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  1. Hey @themaster401, just wanted to say thanks for putting this mod together! I used to use AVP back in the day, and was pretty bummed when it was no longer a viable option. It's been great getting to use these visual configurations again... with a bunch of added features to boot!
  2. Not yet. The new version of Kopernicus totally changed how everything works, so they need to make a lot of updates to this planet pack before it will be operational in 1.3
  3. I'm coming back after a bit of a hiatus, and I had a few questions (whose answers I hopefully didn't miss while scanning over the last few pages): 1) It sounds like there's a pre-release that's close to being made official. Are there any release notes for that? Or will it just be bug fixes? 2) Ground Construction is now bundled in MKS... does that mean I no longer need to use Extraplanetary Launchpads in order to build stuff onsite? 3) The new AC hiring system is flippin' awesome! I'm 95% sure that Courage and Stupidity ratings do not apply to MKS, but is that officially c
  4. I was going to ask what those other criteria were, but then decided to go figure it out myself. Now I'm posting it here, so that others can be as lazy as I initially wanted to be! Any Kerbal on a planet that has a Kolonization level of 500% and is in a vessel with a habitation rating of 1 year or more will be immune to habitation effects, as this world is now 'Kolonized'.
  5. Yep, love the new fertilizer tagline The newest update has fixed all of my previous issues with weird consumption rates. I've transferred Kerbals to different parts of my bases, added new parts to those bases, added more Kerbals to bases, and even did some docking over Duna... everything looks to be operating correctly so far! And I also have the similar issue as Kobymaru, where my base that was created during the previous version of USI-LS now has a home time of 94y. More of a perk than a problem for me right now though... makes it a lot easier to test stuff out on Duna when my reside
  6. Sorry, I wasn't very clear... I meant that it would suck to have your current Kerbals suddenly die off once you finally do decide to install life support. For now though, you should be fine
  7. Your question may be better suited for the MKS thread, but I'm not here to split hairs The main issue I want to flag for you is that you will need actual Kerbals onsite in order to begin producing the materials necessary to build Material Packs. In fact, you'll need Kerbals to produce the refined goods (Chemicals, Polymers, Metal) as well. And you'll also need actual Kerbals onsite in order to build something using EPL and stakes. Therefore, it may not be in your best interest to skip life support now, only to add it in later once you have your "infrastructure" set up. I'd imagine that
  8. Wow, this looks amazing! Super-excited to check it out once I get a day off of work Just curious... do you, or plan to, have science definitions for DMagic's Orbital Science mod? Thanks!
  9. I actually agree that the science rewards needed to be reduced a fair bit, as they really didn't fit in with the rest of the stock contracts. For those of you bemoaning this loss (as I probably will when I start my next fresh game) I would strongly recommend looking into using the Mobile Processing Lab. Combined with all of DMagic's extra experiments, just throw one of these up on Minmus with some wheels/rockets and biome-hop your way to the scientific high life. Or, just edit the config files. Ain't no shame in playing the game the way you wanna play it.
  10. Hey NecroBones, big fan of your stuff! I noticed a small error in your CTT config file: @PART[sYSRB_25S]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = veryHeavuRocketry It's easy enough for anyone to fix on their own (spoiler alert: replace the "u" with a "y"), but I just wanted to flag it for you for your next update.
  11. Yay, excited to try it out!! ...and I hate to be "that guy", but the OP could use an update as well now
  12. Amazing idea; thank you for making this! Quick question... does the color indicate the charge of the individual battery, or of the ship's total battery charge?
  13. Biome fix?!?! Excelsior!! Seriously, no matter how many problems my overly-modded build has with adding this one on top of it all, I just keep coming back and reinstalling it! Quality work you guys; looking forward to getting out of work and giving this one another go
  14. The new update looks amazing; looking forward to trying it out! I don't suppose there are any AVP configs for those of us still using Edge of Oblivion?
  15. I hate to be "that guy", but I have experienced the NaN Kraken without having KER installed. I had removed KER awhile ago which seemed to fix the issue at the time, but it did eventually happen again regardless.
  16. Wow, that's definitely a bummer! But I wouldn't feel too down about it right now... you have the right attitude of "well, at least it's done, so it'll be ready when the bug is fixed".
  17. I tried updating my Astronomer's to Interstellar, but ran into issues so I'm sticking with Oblivion for now. That said, I would be interested in an Oblivion OPM config, even if it doesn't look right from the "surface" of the gas giants... my probe missions into the lower atmosphere of Jool always end in tears anyway - - - Updated - - - Yeah, I totally agree that since I could recreate the issue without OPM, it's probably not related. I did some more testing, and am posting it here since it sounds like others may have similar issues, regardless of whether it's OPM's fault or not. Short answ
  18. Since I'm no longer alone in my "black screen Kraken" issue, I may as well update the thread with what has happened since my last post. My tl;dr didn't turn out to be correct. Even with a fresh game, I did again eventually run into the the black screen issue. I decided that it must be the Outer Planets mod, so I deleted it and went back to playing as usual. Then yesterday, I experienced the black screen issue again, without OPM installed! So I was like, "Fine! I'm re-installing the new OPM and I don't care what happens!" After reading through this thread a bit, I noticed the Texture Repl
  19. Hey Tygoo - I hate to sound like a total noob here, but where do I put the updated cloud config? Do I need to rename it at all? I have EVE and AVP (Oblivion pack) installed.
  20. I'm not positive if this issue is due to the Outer Planets mod, but I figured I'd post it here in case it helps anyone out... After installing this mod to a pre-existing game, I ran into the "NaN black screen Kraken" error. I had built a probe with plans to send it to Neidon. I burned from Kerbin to intercept Neidon (in 21 years ) but as soon as my probe left Kerbin's SOI, my screen would go black and my altimeter would sometimes also show NaN. The only way to fix the issue would be to shut down the game completely and revert from an old save. This would happen every time I tried again. T
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