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  1. Is Scatterer required for this to work? Unfortunately my computer doesn't handle graphic mods all that well, but CKAN is forcing me to install scatterer along with GPP. I tried deleting it after the fact and it also deleted GPP. If I manually remove scatterer will GPP fail?
  2. Looking for suggestions on how to implement this mod part way through a save... I'm familiar with the mod as used it RO/RP-0, but my main game right now is a SETI/unmanned-before-manned play through on hard settings in the stock system. I'm about 200ish Kerbin-days into the game and just put my first interplanetary probe en route to Duna, and have about half of the 160 science nodes unlocked. My pad, vab, R&D, AC, TS, and NC are level 2. If I add the mod now, I definitely don't want to start with the beginning game upgrade amounts and so I want to hack my install to give me a realistic progression of where I might be had I installed it from the beginning. Does anyone have suggestions on what upgrade levels I should be around at this point in my career? Do you remember whereabouts you were around the time you started sending your first interplanetary probes out? Ill probably just set it to what "feels right" but I've never used this mod in a stock-ish save before, only RO/RP-0, so I'm not sure what are realistic build times.
  3. Hi I'm having an issue with the pricing of welded parts. I'm playing in career mode and want the price of my welded part to reflect the total cost of all the parts that went into it, which I believe is the intended behavior. Since I have already unlocked all the parts needed to make the part in the first place, I edit the .cfg file for the new part before restarting the game to entryCost = 1 , but leave cost = [total]. In the cfg file it shows the correct amount. When I start up the game and try to unlock the part it shows some ungodly amount that I can't afford as the unlock cost, and cost after unlock is about 5x what it should be. Any ideas where I should look? I'm playing on hard mode, so I don't know if my funds penalties are partially to blame, but that is set at 200% and doesn't account for the drastic difference I'm seeing. Example-part.cfg: entryCost = 1 cost = 43636 In game: 654,540 to unlock 218,180 cost after unlock (exactly 5x what it should be) if it has to do with funds penalties because of my difficulty settings, I would think at most it would be twice the cost, and at any rate the unlock cost is wayyyy off.
  4. Party poopers.... Haha, I totally get it and agree, though. One way this entire project could be made more feasible, both in the permissions and scope of mod work, is to not necessarily use every body that's ever been submitted to TVIN. A lot of them are very similar and redundant, and therefore wouldn't really add to game-play anyway. Getting all these permissions is going to be a lot of work too. I'd volunteer to start on sending emails and trying to find out who all actually needs to be contacted if there was enough interest from people wanting to contribute. These people could then decide how to pare down the long list of celestial bodies. Start with all 5 of the major stars, and include all of the protostars and gas giants with their satellites. Of course, anything else that is actually mentioned in the series or in Serenity would make it into the mod. Then they could pick other important bodies based on some of the more well known fan fiction to make sure there's a proportionate amount of planets and moons. Finally, we could eliminate any fan submissions that either can't be contacted or won't grant permission. My wild guess would be that that drops the total body number by at least half, if not more.
  5. I think I found the issue. I fell victim to the ol' nvidia optimus pitfall. Once I added KSP 64bit to the list of programs it improved things 10 fold
  6. Hello, thanks for the great mod! I love using it in my 1.0.5 RO install. For 1.1, I've noticed some performance issues, however. I've been messing around with 1.1 and mods the last couple of nights, always using no more than 3-4 mods at a time so I can isolate problems easier. Last night I was having serious lag problems that I think are related to Real Plume. In atmo, especially, my FPS was dropping to about 2-3 whenever I had the plume in the camera view. Lag would go away when I zoomed in and focused the camera toward the sky, cutting the plume out of the camera view. It was especially bad at launch, and got slightly better the higher the altitude. After work tonight, I'm going to remove all other mods (currently: EVE, scatterer, plant shine, and KER) except for Real Plume and its dependents and try to isolate it. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this, or if any of those mods I just listed are known to give problems. I know 1.1 and all 'updated' mods are still in testing phase, but I'd like to help out with feedback when I can. Please let me know if there's any other tests you'd like me to run as well. E: I'm doing all my testing with stock crafts by the way. Most commonly KerbalX.
