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  1. @Tallinu No worries - I have a habit of reading an entire thread before I start commenting... especially when it's as short as this one is. I sometimes forget that not everybody does that. Thanks, also, for the Log file answer - as I mentioned it's been a while since I had to go to that level of T/S, though of course, this time, it wasn't really needed.
  2. Now THAT makes sense - I was thrown by the range calculations and the like. In my case, the tracking station is already at level 3, but as you point out, that's immaterial. Thanks for the explanation and corrections to my assumptions... and for the record I was always pretty sure the mod wasn't the issue - it's just what brought my lack of understanding to the forefront. As I posted at one point, I was sure it was my own lack of understanding. So on that note, if that's how it came across to you, Taxi, I'll apologize here, as that certainly wasn't the intent. Thanks to you for your attempts at helping me understand, and to you, Wile, a big thanks for explaining where I had missed the mark.
  3. Which log from where? I didn't see one that seemed specific to this mod, and I don't know where the game keeps it's general log. I used to, but it's been a while. But once I can find it, sure - not a problem. I'd LOVE to know what's going on. Would you like the save as well?
  4. OKay, just to make sure I'm not insane, I went back in and took some screenies as well. First, the HG-5: Note the type, highlighted, is most definately Relay. This is further evidenced in this picture, showing the CommNet around Kerbin, as previously described: The four around Kerbin are, you will note, relaying to each other to talk with KSC. The one heading off into nowhere is the Minmus probe, which currently has LOS with KSC. Time accelerated to a few hours later, though: Again, the satts around Kerbin have shifted to maintain comms. At this point, the probe should have done the same thing, via the commsats. For T/S purposes, I set all availiable antennae to the proper channel, to remove any possibility of it trying to do something funky. I moved the probe into a 150 Km polar orbit of Minmus to prevent the possibility of occlusion by Minmus as well, just to be extra certain. Despite all of this, the probe is not making use of the relay as it should be... which is to say, it is not relaying to KSC. So... again... what simple, obvious thing am I missing that explains the differing behavior between the relays (which function as I expect) and the probe (which doesn't)? The ONLY communications difference between the two at this point is the probe is a single antenna and the relays have four set to this channel.
  5. HG5s ARE relay. I checked for that specifically. Note that I also mentioned that those satellites with the 4 HG5s ARE relaying to each other around to KSC. Unless the ingame description is completely wrong, they are relay type, and that's what's causing my confusion.
  6. So... if I get what you are trying to say... the reason it won't connect to the relay is because the HG5s don't have enough power to talk to each other, but they do for the ground station? The direct - direct and direct - relay thing I get (and makes more sense knowing that ground stations are treated as relays), so that established, it's a power issue? Note that I said there were 4 HG5 on board, but only two were in use for that channel (and the others were turned off via the CommNet UI), so if even FOUR of them aren't enough for Minmus... Or are you thinking HG5s are direct? They aren't - they are relay as you stated earlier. So... again, I'm still unsure what the problem is then. You seem to say that the setup has all the range it needs, the HG5s on the probe and the relays are both relay type... so what's the problem?
  7. I feel compelled to point out, as well, that the same question was asked and answered earlier in the thread.
  8. Just for clarity - I do not use Kerbalism, nor am I relying on built-in antennae in the pod/probe core. I am using only antenna attached to the craft in question for my testing at this point.
