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  1. Hi, i´m struggling at the Moment a Little bit. 1. Reaching an Orbit with marginal Deviation : The 2 lines from my Orbit and the Orbit I should take are really the same ... The zoom did not help ... I cannot complete the contract and I cannot see what is wrong with, it is exactly the same. 2. EVA on Kerbal ... same Thing, zooming in, I stay exactly on the right Position but I cannot complete the contract. 3. No new contracts, what to do now? How do I earn Money to do more? 4. I´m putting some parachutes on stages who should splash into water, but the parachutes don´t open on the Rocket
  2. I´m asking because I look for a realistic Space Program Simulation. But I don´t think that KSP is as realistic as it could be. My big Problems are ... building a rocket is way too easy in KSP, physics have not much influence. The Kerbals don´t die when under high g! This are my first observations on KSP when looking over Youtube-Videos. I thought this would be more serious ... more realistic. But it don´t look so. Or ist there a way to get is really realistic?
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