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  1. It's not designed to handle quadrocopters, only conventional planes.
  2. @Morse, do you think the problem of the guy one post above is the same as in your post?
  3. 1). Shift+<Hotkey> does that IIRC. 2). That would prevent you from pre-configuring stuff before enabling AA. Sorry, no, I just put my trust in Lisias's eventual victory and do other things.
  4. You can also try to increase thrustProviderModuleIndex by 1 in part config. AA moves Gimbal modules to the head of module list, so all other modules before gimbal have their offsets increased by one. Oh, I see, AA already fixes thrustProviderModuleIndex, but only for first ModuleSurfaceFX it finds. That explains why deleting the second one fixes the problem. Can you give me the part config? I don't have a DLC.
  5. What you see is Specedock's notification about me stating that old 1.5.16 (that was created to tackle KSP 1.8.0) still works under KSP 1.12.1 There is no new release.
  6. Sorry, no idea. Try installing AA a couple game launches after FAR install.
  7. moder_cutoff_ias property in pitch's angvel controller UI is instrumental velocity (proportional to square root of dyn pressure) below wich AoA and G moderation is disabled, you can modify it. Out of atmosphere thing: I'm sure you'll be fine just disabling it on your own.
  8. It is the latest stable version, there's nothing wrong with it. Is CKAN refusing to install it?
  9. My bad, you're right, it's not supposed to be in AA folder, packaging mistake. There is no reason to use 1.5.17rc1, it didn't fix any bugs it was supposed to fix, so you can stay on 1.5.16.
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