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  1. I've been looking on the internet for estimates of Jool orbit insertions, however I'm not finding anything useful. My plan is to intercept Jool at a few hundred kms altitude (200-1000 km), and do a retrograde insertion burn to just get into an elliptical orbit, with the apojool on the edge of what is needed for Jool orbit. If anybody can give me an estimate of how much delta V this burn would be, it would be great appreciated! I know this of course depends on the transfer orbit as well (it'll be a normal hohmann transfer from Kerbin), which is why I'm only asking for an estimate (I want to do a realistic mission, so please no comments on aerocaptures or moon gravity assist insertions, I already know this would decrease the amount of delta V needed)
  2. So how do I get the Procedural Fairings mod itself for 1.3.1? The last updated version of Procedural Fairings is for 1.2.2 and it makes my game crash on loading if I install it on my 1.3.1 KSP version....
  3. Tried installing this mod in 1.3.1, but ran into some problems. I finally found out that the problem was the wrong version in the plugin dependencies. SO OR EVERYONE THAT WANTS THIS MOD IN 1.3.1: These are the download links for the working plugin versions: -Replace the Firespitter folder with the "Plugins" folder of the following download: -Replace the DMagicScienceAnimate folder with the following download: Hope this helps other people that had the same problems as me.
  4. You don't understand. Of course the part is there, it was added to the mod long long ago, but at some point they changed the MODEL of the part. The oldest version in that list already has the newest model, I need an older version where the Telescope is still the old model... Only copying the model did not work for some reason, however once I copied the entire folder I did get the old part. So thank you very much! (Also didn't realize you were the developer of the mod lol, my bad)
  5. Like I said, I cannot find any old enough versions. We're talking about a version from KSP beta or even before that... This list of old versions linked in this thread ( only goes back to 2015.
  6. Weird question, but does anyone have the old IR telescope model file? I want it, cause I don't like how the current model is just an exact replica of the JWST... I also cant use it on my craft right now because of the angle under which it deploys. (as far as i remember the old one was static and didn't deploy, which adds much versatility using Infernal Robotics to design my own deployment system) I don't care about functionality of the telescope since I'm in sandbox, I just want to use the model Any help is appreciated!
  7. (I'm not sure if this is the right part of the forum for this, if not please move it to the correct section) In my KSP game (version 1.3.1) I have a ton of mods, including KSP Interstellar. I wanted to try and build an IR telescope, only to find out KSPI has replaced their old telescope model by the Tarsier mod's telescope model. However, Tarsier's model is an exact replica of the James Webb Space Telescope mirror assembly, which is very boring and unoriginal in my opinion. The old Interstellar telescope model (as seen here: looks much nicer and is a lot more versatile in terms of attachment imo, but I cannot find an enough old version of KSPI through google. Does anybody have or knows where I can find this old version model file? I do not need any functionality, since I'm playing sandbox, I just want the model file. Any help is appreciated, and I hope someone can point me to the right source Thanks in advance
  8. LarsB

    Wierd interstella problem

    I have the same issue. Is there a way to fix it without removing interstellar? Is there are a work around that allows you to use air intakes? Or is it a problem from interstellar itself and do i have to reply to that official thread? Whenever i try to connect any air intake in symmetry mode, the part detaches immediately and can't be attached anymore. The whole editor window becomes un-workable after. You can't click on anything anymore except the exit button. When an air intake is attached without symmetry, editors still works, but when you launch, weird things happen. It'll show my space center (although not always, like in the picture), with the vessel itself being very far in the background with reentry effects and sounds. The gimbal will show completely bugged, and none of the controls work anymore. The Escape key works though, but it will not give the option to revert the flight, you can only return to space center or resume. It's a very annoying bug because i'm not able to use air intake and therefore can't make any planes. This is a picture of what it looks like to load a vessel with air intakes on it: