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  1. the "10km above highest point" are not totally accurate too, example with : "The Mun's highest points reach a maximum altitude of more than 7061 m" https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Mun Dv map: 14km (counting the 10km above i understand) "Tylo has a rocky surface. It has a varying elevation between 0 meters (Tylo baseline height) and peaks of more than 11290 meters." https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Tylo Dv map: 10km but all these Dv numbers are good enough for me, even on no atmo bodies it will depend of the rocket.
  2. @Dante80, Did you tried: the option is toggleable in the editor via the part's right-click menu "add top hatch" ? P.S: this mod still works for the KSP version 1.7.3
  3. Hello, i tried to tune it so it starts to deplete the ablator a bit higher (in temperature) but then a bit faster than normal ablator (for SSTO on ascent), I tried it on Eve, laythe etc... (also Kerbin but it's not the main goal as it's easier) You can also change how much ablator u put on in the hangar, even at zero it will resist a bit more than the classic airbrake but will still be heavier and more expensive, it's also unlockable late in the tech-tree. Also, like the other parts it depends WHERE you put it on the ship, if it's behind the shock cone generated by other parts (of a heatshild for example) then it will heat a lot less. For the balance or idea I'm open to suggest P.S: this mod still works for the KSP version 1.7.3
  4. Ablative-Airbrake v0.3.0 still works for KSP version 1.7 and should work for many future versions Thanks for reporting here a new working (or not) ksp version.
  5. Mk1-Cabin-Hatch v0.2.0 still works for KSP version 1.7 and should work for many future versions Thanks for reporting here a new working (or not) ksp version.
  6. hi @linuxgurugamer, i report that the name of your mod is "hangEr extender" with a "e" instead of "a" on CKAN, so i didn't found it when searching hangar at 1st thank's for your mods
  7. Uour pod looks nice ! I think you need an airlock AND a ladder if you want your kerbal grab something You can search for ladder in this thread:
  8. Na, it's still alive! I can confirm this mod Ablative-Airbrake (v0.3.0) still works for KSP 1.4.x
  9. I can confirm the mod Mk1-Cabin-Hatch (v0.2.0) still works for KSP 1.4.x @Bit Fiddler,good idea but not now for me, there is some parts like this in the history DLC too.
  10. Good initiative! here is what has saved me hours of headache at the beginning: from the internet, tuned by myself. note: Blender and Unity don't use the same coordinate system, and there is no way to match every axis when importing, when importing a .blend model into unity by default the bottom is still the bottom (relative to the floor), but the Z in blender(up) is now Y in unity, X becomes -X and Z becomes -Y in Unity. there is also a -90°/X notified in the the rotation field in Unity (i let this rotation and rotate the model in blender until it match what i want in Unity and so KSP). when importing a part with a big hierarchy, it can by tricky if you want some child axis to be well oriented at the end (example: FXModuleLookAtConstraint pointing its Z axis to the target, control surface rotate around a transform X axis, etc...), so i found useful to include thoose tricky transform in an other child to rotate everything as needed (in blender you can rotate an object but you can also rotate the mesh inside this object in edit mode and don't change the object orientation). I also tried this when desperate: https://forum.unity.com/threads/blender-unity-rotation-fix.181870/ i don't understand what it did but it worked for some projects. by the famous @RoverDude part orientation in the SPH, VAB and Unity by someone else, probably on this forum, i don't remember (thank's).
  11. Congratulation for this new feature, the new moon rocket is ready to launch! I'm still amazed to see what you and other modders can add to this game, what is the next step?
