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  1. When you say it can do everything. I wasn't aware it could make spare parts (and I can't check right now) That's why I feel it should be changed. Switch the chemical workshop to a manned version of the material processor. Move the AI workshop to the node with the material processor.
  2. I can't see the point of the chemical workshop apart from its pathfinder tie in. I think it would make more sense if it did the same thing as the material extractor but is required it to be manned. This would make a good dynamic a manned workshop and manned metal extractor early in the tech tree and automated versions later in the tech tree.
  3. Shouldn't "Equipment" not show unless pathfinder is installed. Is there a workshop that produces rocket fuel right now I haven't noticed one that does.
  4. I don't have any issue with it. I was reading the the old threads I saw a post about needing equipment for some science parts. I will check ingame tomorrow.
  5. The chemical workshop is the odd ball. It can produce equipment. Not sure what they are used for. Could it be a MKS tie in?
  6. Work bench NRE spam seems to be gone. But there is a new spam. Workbench open nothing currently building spam of DrawPrintProgress 1 DrawPrintProgress 2 _processedBlueprint is null DrawPrintProgress 3 Workbench building give spam of DrawPrintProgress 1 DrawPrintProgress 2 DrawPrintProgress 3 Nether of these seem to effect frame rate in any noticeable way. The Recycler throws a single NRE if you press the trashcan with nothing to trash. I can possibly test it out some more tonight.
  7. @Horus I looked into what was throwing the NRE's. The workshop window throws them until you start building something. So the empty window is whats doing it. I haven't had a issue with it not wanting to complete a job yet. Maybe @linuxgurugamer could give us a hand with a fix. He is done kind of wizard.
  8. @Horus Only asking cause you have tried it. How usable is the current version. I would love to use this mod again.
  9. CKAN is showing the wrong version of Trajectories. Still showing v2.2.0 not v2.2.1
  10. Thomas thank you for keeping up with such a great mod. I hope I didn't com across as ungrateful in my post yesterday it wasn't my intent.
  11. Same issue here I didn't have a backup and now I cant play my save until Kopernicus updates.
  12. They all look great. I can hardly wait.