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  1. thinking.jpg Are you talking about Pilot Assistant by any chance?
  2. [1.2.2-1.3.1] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.10 [looking for maintainer]

    lol. GameData/AtmosphereAutopilot/Global_settings.txt should contain window coordinates, look for cruise controller and window_x\y fields there and set them to zero or something like that. Config should be reloaded on each scene change. If not, restart the game.
  3. [1.2.2-1.3.1] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.10 [looking for maintainer]

    I'm fine with keeping it compilable throughout patches. I'd say the mod is in need of a very specific kind of developer. There will be no suprise if he never comes. @linuxgurugamer offered his help, but, realistically, AA needs full attention, and a lot of it. Yeah, see the above. Probably will not happen.
  4. [1.3] CorrectCoL - Stock Aerodynamics Design Aid Continued

    Not really, it's completely inadequate for control in my experience. If you're optimizing, you should do everything right.
  5. [1.3] CorrectCoL - Stock Aerodynamics Design Aid Continued

    ^^ and, btw, level flight AoA is accurate only for statically neutral crafts, for stable crafts it will always be a bit larger.
  6. Things work well when someone made an effort to make them work well. Noone has done that for the combination of mods you use, on hardware you use, on KSP version you use. Such is the drawback of playing a modded game. I can only advise careful, manual management of your mod set and self-restraint. CKAN is a dangerous ally. Less mods = less things to break. No autoupdates - no surprises. There is a notable portion of players that still play pre-1.2.0 KSP, because they value stability of their experience more than new features.
  7. It's more convenient to use new blank save with no vessels at all. If the lag is only in old saves and it doesn't appear in blank save .... I'm afraid there's no trivial way to search.
  8. Fast way is to order mods in some (maybe alphabetic) order and use binary search: you remove half of the list and load the game (some test sandbox save with test ship and stock parts set up) and look. If lag is gone, return the removed half and remove the one on wich you have no lag. Recursively split the laggy half in two until you have found the offending mod or mod bundle.
  9. Looks competitive. Good. upd: Hhnnnnggg
  10. [1.2.2-1.3.1] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.10 [looking for maintainer]

    @Citizen247 Idk. Maybe bug in stock KSP and vessel landedOrSplashed flag is not reset by the game. Try with this dll to check this (but try to enable AA right after liftoff, not on the ground):
  11. A Question About Reaction Control Systems

    Part's center of mass is set by default to 0,0,0 (wich is overridable via cfg iirc). Physics engine does not treat the part as a point mass. No.
  12. A Question About Reaction Control Systems

    Not true in the slightest. Each part with a rigid body (so every one but the smallest utility ones) has it's own inertia tensor.
  13. A Question About Reaction Control Systems

    I'm afraid you got it reversed. Net force translates. Net torque rotates. In PhysX\Unity torque does not need a force to exist. I don't understand you, what do fuel tanks CoMs have to do with the topic?
  14. A Question About Reaction Control Systems

    PhysX allows to apply torque directly. Without applying any forces. Whatever you apply it to, it will simply rotate, no matter how complex, without translation side effects. Unless of course it's so big that PhysX solver fails to conserve momentum. you don't need forces at all for OP's case.
  15. A Question About Reaction Control Systems

    Since the actual control problem is quite complex, and it's solution does not (I assume, since it's you who is designing crafts) increase the gameplay value of your game, you can just abstract it away by one net torque to some big part of your craft. The control problem can be solved. Just assume that is it solved and already implemented in all your crafts by the lore, and just tune the net torque value for your likings\balancing. A lot of performance problems of KSP could be partially mitigated by such simplifications. IMHO, you want to solve a problem you don't need to solve.