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  1. FAR mod does not patch control surfaces of those modded shuttle parts. Talk to the part pack authors, and maybe FAR thread.
  2. In "Flight model" UI panel, is "has_csurf" true for these shuttles?
  3. It's OK, AA's model is capricious and borks itself sometimes. Sometimes toggling it off and on a couple of times helps.
  4. Looks like a bug in control surface logic. Try AAP's control surfaces (in my signature).
  5. I had no such intention. Possible, but I never tried and had no interest.
  6. You misdunderstood, you can use SAS, just not when AA is active. No, there is no such functionality. MechJeb has it though.
  7. They don't play well with each other. Pick one. Yes, AA is much more rigid for manual attitude control, it accounts for RCS and gimbal precisely in space. It's problem is that it's not adaptive - towing/pushing and other multi-vessel shenanigans needs a stock SAS's PID.
  8. If by SAS you mean stock SAS it's not supposed to work. Other than that I'm afraid i don't know. 1). Make sure you're not in a rocket mode (FBW's GUI). Make sure at least sideslip moderation is enabled (max sideslip, the controller needs it). 2). If using FAR, make sure flight assists are disabled. 3). Check control surface settings: tailfin should not be assigned to roll. 4). Check whether it's some kind of a parasitic input from one of your physical input devices. Tap yaw keys on keyboard to make sure they're not stuck pressed, disconnect everything that looks like a j
  9. Unfortunately not simultaneously, but you probably can bind it to joystick. https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/KeyCode.html Try JoystickButtonX family of keys. You'll have to determine the button number in KSP's settings by assigning the desired button to some action, it should print the number there.
  10. Some of many components of aerodynamic force that acts on each part scale linearly with dynamic pressure. You can safely abandon the idea of trying to look for a simple formula for your task. There is none. If you want to see what's happening under the hood, consult KerbalWindTunnel or CorrectCoL mod sources.
  11. No, it should work just fine. You'll have to diagnose your particular installation: logs, screenshots...
  12. Sorry, but no, there is no way to use stock trim. If you wish to pitch up very gently I can suggest caps lock (precise mode) and stricter pitch/roll rate constaints. Maybe reducing quadr Kp in angvel detailed window will do what you want and make keyboard more gentle.
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