  12. I used bones to revive the @Porkjet atomic jet engine, bones allow to move the vertex of a mesh with an animation for the nozzle, i haven't used it myself for animating different rigid pieces of a part, specially driven by the physic but maybe there is a way to do it by using this stock module (also used in the atomic jet engine)? MODULE { name = FXModuleConstrainPosition matchRotation = false matchPosition = true CONSTRAINFX { targetName = thrust01 moversName = 01 } } you can grab the blender engine model for an example here: https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/RecycledParts/tree/master/AtomicAgeUpdates/BlenderModels and the mod itself here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/164829-131-spacetux-industries-recycled-parts/#comment-3157698
  13. on engines from atomic age, or in an other mod? the LANTR from it has oxidizer in the afterbunner mode for extra thrust at the cost of a lower ISP, porkjet probably tried to make it look likes this: LANTR: LOX-AUGMENTED NUCLEAR THERMAL ROCKET. This concept involves the use of a "conventional" hydrogen (H2) NTR with oxygen (O2) injected into the nozzle. The injected O2 acts like an "afterburner" and operates in a "reverse scramjet" mode. This makes it possible to augment (and vary) the thrust (from what would otherwise be a relatively small NTR engine) at the expense of reduced Isp. http://www.zamandayolculuk.com/nukleermotorlar.htm
  14. but you already have lights on your helmet in stock KSP ( with U or L key, don't remenber which one). but why not!
  15. Who knows, it can also be possible that an other mod adds an other model node before IndicatorLights and will mess your patch, etc... mine is not perfect too, but it will less likely mess things.
  16. I tried, and it works too: the part apply with the required mods are there, with IndicatorLights removed from GameData, the patch seems to don't apply, at least the mk1 crew cabin part seems OK, with the MK1 hatch in the right place. but i have no idea if one is worst than the other and will call the craken in 2018. @SchwinnTropius, great but mine seems more robust to me, it won't try to move not intended model nodes if there is a fail somewhere. (i wanted to use @MODEL:HAS[#model[IndicatorLights*]],0 but the ,0 doesn't work with the :HAS)
  17. Thank's, for impatient players, i suggested a fix here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/149567-13-indicatorlights-community-extensions-v13-compatibility-patches-for-indicatorlights/&do=findComment&comment=3240430
  18. I suggest a fix for the MK1CabinHatch patch, you could use instead: // Thanks to SchwinnTropius on the KSP forums for supplying this patch! // Mod thread for MK1CabinHatch: // http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/151443-12x-mk1-cabin-hatch-v020-3-november-2016/ @PART[MK1CrewCabin]:NEEDS[MK1CabinHatch]:NEEDS[IndicatorLights]:AFTER[IndicatorLights] { @MODEL:HAS[#position[0,?0.469,?-0.625]] { @position = 0,-0.35, -0.625 } @MODEL:HAS[#position[0,?-0.469,?-0.625]] { @position = 0, -0.5375, -0.625 } } tested on KSP 1.3.1 module manager 3.0.1 Mk1-Cabin-Hatch v0.2.0 IndicatorLights v1.2.11 IndicatorLights Community Extensions v1.3 (exept the MK1CabinHatch patch) Thank's for you mod
  19. Oh, i didn't know of the existence of this patch! it could be great to notify the concerned modders @SchwinnTropius, @Snark i'm not the author of it, but i can take a look.
  20. Thank's for the report . i corrected it.
  21. Hi @majNUN, on my side i can confirm this mod works on 1.3.1 too, so the problem is on your side -Did you installed it properly? The MK1CabinHatch folder must be in the GameData of your installation: Kerbal Space Program/GameData/MK1CabinHatch. Do you have Module Manager installed has required? -To activate the hatch you must be in one of the hangar (VAB or SPH) and right-click on the Mk1 crew cabin part to see the available option "Add Top Hatch". -Are you playing with other mods? it's maybe a conflict with some of them, so i suggest to try it on a fresh install, then if it works you can try to add some of your mods until you find the conflicting one (i don't know any myself, mk1-Cabin-hatch uses only a very basic stock animation module and a module manager patch).
  22. Ariane 5 I like its smooth shape and proportion, big SRB, cryogenic engines, built by teamplay.
  23. there is the mod FlightMarkers too ( splitted from the original Collide-o-Scope mod) https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/flightmarkers
  24. A new version v0.3.0 is available here is the changelog: https://github.com/skalou/Ext-Seat-Dummy/blob/master/Ext-Seat-Dummy_Changelog
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