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  1. This sadly does not work on 1.11, despite following install instructions, and having Kopernicus on 1.11 version. At least as of 19 January
  2. It sounded extremely awesome-o... until I read that they use Unity for the new game as well. Part limits for KSP1 is a major letdown for experienced players. I am fairly sure, they won't be able to make a real difference in KSP2 using same engine =(
  3. @Jognt As TS mentioned switching to version fixed the problem, texture mod is not needed there. BTW, I understand his concern about "complaining people who aint done sh*t", as I do some modding for skyrim myself. Still I think it's a bit of a childish approach; it's absolutely ok when someone wants to personalize his experience with a mod. After all that's the whole concept of a game mod - make the game match your taste.
  4. Hey, folks is there any way to remove the dark icons in VAB/SPH, tweak a config for instance? I already found that it's the textures mod causing the problem. The mod is cool, and I appreciate the work, but that dependency messes with other parts of the game, and this particular one is especially annoying (I have a dark screen)
  5. Try "Disable Crossfeed" option before activating hangar in flight, got the same issue
  6. Is is it normal that first nuclear engine from KSPI, Solid core one, is accelerating and deccelerating for a very long time? It takes appr. 30 seconds to drop thrust from 100% to 0%??? It makes the engine nearly unusable =( Second part of the question, can I adjust this value myself? I want all engines to have instant thrust response.
  7. Exactly. I'm wondering the same thing. Somehow neither my hellfires nor cruise missiles do not lock on targets. They just act like dumbfire missiles. I thought mb some other mods can break their logic, but for example machine-gun turrets doing their job fine. Mb, I'm stupid but I can't understand what's the purpose of radars/heat designators... Just in case. I'm using 5dim contract pack.
  8. You should think deeper, Revenant. With radial attachment you can attach more than 1 of such engines. That's totally kerbal way of propulsion.
  9. Considering the ISRU part, I personally do not think any flat science labs or TAC-compatible parts suits the KSPI. Probably u can use it as a radially-attached Nuclear Pulse Engine. I thought its kinda possible and fun for sure. Or just as a radial VISTA engine/radial reactor/just connector. The part itself has a cute model, scrapping it would be sad. Yet currently it does not have any practical sense.
  10. U make me mad bro... I explain again, it cannot sustain its own fusion reaction with an engine used same time. It means that the only working config is using separate reactors. One to power engine, one to make electricity. Seems that u don't have such problem, do you?
  11. When using Thermal Nozzle on full thrust attached to a non-upg. fusion reactor, it consumes all reactor's energy, so it cannot produce 500Mj to sustain fusion. No matter which type of generator attached. Is it a bug or a feature? Because v0.90 was ok.
  12. KTEC solid generator does not work with fusion reactors. Am i right? upgraded/non-upgraded doesn't matter.
  13. Wow, smjjames , mate. That actually solved several weird bugs. Thx. By the way, speaking about designing huge stations. There are only 2 real problems: craft over 200 parts turns ur game into slideshow, and woblling from docking ports. And there is "kinda" solution for the 1st one. Try this if u want http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/107273
  14. Yes, they are a bit buggy, yet the problem remains the same for all complicated heavy crafts, even stock ones. Disabling wobbling would reveal new boundaries in craft designing.
  15. Completely same stuff with hx modules. But i suppose its because of the overall mass over 40k tons. KJR doesn't help btw.
  16. Dear Ferram or actually anyone who knows the solution. I'm looking for the way to totally eliminate the wobbling from ksp. Just to disable that feature. Yea, I know this is a cheat. But I'm playin pretty long time and now I'm trying to build some massive spaceships/stations without making them realistic. Using b9 HX modules they are about 50k tons. No way KJR or struts or any stiffling stuff can help here. The only reasonable solution is to completely get rid of that KSP feature. Can anyone help here?
  17. I guess you misunderstood me. Thermal helper info differs with actual numbers on the reactor itself. This happens only with sethlans' reactors. It looks like there are no upgrades available for them at all... All others work fine. BTW. I'm talking about your KSP Interstellar Extended config.
  18. I wonder why even in sandbox mode all the upgrades for Sethlans series of reactors seem broken.. Thermal helper shows for example 24mw for the smallest one, yet when in flying mode it is 20mw as if it is non-retrofited.
  19. True, problem was in "database reload" function. ATM was perfectly fine.
  20. It seems to me, that this mod is completely incompatible with Active texture management. Am i right,or shoild i just wait longer till it loads?
  21. Is it save-game compatible? I mean if I've already played for a while with boris KSPI, built several stations; if I just switch to this mod, will it crash my save?
  22. Wow, You were right) ctrl+s refreshes markers, and makes them visible. But ctrl+c clears the screen. The problem appeared because ctrl+s is movement via jetpack on EVA))) So, final question then, how can I unbind ctrl+s combination from that debug stuff?
  23. I actually am really worried because, it happens pretty regularly, and reloading is not that fast u know( So what about disabling them?? Where I can find any info?
  24. Guys I have very annoying bug caused by Copernicus. Screenshot is pretty self-explanatory. After EVA the last string in log appeared and green patterns too. I use x32 version with Active texture management, mechjeb, KSPI, and Stella Planets pack. Any ideas how to fix?
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