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  1. Let's get civilized again guys. Beneath the mentioned ways to bypass the time the author needs to update the mod, I found the following combination of mods very usefull. Especially when you do not want your science to be taken automatically: With [x] science! you will always know what experiments are not done yet. (I know that this mod has been mentioned alot already, so keep calm) Part Commander in addition will allow you to use all science instruments at once via one menu (use the filter option) so that you don't need to find the specific instrument. You still won't have an option to stop time accelaration, but the combination of those mods made my KSP life alot easier! I hope that will help some of you guys. Edit: Please excuse my bad english. When you are having a beer and on top being a german guy it is sometimes not that easy to explain something in a foreign language! Edit 2: Found another mod which does stop the time accelaration when crossing the biomes. It will also let you decide if you don't want a biome to be recognized: So if you use those 3 mods you have the whole ability of Science Alert. Of course it's far from beeing as comfortable as using Science Alert which makes me even more grateful for the authors work.
  2. Seems you have beaten the troubles! At least my reported issue is gone! Thanks again!!!
  3. Please don't appologize for having some bit of trouble fixing a mod in your spare time so that we can enjoy our spare time even more!
  4. Once again I can only repeat myself: You are awesome! Thank you! I will try this in about 30 min and let you know wether it is fixed or not!
  5. Hey Angel, i found a weird bug with Pathfinder. As soon as I launch a rocket with a mobile processing lab and reach 6000m I lose the camera focus on the rocket and everything behaves weird. I did a little bit of testing and can track it down to pathfinder only. I tested it with stock KSP + the requierd mods but nothing else in KSP 1.1 and also in 1.1.2 both in x32 an x64. I tried everything I could to narrow it down a bit more but was unable. All I can say is that problem only occurs when I have a lab on my rocket! Do you have a clue how to fix it? Btw. the only exception except () for the steamworks.dll is this one: [EXC 16:58:55.292] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object WildBlueIndustries.WBISciLabOpsView.OnStart (StartState state) Part.ModulesOnStart () Part+<Start>c__Iterator25.MoveNext ()
  6. I can confirm this issue. Took me 3 hours to find the mod that caused the problem... It has taken this long because I have 185 mods installed! Love the mod, so I hope you can fix this!
  7. What about: Thank you! Your are awesome! But nooooo, ppl. are always only demanding stuff.... What ever. @Angel-125 Thank you! You are awesome! I love your mod and I am glad to see it up to date.
  8. No hurry! You are awesome. There are alot of mods like yours which are essential for me and most of them will need some time!
  9. Yes exactly. I am building a base on Kerbin. By session change I mean the following: - build a base and place some Kerbals in it - switch to space center - launch a craft and recover it After doing that the Kerbals in the base on Kerbin are gone and shown as missing or dead.
  10. First of all thank you for this awesome mod. I am using it since you released it an I love it. Unfortunately I have found a problem now. When I use the "Pathfinder" Mod which allows you to build inflatable planetary bases, Stage Recovery seems to try to recover them after a session change. Is there any way to fix this?
  11. First of all thx allot for your work. I really love this mod. Unfortunately I have problem. When ever I have Kerbals in a base they dissapear and die after a couple of session changes. I tried to find the bug for hours but was not able to find anything! I read about someone else a couple of pages before who had a comparable problem with KIA - Crew. Any idea what may cause this? Edit: Just found the problem. The mod which was the cause is "Stage Recovery" It seems that the mod is trying to recover the base. Without it everything is just fine!
  12. I do not use FAR but I use Realchute which works for me very well. So you might have an issue with FAR in this case.
  13. So I made the corrections to all the implemented IVAs and decided to make a patch for the OP patch. I hope it is ok that I have done that to make the modders life a bit easier. 1. Install OPT 2. Install the patch from the OP 3. Install my patch from the following link:
  14. Thank to the God of RPM MOARdv I found the solution for the config. In additon of the RPM Patch you need to add the following code to the cockpit part.cfg: MODULE { name = RasterPropMonitorComputer }