  7. This is an awesome idea. If a community of people get behind this, I'd be willing to help. I actually have that poster up in my office. This would definitely take a community of people to put together though. Way too much work for one person.
  8. While waiting around for 1.1, and then probably a while more for RO and all the other mods to be updated for it, I've been mostly messing around in sandbox mode with RO. Lately, though, I've been missing playing in the Kerbol System (especially Minmus), but going back to it, it's just too dang small and easy! Plus, I really enjoy using real fuels and real engines a lot more than stock. So I was just wondering if any of you are playing RO using the Kerbol 6.4 or 10x system. Which scale do you use and why? Do you also use Outer Planets, and how do the textures look? Is it even compatible? The 10x thread says yes, but the 64K thread makes no mention of OP. I know, I could just set it all up and try it out, but an RO install can be time consuming to set up and get working properly, so I'm hoping for a little input before I set it all up. Thanks!
  9. In addition to some of the ones already mentioned, I also really enjoy Tyler Raiz, and ShadowZone. But my favorites are the already mentioned Scott Manley and Bob Fitch
  10. Bingo! That's it, thanks so much! Been playing RO/RP0 lately and starting to get into the realm of 20+ engines firing at launch. I'm hoping this will cut down on some lag at launch time. The guy using it in the YT video claimed it helped him at least. As far as part welding, I do have that mod but I barely use it since it bugs out with proc parts, of which I use plenty.
  11. I saw on a YT video a couple days ago someone that was using a mod that let them build clusters of engines that the game then treated as one part. Now I can't seem to find that video again to look up what it's called. Anybody know?
  12. 1. Thanks, I knew it had to be easy. Don't know why I never looked there. Guess I assumed the game's stock settings wouldn't know about a 24 hour day. 2. I mostly just want to clean up my parts menu. I hate having to look through hundreds of parts when I don't use them all, and I'm using RP-0 approved parts exclusively in this save. 3. That's good info, thanks. The issue you used as an example gives me the idea that KER may not calculate dV stats correctly? Is it safe/accurate to use for basic info like orbital readouts (ap, pe, inclination, etc), relative orbit info for rendezvous, real-time vessel stats (TWR, G forces, burn times)? I guess I can live with one or two MJ windows open (I've grown quite fond of Smart A.S.S.) as long as I can still rely on KER for some of the basic stuff that I like to have open at all times with the far less intrusive HUD readouts.
  13. Hello, I'm a couple years into my RO/RP-0 career mode, but a couple things are bugging me. Question 1: How do I sync up all the calendars to Earth time? I found the setting in KAC to do this, but KCT, contracts, and (assuming, as I haven't ventured far from LEO yet) maneuver node estimated times are in Kerbin days, not Earth days. I didn't see any settings in KCT to change the calendar type like in KAC, nor could I find anything to make sure contracts and travel times are using the same calendar. Also, I haven't done much in the way of crewed missions yet, but I'm assuming I'll need to make TAC-LS report times to me in Earth time too. Is there a cfg I need to edit to do this? The main thing is getting KCT to report times to me in Earth days, as well as contract expiration dates. If I make alarms in KAC to do it, it reports them correctly, but I hate having my alarm queue that cluttered as I like to mainly use it for transfer windows and, when I get far enough, SOI changes. Question 2: I've noticed a lot of parts in the mods I've added don't have are labeled 'non-RP-0'. I've been making notes of these parts and manually pruning them as I discover them in the tech tree. Is there an easier way (ie a script) that will just look through all the parts folders and prune anything that's non-RP-0? Oh! and bonus question: While I'm getting used to MJ, is there any reason I can't use KER for readouts? I really prefer their HUD displays over the semi-transparent windows in MJ. I have yet to use autopilot, and when I do, I'll probably use kOS.
  14. So I tried using just a regular wing connector and the problem went away - so i'm leaning toward bug with the swept wings. Sgt_Flyer - I made sure the center of lift was pointing upward, and the elevons are behind the center of mass. Also, there is no probe core, just the Mk-I cockpit... kind of hard to put that on upside down. I managed to make a better looking and performing plane using the basic wing connectors instead of the swept wings, so I guess I'm happy. That bug is really weird though...