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  1. I had the same issue a year ago. Finally I gave DSN antennae the same coordinates as KSC. I cannot tell you exactly where or in wich files you have to make that adjustments. I am building up my install from ground after a complete hardware loss.
  2. Are you recommanding this mod for JNSQ (about 2.5 Kerbins scale) or is this making game too easy?
  3. Do you experience huge lag when scrolling into Jool or Lindor system? It almost makes no fun to plan gravity assists over there.
  4. Great idea. I'd love to see new contracts and even more improved building levels, since some where all those money has to be spend on.
  5. With the help of the RO discord, I learned that RO and Kerbalism alter RTGs in a way, that Bon voyage is not detecting them properly. Best way should be to activate infinity electric energy in cheat menue before sending rovers on a bon voyage.
  6. Is there a function to orientate towards sun? Especially playing with Kerbalism requires to face solar panels towards sun before leaving scene.
  7. Disabling wheels is not an option on a rover with 4 wheels. Besides ROWheels does not allow to disable wheels. I which that Bon Voyage module had its dedicated power consumption instead of assuming 35 % wheel power with using up more power than all parts combined while having perpetual net power even with all wheels at 100 %. And why is traveling velocity reduced by about a factor of 10 anyways? To me that Bon Voyage module is a artificial power sink and it is overcompensating here drastically.
  8. What is your best strategy to reach Moho orbit? DeltaVee requirements seem huge.
  9. Why do need rovers 1/3 of wheel power as generated power? I recently landed a rover on Duna, which was only 5 % shy of driving via Bon Voyage but having perpetual energy production even through night. I wish Ii could alter this requirement at least in config files. I think needed energy should be calculated as a net energy after substracting all other usages.
  10. Because Imgur is not working, too. Maybe that direct link helps. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/r8x5lWA" data-context="false" ><a href="//imgur.com/a/r8x5lWA"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> https://imgur.com/a/r8x5lWA
  11. I need some help with my rovers. They don't want to drive. Generated power seems wrong. Even more RTGs or mor solar panels do not help. Generated powers remains at 0.06 and needed power at 0.33. But overall power budget is positiv. I am using Kerbalism in a RO/RP-1 setup. I can't upload an image, because no service is accepted here.
  12. Did anyone ever thougt about using ROTanks (from realism overhaul) with this settup? As far as I found out the difference in basemass is about a factor of 9.
  13. Is this that latest version 2.18 backwards compatible to KSP V1.10.x?
  14. Is it somehow possible to make fairing detaching less loud? It really is enoying,
  15. I've a problem with seeing alarms (using V3.13.0 in KSP V1.10.2). I have 2 alarms listed, but have to scroll to see the second one. Can one make the window larger? Preferences show "Max alarms before scrolling the list" = 15.This is a little bit annoying.
  16. Is there any option to start a career without those 4 kerbonauts?
  17. Does this mod still needs those old patches for FAR of the following kind? @PART[SR_Nosecone_35]:FOR[RealChute] { @category = none @mass = 0.02 !sound_parachute_open !sound_parachute_single !MODULE[ModuleParachute]{} MODULE { name = RealChuteModule caseMass = 0.02 timer = 0 mustGoDown = true cutSpeed = 0.5 spareChutes = 1 PARACHUTE { material = Nylon preDeployedDiameter = 0.8 deployedDiameter = 14 minIsPressure = false minPressure = 6000 deploymentAlt = 600 cutAlt = -1 preDeploymentSpeed = 1 deploymentSpeed = 4 preDeploymentAnimation = PreDeploy deploymentAnimation = Deploy parachuteName = String capName = Cap } } MODULE { name = ProceduralChute } EFFECTS { rcpredeploy { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = sound_parachute_open volume = 1 } } rcdeploy { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = sound_parachute_single volume = 1 } } rccut { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = RealChute/Sounds/sound_parachute_cut volume = 1 } } rcrepack { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = RealChute/Sounds/sound_parachute_repack volume = 1 } } } }
  18. I actually activated file extension in Windows Explorer. I will try creating a file with ".ks" ending iin my external editor. But saving files ingame does create them without any ending and running them works fine.
  19. I have one simple question to file format of global files in drive 0. Docs mentions the suffix ".ks", but I get files without any ending when saving them in drive 0.
  20. Is this mod working on KSP V1.10.x? The Use Guide file in the download folder says something about download correct version for a KSP version? I only found one version of this mod.
  21. It would be nice to have a version file somewhere in download folder. So it is correct, that latest version is not compatible to KSP V1.10.x?
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