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  1. @blowfish & Flashblade First of all I would like to thank you guys for working on the compability. I have downloaded and installed your changes and found 2 issues so far (I dont know how to use github which is the reason that I use this thread if you guys do not mind) The first issue is, that the Sabre Intakes (at least the small ones) explode as soon as the craft is loaded on the runway. The secont issue is, that the sabre gimbal and controll surface animations are not working anymore. Not sure I this is my fault by making a mistake during installation. I used the 0.90 version before and it kinda worked without tweaks and by activating that cheat option. The first flight with your update (except for the annimation and the exploding intakes) was awesome. So once again thank youl. @bac9 Thanks alot for this awesome mod, I am using it since 0.23 if I remember correct. Those new textures you have posted are looking awesome! Cheers
  2. After a couple of hours I found out that the Gemini Dockingnosecone is not working together with the mod "Tweakable Everything". As soon as both mods are installed the nosecone decoupler is flashing in the VAB and is not entering the stage sequence after attaching it to the Gemini Pod. I am sure it worked before and do not know what may cause the issue now. Sorry for my bad english. I hope you still know what I mean. - - - Updated - - - Seriously???? You were 2 minutes faster after I have looked for hours!
  3. Hey Proot, this is the first time I am writing in this thread allthough I visit it every day and look what is going on and used it since 0.23.5 when I remember right. The reason for my reply is to thank you for your awesome job. Please take what ever time you need and dont get under pressure. Just ignore the impatient guys. A picture is quickly drawn, but a masterpiece might need ages to be complete but absolutley worth the time. What I am trying to say is: Relax, take your time and enjoy so that we can enjoy your creation whenever it is done. Cheers
  4. I have exactly the same issue. Although I don't know about the heating problem because I did not use the part since the issue occured. I am using alot of mods (155 regarding to CKAN). One of the mods is the "Adaptive Docking Node". I don't think that this is the reason because I haven't have that issue prior to the last update.
  5. As I remember now I found this thread by looking for some design tips because I love to build rockets and planes but unfortunately I am not very creative. Now after clicking through all 48 pages I noticed that I forgot why I started to do it because I was just amazed by the crafts you guys have created. I would love to rep all of you but well that would take some time. So please accept this little reply as a sign of reputation to all of you that have built and posted their crafts. You guys are really great. (Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language)
  6. Unfortunately I have the same freezes. It would be awseome if there is a way to fix it because I really like this mod. Regarding the menu I would like to see the quoted changes. Thank you for keeping this mod alive.
  7. Same here also. For every scession change I get a new toolbar icon. Is there a way to force this mod to use blizzys toolbar only?
  8. Thank you for the tip! Its something you have to get used to but it works quite well! @vexx32 I have tons of mods. My Gamedata consists of 87 folders so I am pretty sure it maybe due to a mod! Gladly it is the only problem so far which has an easy workaround!
  9. Well that's me then I guess! I am also searching for that setting! Thank you Mars Mullo! Edit:Too sad, I found the mentioned setting but unfortunately it wasn't active. Is there a shortcut to activate and deactivate it in flight?
  10. You Sir are a hero! Your plugin is working perfectly! I just can't thank you enough!
  11. Wow that was a quick reaction! I will test it asap and let you know if it works! Thank you for your effort!
  12. I am using RealChute also. I have 50+ mods installed so it would be quite a task to list them all. What I can say so far is that it is not craft dependend because it dosen't work at all. I could upload the KSP.log, would that help?
  13. I really like your mod! Thank you for your work! I only have one issue the mod won't stage parachutes. Any idea what might cause it? Once again thank you because in opposite to auto aspargus everything else works on my heavy modded install!
  14. Wow... that was fast! You solved the problem! Thank you once again!
  15. I uploaded my ksp.log at dropbox:
  16. No crash and no question marks. It just don't recognize any parts! I will check something if it still don't work I will upload the KSP log if it helps!
  17. I started to use the dds loader and the dds converter. It seems your mod is unable to recognize dds-textures. Is there a way to implement these files?
  18. I finished the configs for most of my mods. (Thanks for the awesome icons) Due to the fact that it is unbelieveable easy to write them, I don't think that there is any need for an upload, right? Btw. building ships is fun again because of Crzyrndm and the other guys that are helping him! Big Thank You!!!
  19. Man I love what you have done so far! Would it be possible to add a config for a filter which shows all parts that haven't been filtered? That would help to keep an overview i guess!
  20. Found the Problem... I use KSPRC as graphic upgrade wich again is using the texture replacer! One part of it are new textures for stock parts. After deleting those everything is nice and running! Now I can finally start to write some configs for all those mods! Thank you for this awesome mod!
  21. Its working now, unfortunately only with vanilla ksp! That means that I have to check my other 70 mods to find the one that is not compatible!
  22. I have had the same issue with DX11 when I use "-force-d3d11-no-singlethreaded" it works fine... at least for me
  23. Seems to be an awesome mod. Unfortunately it seems that I am just to supid to get it running. Unfortunately I cant find any installation instructions. I just put the two folders 000_Configs an Icons and Filter Extensions into the gamefolder. Behind that point I have no clue what to do. Did I miss something? Or did I just misunderstood the whole thing? The reason might probably be that I am using x64.