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  1. Does anyone happen to know why this happens? the ground looks like its covered in some blue... haze?
  2. So basically you're saying to burn my AP way out above what my fuel ship is located at, because the speed there is much lower so i can change planes for less delta V? This is more fuel efficient that changing the plane at the target height? Hmmm This around the mun btw at about 15-20km
  3. Lets say I'm on the mun with a science lander and I want to go to another biome. Is it better to do one large hop or do skirt across the surface/do multiple small hops ?
  4. Hello everyone, I landed at a pole by my orbiting fuel ship is orbiting on the equator, whats the best way of linking back up with it? I launched like, directly perpendicular then matched the plan when the orbits crossed path. But that took a lot of delta V.
  5. I know you can sort by size, and I know most of you know the parts so well that you automatically know which parts are 2.5m or 3.5 or 5 or w/e but, at a glance everything looks relatively the same size so I find myself clicking on several things just to see if it will fit with my 2.5m rocket design. Would be nice it would sort them by rocket diameter size, or if for example 2.5m parts had a blue background or what ever. I know we can make a custom menu, but I have no problem with the other tabs and that means going into the custom tabs each time. I dunno I'm weird! Would this be difficult to do?
  6. Mun slopes are still slippery, I landed a base and it is slowly but surely sliding down a very slight incline. Isn't there some plan for friction?
  7. Having an issue. I have 4 sats set up at 2.863mm around kerbin. Each sat has a C-32 and they all have green lines to each other, 1 of them is keostationary and linked to the ksc. They each also have a large directional dish, the largest one that is activated and target set to Active Vessel. So then I launched another ship with another omni to keep it connected as it travels out past these relays and it also has another large directional dish. When it gets to the omni's limit, i switched it on and directed it at Kerbin. According to the guide, this should mean it should link up with any of the 4 relays that are pointed at the active ship. But it doesn't seem to make the connection. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Can't seem to attach certain parts... I had it like 10 minutes ago but then i changed something and suddenly there is no attach point. Clearly there is an attachment point there Now it is gone
  9. Why is it that when I land on the mun, with landing struts, my lander just slides all the way down the slope. I mean, I understand its a slope, but this doesnt make sense and I dont remember it doing this in .90
  10. Pretty sure you didn't read my post(s) or you wouldn't have made your final statment.