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  1. Iam searching around the forums and.... iam asking if mods work for 1.1.1 that is kinda stupid but iam lost i don't know what is working and what is not so does this work with 1.1.1 ?
  2. Does it work with 1.1.1 because CKAN has some problems ? and thank you
  3. Is it ok for 1.1.1 ? Because CKAN shows that it is not compatible (Also i heard that ckan itself has some problems ) any ideas ????!!
  4. But wouldn't that be unfair ?...because tac life support is harder than USI Life Support also in USI Life Support they don't die they only like freeze you can't use them till resupplied again(also the orange-suited kerbals are immune to life support) However in TAC-LS they die after using all of the supplies
  5. Can we use KAS and KIS ? i should also say is there any mods that are not allowed ? if yes what ? and thanks
  6. what is the problem with the missiles exactly ? and is it still a bug ?
  7. This is my first cinematic guys https://youtu.be/1iiwjeO0RqE
  8. This is my First Cinematic Guys Hope You Liked it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iiwjeO0RqE
  9. Yeah i followed them but all i got is this for some reason I only have the clouds and aurora
  10. I have tried to install this mod first i installed EVE and the Scatterer and then SVE put them in the GameData nothing happened EVE showed up also scatterer but not SVE i tried to remove everything and then installing only the files that in SVE folder but all it did just removed EVE clouds and city lights can anyone help me please !
  11. OMG i have used a giant spacecraft for manned eve mission and i called it sirius 1
  12. Trying to get my duna base done sorry no pictures for now maybe when i finish the base i have it least 3 modules that i need to deliver to duna in a single Transfer Window
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