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  1. I took this one back in 1.2.1 or something like that. An SSTO's morning reentry after a mission to a medium-orbit space station. A long-range Viper-inspired craft on its way to Duna. This is a screenshot taken near Laythe during my favorite subreddit challenge: The Jool 5. A Blues Mobile SSTO I built back when the atmosphere was soupy (and arguably more fun). I must go! My people need me! That's...all I've got on imgur. I'll have to sift through some of my other files to find some fun ones for you guys.
  2. I've just been closing the windows and bring them back up. Your way sounds much more sane, though. I think the in-game notepad mod would be perfect for this exact thing.
  3. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love this mod. My only small gripe is that there's no "reset" or "undo" button if we mess up the sliders' positions. Thought it would be nice to share what I got out of an hour of work. Keep up the excellent work, @MrHappyFace
  4. I actually did a bunch of research into how to do it, but I was having difficulty getting it started. I was thinking about how huin was working on KerbCam2 by making a frustrum for the playback camera and thought I could make one, but getting started was a hurdle I'm not able to do. Turns out Blackrack had already included a NCP adjustment box in his Scatterer mod, which I had gotten from SVE. Thanks for the reply, though!
  5. I want to change the near clipping plane in KSP. It seems like it sticks out ludicrously far from the camera... I don't know how likely it is to make a plugin for reducing the value as there's no value for it in the settings.cfg file and it seems to only be changeable in Unity itself. Thoughts? I honestly have no idea where to ask this question as I'm usually only on the subreddits and nobody visits r/KSPModDevelopment or r/KSPMods.
  6. Am not entirely sure where this goes, but it seems as though the city textures are leaking. Just thought I would give you a heads-up.