  9. @TaxiService - Been working on this more, and the results I'm getting are confusing. On a quick aside, your understanding of how the system works matches what I have in my head, so as a test, I did the following: Situation: A single probe in 150 Km 80 degree inclination orbit of Minmus (ScanSat mission). One HG-5, set to channel 2. There are four commsats in 1855 Km 0 Inclination orbit of Kerbin with 4 HG-5s on each relay. Only two of these were turned on (the ones needed for the active channel, see below). Comm Setup: All groundstations with the exception of KSC have been shut down completely, with no comm frequencies assigned. KSC, the relays, and the Minmus probe are all set to channel two. Expected Results: There is enough transmission power for the probe to connect directly to KSC when it is in LOS from the probe. When out of LOS, the probe should connect to the relay sats for signal relay around to where KSC is. Actual Results: When in direct LOS, the probe connects to KSC as expected. When out of LOS, there is no connection at all, and the probe does not relay to KSC via the commsats. Interestingly, the commsats DO relay thier signals around to another commsat with LOS to KSC. Conclusion: Either I am completely misunderstanding how this system should be working, or there is an issue somewhere. I'm more inclined to think the former, simply because I'm trying to figure out this system anyhow, so it's more likely. The results are somewhat mixed in the situation above, as the commsats are behaving as I expect, but the Minmus probe is not. Given that I don't THINK there is a problem with the comms logic in the game or the mod itself, what am I not understanding about how comms work?
  10. Before and after wouldn't matter - after snaps back to match the original orientations. It only occurs while editing constellations in the Map view of the flight scene. Possibly a mod interaction, but haven't gotten that far in the T/S yet... plus, honestly, it's not a huge deal since it fixes itself after the editing is done anyways. Obviously, the frequencies match - as I mentioned, proper frequencies were assigned. But rather than make use of the four relay satellites in orbit via (in this case) Channel 3 to a ground station with that frequency assigned, it simply doesn't connect. Once I swap the probe frequency to Public (which the relay sats are not using), they connect direct to Kerbin itself, however. The only reason I can think of is that the origin antenna is a direct type, which if I understand correctly, will never use a relay? This seems... un-intuitive. I get that it's stock behavior, but still somewhat nonsensical. I get a direct type not being able to be used AS a relay, but it makes little sense for it to be unable to USE a relay, if you see what I'm getting at. If that's the way it is, that's the way it is, but looking to future development for RT (if nothing else, though I don't use it) it may be a stock behavior that may warrant changing at some level. Apart from this, well done on the mod, and thanks for it. If I can find some way to record the rotation, I'll come back to post a link to the video. EDIT: Oddly enough, the rotation thing didn't happen when I brought up the game this time. I'll put it up to general oddity, and if it does happen again, I'll try to catch it for you.
  11. Update for 1.6.1 looking good. I do, however, want to confirm one behavior and mention another: A) Do antennae need to be a relay type to make use of a relay system? Example: Mun probe has Communotron-16s, a direct connect antenna. Kerbin has 4 satellites in an 1855 KM equatorial orbit, each with 4 HS-5 (?) relay antennae. The probes still have enough range to direct connect to Kerbin, however, if I shut off the direct connect frequency on the planet with the intention of having all signals relay through the relays, they lose all connection. The relays do have the proper frequencies assigned., but the probes will not talk to them, so no signal gets relayed. Is this intended behavior? I can see a craft acting as a relay needing to have a relay type antenna, but a transmission source shouldn't need to be a relay type to transmit to a relay - it is still direct connecting to something, not sending it on from elsewhere. B) In the Map View screen of the Flight scene, when I make changes to constellations or antennae setups, the scene slowly rotates in the background. Once the changes are complete, the scene snaps back to the original view and orientation.
  12. Appears to be working fine with 1.4.1, with the exception of the message on game load about build versions, in case anyone was wondering.
  13. As expected - I hadn't seen any issues, aside from the nasty-gram on game load about it being built for 1.3.1, but that doesn't mean there weren't any. Still loving your stuffs, guy - thanks much.
  14. At the risk of dumb questions... 1.4 in progress with an ETA of 'Eventually'? Appears to work with 1.4.1, but I do get the nasty-gram message on game load about it being built for 1.3.1.
  15. Is there an update in the works for this, @Galileo, or is this one being left out to pasture? Just curious more than anything else. Haven't tested it in game with 1.4.1 because I had to rebuild my setup entirely (system issues) and it doesn't show up in 1.4 compatibility with CKAN so I figured I'd ask first...