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  1. Is there a mod, or can one be made, that only gives science through contracts?
  2. Running into an odd issue: when I click on the "start scan" button on the detection array (and also on the resource scanner from MKS) it blinks then goes back to initial state. Anyone else run into this issue of not being able to start the scan? Possibly connected: on SCANSat it doesn't show any of the resources, Karbonite, etc. I just downloaded the newest versions of SCANSat, Regolith, MKS, Karbonite, and Karbonite+.
  3. I may be a complete idiot here, but how do I use this mod? I place a part, but all I can do with it is the B, G, and T functions. Judging by the images posted, much more is doable...and I can't figure out how to get it done! Please help!
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