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  1. So I'm running the 32b Linux version on standard Ubuntu -- I launch the game and the launcher launches and then starts flashing ----- Checking for Updates ....... this goes on and on and on ..... I have zero idea of what is really happening and I doubt Linux version is going to play nicely with update ...... Is the update downloadable ???? Oh yeah I'm running the Beta version
  2. Haven't played in a couple months ........... now its stuck in Checking for Updates ....... flashing over and over ........ not even sure a download is happening ...... is this normal for 32b Linux ??? Anyone out there man ............
  3. Thanks for your offer of help - I upgraded the module manager to the latest version and retested and the failure still occurs.So I'm using that log file - its not a pretty launch but fails as soon as I stage the second stage. Here is a screen shot of my system setup - I'm using an Nvidia Linux graphics driver Link to system screen shot https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_ejVy5uZPmHTElsWVBtSnJXZms/view?usp=sharing Here is the link to my log file https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_ejVy5uZPmHcmJWTlB3SVhhbXM/view?usp=sharing Let me know if the links have issues ...... as I was aware their were issues with 64bit Linux I made an effort to stay with 32bit Ubuntu
  4. So in my day job (when I'm not achieving victories or suffering massive disasters in KSP) I provide on campus tech support for a large urban high school of 2200 students. I guess large is relative, but its a daily challenge for me and at least our district attempts to support technology way out in the schools versus just the district offices. I'm considering mentioning KSPEDU to our math - science - and technology teachers but have a few questions: - Lets say we decide to load up KSPEDU on a dozen laptops for students to use for various projects or in class labs - is is possible for students to download mods at will or can this be controlled some how ? This is both a support question and also one to keep all students on a level playing field. - Does KSPEDU still have all the regular aspects of the game: career mode - science mode - sandbox mode ? Are these controllable ? I could see this both used in the classroom and for after school science / tech clubs. Classroom use is very controlled while after school not so much. - On mods it would be nice to see some sort of special channel for EDU mods that have been verified to both be useful (educational) and mathematically correct etc. I've only poked around a bit on the EDU stuff but you really need a few videos on some examples and ideas of integrating KSPEDU into the classroom.
  5. OK - in the linux version of Beta KSP I cannot find the config file of the TR-38-D decoupler --- I find everything else ..... any guidance from fellow Linux users .....
  6. KSP is a really great game - one of the best I've played but its defintly a bit buggy. I've seen bug 2355 twice now where a particular ship configuration will cause KSP to exit to the desktop when you initate the second stage. Spent a couple hours testing various rover designs and am now ready to send rover probes to other planets and KABLOOEY ... game over. I was going to do the full deal and upload the log file but the path has changed from what is listed on the forum read me files. The read me says to go to ~/.config/unity3d/Squad/Kerbal\ Space\ Program/Player.log But perhaps that has changed in the Beta version - I'm not a total linux hack but here is my attempt to navigate to the log file [email protected]:~/.config/unity3d/Squad$ ls -l total 8 drwx------ 2 moot moot 4096 Dec 21 23:06 Kerbal Space Program drwx------ 2 moot moot 4096 Dec 21 01:03 Kerbal Space Program Demo I can get to the squad directory but my ls -l command yeilds what look like two directories but I cannot cd into them KSP: Beta Linux 32bit --- vanilla install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 32bit Problem: Bug 2355 Mods Installed: MechJeb Nav Ball Surface Lights Module manager 2.1.5 Reproduction Steps: Build a ship of the class that requires using stack decoupler TR-38-D in the second stage and the lower stage has additional boosters + decouplers and uses the EAS-4 Strut Connector in that lower stage. In this case I use the struts to tie the tops of the boosters together to keep them from wiggling around. There is a proposed work around where you change the physics of the decoupler which I will try and then report back
  7. Actually I've made it into orbit many times and in Science mode (the new Beta version) I've just sent a Kerbal to orbit the Mun and returned him safely to Kerbin. Not the most efficient or elegant flight but Jebidiah did a great job and remained calm. Of course to pull that off I've watched many videos by Scott Manley. Next up - land Jebidiah on the Muns surface as opposed to crash land. Great game and a lot of fun for a guy who was 13 when Niel Armstrong walked on the moon. I grew up with Mercury - Gemini - Apollo and recall our family and community was worried and enthralled by the whole Apollo 13 flight. So learning how orbits and transfers work and getting to the Mun lets me look at those memories a bit different. Currently playing the 32bit (non steam) Linux version of 0.90 on the latest version of Ubuntu -- I do have some Linux background.