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  1. What mod do you get the catapult and arrestor parts from?
  2. Seriously, the guys thought process is a linux command line.
  3. Is that first pic cheeki breeki like? Very nice engine, it's cute.
  4. How did you get the cool-looking Kerbin in the new Cygnus photos?
  5. Very nice! What size is it? Does it work with FAR? How much dV does it have?
  6. This picture has been circulating the subreddit, and The People want to know what mod it is from, so I told them it looked like this mod. Is it?
  7. Ooh! Ooh! What mod/mods is that using? Do want.
  8. Agreed. This thread doesn't kneed ​any more bread puns.
  9. Does anyone have/can someone please make a TweakScale Config?
  10. This is a cool concept, but I don't understand how this is more practical that conventional resupply vehicles. Anyway, This mod would work for the unpressurised cargo.