  15. Awesome! Adding those 4 Lines to the part.cfg did the trick. Thank you so much.
  16. Its about every IVA that is avaible in OPT-Spaceplane. ( I already added the patch you can find at the OP but that did not help. Btw. thanks alot for keeping up and even improving this mod! I love it!!! Well... now as you ask... yep... all the cockpits are having tons of ressources (EC, Mono) ... The variable ressource thingy also does make more sense to me now! Well I think I gonna compare the configs and see wether I can find the difference between a working IVA with the same ressources and these greyed out IVAs. (Please excuse my bad english) UPDATE: Well comparing the part.cfg as well as the internal.cfg did not help`me at all unfortunately... the ressources are mentioned in the part configs but without any link to the IVA and the internal.cfg does not mention any iva neither in a working nor in a not working iva.. probably I am blind! Wish I would know anything about modding!
  17. I am not a modder but still trying to find an issue with the OPT - IVAs after the update. While the IVA worked fine in they stopped working in 0.20.0 allthough the replacement of "RasterPropMonitorExampleMFD" with "RasterPropMonitorBasicMFD" has been done. The screens are greyed out might the ressource variable names, what ever that might be, be the problem?
  18. Yep checked it on a vanilla install and it does not work. With the previous RPM version 19.?.? it is working. I tried to find out what has changed but the only breaking thing was replacing "RasterPropMonitorExampleMFD" with "RasterPropMonitorBasicMFD" which has already been done. So I have no clue whats else might cause the issue.
  19. What do you mean by Nyan Cat? The easiest way to find out wether the unfixer works is by trying KJR. EDIT: Sorry... you mean the little thing in the loading screen. Sometimes I see it sometimes I do not. Still the unfixer works even if you see it. At least for me!
  20. Hey jrodriguez, I also want to thank you for this little helper. I have used KSP with x86 + openGl + the popupwindow addition and was able to play with most of my desired mods. The only reason for this is that I have 4 GB VRAM on my Graphic Card. Still I could not use all the wanted mods because it slowed down the game to much or crashed while loading due to reaching the 4 GB VRAM. Furthermore it looked ugly although I used all the surounding tricks like Nvidia Inspector and stuff like that. The only reason I did not use x64 was a couple of mods that were blocked but at the same time essential for my fun. Thanks to you I now play with all my mods (147 folders in gamedata), beautiful graphics (for KSP at least), stable (ON MY COMPUTER) for hours and with so much more fun. @modders and other complaining guys I fully respect and understand your opinion and decission to block your mods for x64. There are just too many kids out there which are too lazy to narrow down an issue or even think about where a problem might come from. I have absolutley no clue how to recompile a .dll but STILL I know when and where to report an issue with a mod. That is, if at all, after I tried the mod on my heavy modded x86 KSP version, on a vanilla KSP version after exchanging different mods etc. Usually I will test for hours before writing in the forum (As you see I don't have much posts! ) to do a report. So please do not judge everyone due to some misbehaving lazy kids. Last but not least my x86 version used to crash after 4-6 scene changes while my x64 version has not rashed even once so far. So once again thx jrodriguez. Cheers (Please excuse my bad english)
  21. Well guys... if you don't mind telling you, I have just found another issue. It seems the stabilators are also kinda broken. While building a plane in the SPH you can attach these parts but you cant remove them. Not sure what the reason is but every SW Stabilator has that problem. The winglets have the same issue.
  22. Thought so after having a look into the sabre M intake!
  23. Awesome, thank you. Btw. it is correct, that there is a typo in the sabre s intake config. I changed "maxTemp = 200 // = 3400" to "maxTemp = 2000 // = 3400" and now the intakes are working also again.
  24. Thx for the quick reply. Yes I installed it. But to be sure I will quickly double check and update this post afterwards. UPDATE: Ok, I had installed Klockheed Martian from the repository. Due to the fact, that the gimbals were working prior to your awesome work, I tried and reinstalled the old version of Klockheed Martian and the result is, that the gimbals are working again. That would mean, at least if there is no issue with any of my other around 140 mods, anything went wrong during the recompile. Regarding the controll surfaces I will try to use the origin parts and configs from the 0.90 release and see if those would work. UPDATE 2: The controll surfaces work also with the old files from the original release. I just replaced the "Aero_Wing_ControlSurface" folder within the parts folder with the old one and everything is fine. I hope this will help you guys a bit.