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  1. Let's get civilized again guys. Beneath the mentioned ways to bypass the time the author needs to update the mod, I found the following combination of mods very usefull. Especially when you do not want your science to be taken automatically: With [x] science! you will always know what experiments are not done yet. (I know that this mod has been mentioned alot already, so keep calm) Part Commander in addition will allow you to use all science instruments at once via one menu (use the filter option) so that you don't need to find the specific instrument. You stil
  2. Seems you have beaten the troubles! At least my reported issue is gone! Thanks again!!!
  3. Please don't appologize for having some bit of trouble fixing a mod in your spare time so that we can enjoy our spare time even more!
  4. Once again I can only repeat myself: You are awesome! Thank you! I will try this in about 30 min and let you know wether it is fixed or not!
  5. Hey Angel, i found a weird bug with Pathfinder. As soon as I launch a rocket with a mobile processing lab and reach 6000m I lose the camera focus on the rocket and everything behaves weird. I did a little bit of testing and can track it down to pathfinder only. I tested it with stock KSP + the requierd mods but nothing else in KSP 1.1 and also in 1.1.2 both in x32 an x64. I tried everything I could to narrow it down a bit more but was unable. All I can say is that problem only occurs when I have a lab on my rocket! Do you have a clue how to fix it? Btw. the only exception e
  6. I can confirm this issue. Took me 3 hours to find the mod that caused the problem... It has taken this long because I have 185 mods installed! Love the mod, so I hope you can fix this!
  7. What about: Thank you! Your are awesome! But nooooo, ppl. are always only demanding stuff.... What ever. @Angel-125 Thank you! You are awesome! I love your mod and I am glad to see it up to date.
  8. No hurry! You are awesome. There are alot of mods like yours which are essential for me and most of them will need some time!
  9. Yes exactly. I am building a base on Kerbin. By session change I mean the following: - build a base and place some Kerbals in it - switch to space center - launch a craft and recover it After doing that the Kerbals in the base on Kerbin are gone and shown as missing or dead.
  10. First of all thank you for this awesome mod. I am using it since you released it an I love it. Unfortunately I have found a problem now. When I use the "Pathfinder" Mod which allows you to build inflatable planetary bases, Stage Recovery seems to try to recover them after a session change. Is there any way to fix this?
  11. First of all thx allot for your work. I really love this mod. Unfortunately I have problem. When ever I have Kerbals in a base they dissapear and die after a couple of session changes. I tried to find the bug for hours but was not able to find anything! I read about someone else a couple of pages before who had a comparable problem with KIA - Crew. Any idea what may cause this? Edit: Just found the problem. The mod which was the cause is "Stage Recovery" It seems that the mod is trying to recover the base. Without it everything is just fine!
  12. I do not use FAR but I use Realchute which works for me very well. So you might have an issue with FAR in this case.
  13. So I made the corrections to all the implemented IVAs and decided to make a patch for the OP patch. I hope it is ok that I have done that to make the modders life a bit easier. 1. Install OPT 2. Install the patch from the OP 3. Install my patch from the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v7zbyuumktyoeap/OPT-RPM%20Patch%202.zip?dl=0
  14. Thank to the God of RPM MOARdv I found the solution for the config. In additon of the RPM Patch you need to add the following code to the cockpit part.cfg: MODULE { name = RasterPropMonitorComputer }
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