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  1. Boris-Barboris

    [1.2.2-1.6.1] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.11

    @Spraki No, there's no such mode. You can try to change v speed setpoint slowly, or sinply assume direct control over pitch in flybywirr mode. The latter is what i do. CF is not good for landing
  2. KSP has no need for such formula and does not use it.
  3. Boris-Barboris

    [1.2.2-1.6.1] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.11

    1.6.0 ok I presume?
  4. Boris-Barboris

    Is this a good simple plane design?

    What is center of drag?
  5. Boris-Barboris

    [1.2.2-1.6.1] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.11

    No, a couple of people reached out but got scared away when dived deeper into code base. I'll keep it alive for now. Squad slowed it's update pace, that shouldn't be a big hassle.
  6. Boris-Barboris

    [1.2.2-1.6.1] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.11

    Bank angle: No direct limit for vertical speed, but you can limit climb angle in CF advanced options. Or you can just use vertical speed mode until target height.
  7. Boris-Barboris

    KSP now uses all my CPU cores

    It will turn out to be either a bug, useless unity shader or a bitcoin miner, won't it?
  8. Boris-Barboris

    Ending 32-Bit Support with Update 1.5

    There is no official temp for mods outside of OS-provided temp (pita on windows), so I picked empty unused directory. No, this data does not belong to gamedata mod folder.
  9. Boris-Barboris

    Ending 32-Bit Support with Update 1.5

    I unironically use Resources for dumping telemetry from the mod. Emty folders don't take much space, so let them be, there'll always be someone with his workflow broken.
  11. Boris-Barboris

    [1.2.2-1.6.1] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.11

    switch navball to "Surface" mode.
  12. Control surfaces move to the set value with constant angular velocity. Reaction wheels, RCS and some gimbals (with small max angle) instantly assume set value. Most gimbals exponentially approach set value until small error when they snap to it.
  13. Boris-Barboris

    [1.2.2-1.6.1] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.11

    1.5.11: Gimbal fix @Hotel26 made cruise controller waypoint control textual (coordinates), mouse picking now has a button. director strength is now part of craft settings window. @SkyKaptn Pepperidge farm remembers.