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  1. @garwelThanks for this, though I am wondering if the window is supposed to be retaining it's screen position or not. I've not seen a setting for it, and watching it constantly reset position while flying, while somewhat entertaining at times, is probably not what you had intended. Also, given how long it's been since there were any updates, I also understand that it may be an abandoned mod at this point, but no harm in asking at this point.
  2. No promises implied. Given how many of these mods you are keeping going, that would be insane to expect. Thanks much for the reply.
  3. @linuxgurugamerWith apologies for the ping, which I honestly should have done with the initial report above, given how long it's been since any real posts here.
  4. Stripped my load order down to just this mod (plus dependencies, as determined by CKAN) and Gravity Turn. Problem appears to persist. I do not see any options under settings (either in the launch scene or in the game mod options) to integrate GravityTurn. Updated Log File Here. Additional version information: GravityTurnContinued v NASA Countdown 1.3.10 Reproduction steps: 1) At launchpad: a) Open GravityTurn interface and setup. b) Open Countdown interface. i) Open Settings. Only options visible are Sound and Scale. ii) Open Launch Sequence. Set as appropriate (for this craft, I'm early tech and have only boosters - no standard engines, but this made no difference.) c) Start countdown. d) Countdown ends. i) Expected: Stage with booster ignites and GravityTurn begins operation. ii) Actual: Countdown ends, booster ignites, GravityTurn does nothing.
  5. Hello once again - long time no talkies. As usual, my thanks for the hundreds/thousands of mods you continue to support - this community wouldn't be the same without you. Also as usual, I wouldn't be posting if I wasn't running into a problem. There seems to be a problem with the integration between the countdown and GravityTurn in its current state. Both are installed, but there appears to be no integration between the two mods at the moment. KSP Log file here. Forgive the length of it, if you will, but a CTRL-F search of the file using 'Gravity' will quickly show that: A) GravityTurn is installed, and B) The Countdown is not seeing the GravityTurn assembly. That's about as far as I've been able to T/S so far. I'll be paring down the mod list to try that as well and see if there's another mod interfering somehow. If there's something obvious I've missed (entirely possible and perhaps even likely, given how long it's been since I've played this regularly), please tell me so. I think I might still be wearing the dunce cap from the last time I thought I had a problem.
  6. I would love to hear something about this as well. I'd love to keep both aspects, but if I had to axe the lights, I'm OK with this. Of course, I'd have to know how to do that... EDIT: Took a look at the Parallax thread and this was reported there as well. According to those posts, this is a hard incompatibility - in short, the cities can't be rendered properly on the parallax terrain, so this really is a case of one or the other, unfortunately. I chose to keep the cities, as there are some terrain following issues that happen with Parallax installed as well.
  7. So CKAN Scatterer with the Scatterer Default settings makes all the pain go away. Roger that, and thanks for the clarification. EDIT: Hello. I'm back. Sorry! Installed Scatterer via CKAN, Default Config as discussed. No sunflares in game, so I'm guessing something else is going off somewhere. I'll be over in the corner with a dunce cap, waiting to be told how I messed this up this time.
  8. Outstanding. Glad I was able to help you find that issue and get it cleared... Sorta, anyhow. I just checked to see if I could install Scatterer via CKAN, and still no dice. I don't think Scatterer's metadata recognized Spectra as a providing mod. When attempting to install, it demands that you install a config set. Two options were available, neither of which were Spectra, which was already installed. I've maintained my manual install for now, but at least it recognizes that there is no incompatibility between Scatterer and Spectra now. That's progress!
  9. It was manual, as I indicated I needed to do originally - I hadn't seen the other message about 'forcing' it to reinstall via CKAN at that point, and since it all seems to be working, I'm not gonna mess with it now. On that note - looks good, by the way.
  10. The reboot didn't fix it, though running with only Scatterer did. As in, nothing else was loaded. I'm going through and looking for the interaction that created it. I'll be building around Spectra most likely, so I'll start from there. Though with 1.9 out now... thanks, Squad! Always updating in the middle of me troubleshooting. I'll keep you posted. Update: Though unrelated, I did find out I still had an old version of KSPRC installed... so that shouldn't have been there. That said, having gone through everything, it now somehow works (even with KSPRC installed... which it no longer is). Not sure what the problem was. :shrug: I do, however, have a question - for a CKAN install, in order to make use of the Scatterer and EVE configs and the Texture stuffs... am I supposed to have moved things around after install, or is MM doing some magic in the background to make it all just work? I checked for a readme in the install folder and saw nothing, but the OP seems to imply there should be some directions of some sort there.
  11. Much thanks for the confirmation, both of you. Not sure if this is related or not, but in my quick test last night (after installing Scatterer manually), I had an odd bug come up I've not seen previous to installing Spectra. I doubt it's caused by it, but since it's only shown up since I installed, I figure I should at least ask: Once loaded in game, any screen click that should be changing scenes (IE- VAB, R and D, etc) are not responding. They highlight, but no clicking type, style, or amount will change the scene. I then tried to exit the game via the menu... and it would not shift to the main menu either. I'm still troubleshooting, but to run parallel with that, has this behavior been seen before in any circumstance? Again, I'd be surprised if it directly related to Spectra, but it is the only change (minus the changes in Scatterer and the EVE configs) I've made.
  12. CKAN Install with the new version indicates that the configs for EVE available through CKAN are not compatible. This makes sense, as they'd need to be overwritten by this one. However, it required the complete removal of Scatterer as well. I'm pretty sure that's NOT correct. While I have no problem doing a manual download and install of Scatterer, I do find it curious that the new CKAN metadata won't allow us to install a mod you recommend be run along side this. I get it would need to overwrite the default Scatterer configs, but what I think might be happening is that Scatterer and the default configs are hardwired to each other on CKAN... meaning if you remove one, you remove them both. Not something for the author to fix - this is informational for other users of the mod. Of course, I could be screwing something up completely as well, so if that's the case, please, by all means, tell me how to fix myself.
  13. @Tallinu No worries - I have a habit of reading an entire thread before I start commenting... especially when it's as short as this one is. I sometimes forget that not everybody does that. Thanks, also, for the Log file answer - as I mentioned it's been a while since I had to go to that level of T/S, though of course, this time, it wasn't really needed.
  14. Now THAT makes sense - I was thrown by the range calculations and the like. In my case, the tracking station is already at level 3, but as you point out, that's immaterial. Thanks for the explanation and corrections to my assumptions... and for the record I was always pretty sure the mod wasn't the issue - it's just what brought my lack of understanding to the forefront. As I posted at one point, I was sure it was my own lack of understanding. So on that note, if that's how it came across to you, Taxi, I'll apologize here, as that certainly wasn't the intent. Thanks to you for your attempts at helping me understand, and to you, Wile, a big thanks for explaining where I had missed the mark.
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