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  1. Hi there! I've been following the development of KerbalEDU with great interest, and I have some suggestions as to how to make it suitable for schools outside of countries where English is the first language children learn. The first problem I imagine my students would run into are the difficult terms/expressions/concepts that are needed to understand the game (like thrust, aerodynamics etc.) Now, you could just use a dictionary, or spend some time during one of their English-classes to learn the necessary words. The problem with this however, is that it'll take more time, which teachers are always pressed on, and some children might go "meh, i don't need this." My suggestion: Highlight difficult words, and if you are to hover over them a tooltip will appear - explaining as easily as possible what it means. Another way could be to include an in-game dictionary of sorts, where clicking on any highlighted word would bring up a window with an explanation, both in text and (if needed) pictures. To build further on this, you could allow individual teachers to edit (and share) this database or in-game dictionary - writing their own explanations in their own language for classes where the students are not particularly fluent readers of English. I have no doubt the children will be able to build a rocket and fly it without fully grasping the different concepts, but to ensure a higher learning outcome I would want my students to understand why. In KerabalEdu language is the first barrier they would meet, and some will need more help getting past it than others. I apologize if such a feature or something similar already exists. I have not yet tried KerbalEDU, I have only logged extensive hours in KSP.
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