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  1. I get 60+fps with max graphics, on a 960
  2. Lots of these shuttles that are being built aren't true nasa style. They are close, but not like the ones nasa makes
  3. What bothers me is the how baron the system is. There are a few small asteroids hanging out around Kerbin, but otherwise, its desolate
  4. Okay, maybe the name is a little misleading, but this thread is to discuss what is seriously unrealistic or realistic about the Kerbol system. There are plenty of things, so have fun picking apart everything wrong with Kerbol and its planets. Thanks! Vote in the poll!
  5. what I meant by "that's what I meant" was that I just thought it was 20 tons, but then realized that it was 2
  6. Flash, i'm sorry, but the screenshots required are required... If you could rebuild those ships or get the builders to send pics then I would be happy to, but there isn't any proof. People would start to get whiny about that.
  7. dude, an SSTO doesnt have to be a spaceplane. I made a lightest SSTO thread, and people make them with the bare minimum... you dont need much
  8. This aspect of EVA does not need fixing. if you're walking around as an astronaut, you don't just get to have hours go by in seconds. Wait to do things like that until you have unlocked rovers.... - - - Updated - - - Heard That...
  9. There are a lot of things you can do with stock. Need fairings? Make me with stock! Need a more powerful, efficient engine? Well then, get creative with radial engines! This is a thread to share your most amazing stock subassemballies and vessels that are entirely stock. So, what have you done?
  10. Oh, sorry. Missed that. Thanks. I'll rank yah!
  11. I can't see launch weight... Is it the 0.34?
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