engines in the VAB part categories and tech tree. And additionally the new engine names break with RealFuels Stockalike - already mentioned it over there. The category of the engines should be "category = Propulsion" as it is for the ion and mpdt engines.
  4. I have an addition for Stockalike_NFSpacecraft.cfg With Near Future Spacecraft 0.6.1 some engine names have changed and there spelling was brought into line with other parts from NFT. orbitalEngine-25 -> orbital-engine-25 orbital-engine-125 (real fuel settings not existent) orbitalEngine-375 -> orbital-engine-375 orbitalEngine-0625 -> orbital-engine-0625
  5. Due to EC in the planner: Why is the EC rate of a probe not considered for the general consumption in the planner window? To me, it would be more convenient to have it on by default as probes will drain on the supplys all time. I observe me switching it on all the time to get accurate consumption readings while building my satellites. But doing this adds consumption for the internal antenna as well, it should be separated from that.
  6. In the VAB Fusebox is not working correctly. Entering an empty VAB gives unplausible readings in the Fusebox Window: Bat Max = 10, Drain = 6.18 and time = 0 in 01 s. I started a new ship with only one probe core: Probodobodyn HECS. The windows does not change, but it does in space later - there values seem to be correct. Sometimes the window changes, when you right click on a part in the VAB ... can not reproduce it. Is there a button to refresh Fusebox while building in the VAB? Should the text really be green, when there is more drain than generation of energy? And why is the timer not counting, when energy level drop during flight?
  7. Totally agree. If you look at masses, than you find an almost arbitrary increase for all parts compared to there non-US form factor. But prices sometimes are over even the some of the single parts - sometimes the price is lower. The question is, what might drive you to use those US parts besides asthetics at all? Do you have any ideas?
  8. Hello, my modded game came to a stop, when I lost all my fineshed, failed and on going contracts. The log tells me that I igot 200k funds instead ... Basically I am playing a game in the Galileo System in 6.4 scale. As a tech tree I am using the Engineering Based Tech Tree and contracts come from RO (modified) and the Historic Mission pack. I have a save, which seems to be OK, until I enter the Contracts Building or start my rocket - or presumably have a scene change. Before that I researched at least 2 new nodes. What really made me get interested, was the ingame log telling me this: "Awarding 200000 funds to player for contract advance" And I igot those 200k bucks. Does anyone encountered something like this before? And of course I know that may save might be heavily corrupted due to all mods. Is there a wys to find out, which part of the perstent save file could be worth a repair?
  9. Is there a way to minimize the window completely?
  10. I have a very interesting issue, it is about day lengths. In my 6.4 scale game I experience 15 h long days, which seems to match very well to this planet size. Contracts timer matches aswell, but Kerbal Construction time does not. To me it is not important to have a day equal to the rotation period of my home body. A 24 h period for a day would prevent me from loosing money because of expiring contracts, when the ship building time does not match to the internal game clock. In the Gael config you have: rotationPeriod = 21600 But the 6.4 scale config is not refering to that, but uses that instead: @dayLengthMultiplier = 2.5 Is it possible to not use the system wide daylenght multiplier, but keep the rotation period (I prefer my Kerbals beeing immigrants with a still off going bio rhythm)?
  11. Do you experience a big wobble/gimble of your rockets just before stage separation? The effect is less, when gimbal range ist reduzed, but in generall you can not do that for 1st stages, which not to compensate for sometimes bade lift/weight design. I see the effect even at stages which burn out at a TWR of 1.5 or less.
  12. I already thought about something like that. The question is: Which factor does Sigma use to alter the treshold heights?
  13. About altitude tresholds: Sigma seems to alter them too. But what if I don't want that?. I have a conflict with this (lent from RSS for my 6.4 game) @Kopernicus { @Body[Kerbin] { @Properties { %ScienceValues { %flyingAltitudeThreshold = 50000 %spaceAltitudeThreshold = 1000000//35786000 %landedDataValue = 0.1//0.00001 %splashedDataValue = 0.1//0.00001 %flyingLowDataValue = 0.25 %flyingHighDataValue = 0.5 %inSpaceLowDataValue = 0.75 %inSpaceHighDataValue = 1.0 %recoveryValue = 1.0 } } } } Now my altitudes in game are very high. Kerbins high altitude begins after its first moon. Do you have any idea how to deal with this? Maybe a slightly different config is needed.
  14. In a sense of role play and self control it could help to know, when there really is a connection and a ship is controlable. Could you use the stock display for signal strength somehow? Remotech does something like that, too.
  15. As I wrote before. Kerbalism in combination with [x] science allows collecting science, when you are out of antenna reach. Experiments you are allowed to perform pop up in the [x] science window. Transmitting is not possible. Is it intended to collect science iin Kerbalism, when there is no connection to home?