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  1. One weird thing I noticed is that CKAN lists a number of mods as compatible with a 1.1.x install that shouldn't be, namely a number of mods with a "Max KSP version" of 1.0.x. Not sure if its related to the problem with vanishing mods, but it seems odd.
  2. Are your music files in .mp3 or .ogg format? A page back it was mentioned that the mod doesn't seem to recognize files in .mp3 format correctly, but converting them into .ogg format fixes this. This might still be the reason why it's not working in 1.1. I'll just take this chance to also add my voice to those clamoring for an update to this mod. Now that we no longer have to deal with memory overflow crashes in KSP, it makes memory-hungry atmosphere heightening mods like this one all the more interesting. Here's to hoping you haven't forgotten about Soundtrack Editor, @pizzaoverhead.
  3. I just noticed that some (all?) of DMagic's biome-specific orbital experiments do not seem to trigger correctly upon entering a new biome. The orbital telescope (in low orbit), for example, will trigger once only, in the first biome you enter, but after that no other readings are made upon entering any subsequent biomes, even if the remaining science that could be gained exceeds the threshold value. This is in contrast to stock science experiments like the gravioli detector which re-trigger automatically whenever a biome with remaining science over the threshold settings is entered. Hoping this hasn't been mentioned elsewhere (I did check, but if it was I must have missed it). I am using what should be the latest versions of both automated science and DMagic. I don't know if the problem is limited to DMagic orbital experiments, or if surface experiments behave the same way.
  4. This mod is highly useful, but sometimes a bit limited in terms of compatibility with other mods. For example, in many cases it would be highly useful to not check for the presence of a certain code-module in a ship, but rather a specific part. Sometimes the same kind of module is used in different parts, but configured differently, causing the part to behave very differently. Some other really useful features to have would be automatic checking that the storage capacity and/or default quantities of certain resources are at least as high as required. Also, how about adding a type of manual item, with no automated checking whatsoever? It would be up to the player to check off these items, but the mod would give a warning if a launch is attempted while any items are still unchecked. The lights of these manual check-items might be a different color from the others maybe, say, purple, or blue? An example of how these might look in the CFG file: // specific checking for a certain part CHECKLIST_ITEM { name = Polymer refinery parts = MK3_Refinery } // check for minimum level of a resource at launch CHECKLIST_ITEM { name = Bootstrap machinery minResourceLevel = Machinery,10 } // check for minimum storage capacity of a resource CHECKLIST_ITEM { name = Compost storage minResourceCapacity = Compost,1 } // a manual check-item CHECKLIST_ITEM { name = Connected living space } Finally, might it be possible to implement compatibility with the Kerbal Construction Time mod? That mod, like this one, overrides the standard behaviour of the editor Launch button, to ask if you want to begin construction of the ship or perform an instantaneous simulation with a virtual version of it. In both cases, it would be highly useful to have WernherChecker warn you beforehand about missing elements in the design.
  5. In CKAN's defense, though, is it really such a good idea to have many different versions of the same DLL lying around in your KSP install? I'm guessing since you can explicitly specify the path of the DLL, it is a fairly safe practice for the programmer, but it is pretty confusing for the end-user, and CKAN isn't the only version control system that gets confused by the inconsistent redundancies of KSPAPIExtensions, KSP-AVC keeps complaining about it also, as long as any located copy of KSPAPIExt isn't up to date. Wouldn't the simplest solution simply be to update Hangar for the most recent version of KSPAPIExt? Has the API been thoroughly modified in some way so that this involves a lot of extra work? Keeping your own copy of the DLL in the Hangar folder, as long as it's the most recent version, shouldn't be a problem. I have several mods installed via CKAN (Infernal Robotics, Near Future Propulsion, TweakScale, ProceduralFairings, Extraplanetary Launchpads) that rely on KSPAPIExtensions.dll and bundle it with their own installation package without any problem whatsoever. If they've all been able to make their mods compatible with CKAN without issue then it seems like it should be possible for Hangar as well.
  6. Hmm, that is really weird, because the bug shows up consistently for me. I just removed all my mods and started a new career game with only Hangar installed, and repeated the same procedure, and again all my launched probes got stuck in the glitched biome. What method did you use to check the biome? Note that it is the surface biome that gets stuck, so you really must use the gravioli detector or a mod to see it. For me, the biome I get when using the gravioli is "Gravity Scan from space just above Kerbin's Hangar rocket".
  7. I tried to recreate the glitch in a savegame while keeping it as vanilla as I could. I was only partially successful, however, in that the two probes deployed from the mothership are now perma-stuck in the biome "Hangar mothership" (a ship which no longer exists, I terminated it after deployment), but the game did not get stuck in the game-breaking glitch after restarting without Hangar installed. I'm guessing that problem might have arisen through some interaction between Hangar and another mod I used in my career game at the time, such as ScienceAlert or Science Library (Hangar interacts with it as well, I think). Since I've updated ScienceAlert to the fixed version, I can't really test it now (might get back to some further experimentation later but I'm in bit of a hurry right now. Unfortunately I can't provide the savegame I made for the same reason, but it should take you no more than 15 minutes to recreate the scenario. I suggest using HyperEdit to get the hangar ship into orbit quickly.
  8. ScienceAlert or no, the current version of Hangar appears to mess up the science and biome system of KSP. If you deploy a probe from a ship named "HangarShip" with a hangar, and then check which biome the probe is in (using mechjeb, scansat or other mod, or just by doing a biome-sensitive science experiment), the biome will read as the name of the ship which the probe was deployed from. From that point on, the probe is stuck in this nonexistent glitch-biome, wherever you might take it. Obviously the probe's state has become corrupted somehow by being deployed from the hangar. What is worse, even if you completely get rid of the hangar "mothership", the probe will be stuck in the biome it created, and if you at that point shut down KSP, uninstall Hangar, and then restart KSP and load the saved game with the probes, the game will enter a completely glitched-out state where nothing will happen if you click most of the KSC facilities, none of the buttons in the main menu will work, and if you enter the science facility (one of the few that responds when clicked upon), you can't get back out from it again. Your only way out is to force-close KSP. Reinstalling Hangar again is the only way to get the corrupted save file to work. Getting rid of the corrupted probe might fix the savegame so it will work even without Hangar installed, but I have not verified this.