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  1. Hey guys! First let me say that although I haven't had success yet I still think this is a great mod from what I've read. I used the 'Search Thread' function and apparently the word "debris" hasn't been used once in this thread....don't know if that's true or if I'm just searching wrong but debris is my problem. I launched a satellite to Duna last night. I quicksave regularly and ALWAYS before stages. I adjust my orbit to about 25000k, turned on my beacon, and decoupled it. It floated out and away and I thought I was set until I realized it was debris. Is that supposed to happen? If so is there a way to change a particular piece of debris so it doesn't disappear as time goes on? I like to keep my debris counts low because of my lackluster specs. I used the search before posting this to try to save time and am sorry if this has been answered and I've just been unable to find it. Regardless I'm going to try redoing that mission tonight with a probe core and photovoltaic panel attached to see if that makes the difference. I should've added that I decoupled just a plain beacon, not sure if I should've attached something else....I will say it felt VERY odd just releasing a single piece of equipment without a power supply so I'm hoping that's my error. Thanks in advance and sorry again if this has been addressed or if I just lacked the common sense. Timmy T.
  2. The title is intended to be voiced in the Jerry Seinfeld belly button voice....Hel--Looooo! Either way, I wanted to introduce myself. My name's Tim, I'm 28 and addicted to KSP. It kept popping up on Steam and stuck out. After reading the reviews I bought it, loved it, have spent hours a day on it after work for a couple weeks now. Originally I wouldn't get far into the careers I'd start because I'd find another mod I wanted to try and would begin a new career each time but now I'm settled on my combo and am trotting along. I have a question though and hoping someone could help me - Are there rival agencies in KSP? After a few weeks (or days I don't know when they appear) I start to notice different colored orbits when I'm in map mode. They're not any of my ships and always have the name of some in-game company. So basically other companies are in space as well....The one that pushed me over the line and caused me to register to ask this question just popped up and is orbiting very close to the sun....It belongs to Zaltonic Electronics. Is this a feature of the base game (competition)? I have several mods installed so it could be that. I'm just curious. Suddenly I feel like I lost because travelling so close to the sun is way beyond anything I'd be doing right now. Either way, I'm glad to be registered here because of how into this game I am. I look forward to chatting with you guys. Timmy T.